Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dr. William Petit family brutally slain

This event has bothered me since it happened in 2007. Why do we as a so called civilized enlightened
society allow animals to attack and harm a family this way. Yet this is happening in every corner of
America with increasing frequency. I do not want to hear another socialist liberal say "Oh but those men
were victims of their upbringing."  Bullshit, one of them was from an upper class privileged family.
Connecticut is one of those few remaining states where a normal citizen cannot carry a concealed weapon to defend himself or others when outside their home. In fact a resident there cannot carry a weapon into his front or back yard or to the firing range for practice without a permit from the jurisdiction they reside in.
Does not the US Constitution say that it is the government's job to ensure the domestic safety of its citizens from this kind of terror? Yet the government is the very body that prevents its citizens from being able to defend themselves if needed. That and the courts and lawyers. I bet if we asked Dr. Petit what he would be willing to do differently to protect his family he would probably say something like; "Put a bullet in those bastards brains." Here is my answer to the increasing violent crime and the failure of the government and courts to protect US citizens;
It should become a national law that any decent adult should become trained and prepared to defend themselves and others anytime, anyplace. So you don't believe in guns? Fine, get some martial arts training and have some martial arts weapons around. Oh, you say you are a pacifist and do not believe in killing?
What kind of cretin idiot would allow a scumbag to rape his daughter and then set her on fire? How could anyone live with their conscious if they did not do everything in their power to save a family member from this kind of horror? Part of that 'doing everything' involves getting training, knowledge and resources i.e. a gun or weapon of choice to do it with, before you are attacked.
Take the below one question test and see how you score. I feel sorry for the ones who do not pass.