Sunday, May 29, 2011

Message to Looters during emergencies

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  1. In a civil unrest situation hoodlums look for easily accessible, vulnerable "easy-pickings". They'll bypass pockets of resistance. In the [1992] Rodney King Trial Verdict riots in Los Angeles and it's suburbs, the only structures that were spared from active looting by large gangs were some stores owned by armed Korean Americans. Their bold stand discouraged large gangs of hoodlum looters, who have a highly developed sense of self preservation, and they moved on. Wal-Marts and other large chain stores were ransacked. Many homes and businesses were easy marks to loot however with absolutely no consequences or risk to the hoodlums; those were all ransacked.

    The looters were discouraged by resistance. Some examples of this can be seen in YouTube videos titled LA Riots-Don't steal from Koreans, and LA Riots-Looters Gone Wild. To be unable or unwilling to defend the family home and allow them access to roam the house is especially dangerous. My conclusion is that I must take advantage of the weaknesses of mob psychology. Also, at the very least I must present what appears to be a determined, armed defense. And, if that doesn't work, then I'll shoot. I have no other option.