Friday, June 10, 2011

It Can't Happen Here?

Take into consideration the weakening of America, the ascendancy of China, the fact that China practically owns our nation (in the sense that the .gov is monetarily indebted to it), and the very real fact that China, a country that killed somewhere around forty million of its own people (See for some estimates)  within the lifetime of many people still living, is going to need an ever-increasing supply of resources in the next few years.  Think.

Add to this the fact, or even the possibility, that our nation is heading towards a cliff, brick wall, or oncoming train, as inexorably as any other of nature’s laws and consequences, and the possibilities / potentials are, well, they are.

As my friend said, “Sorry for the nausea, bro.”

It makes what happened to Jose Guerena look pretty mild, in some respects.  Keep in mind that the nation, the mindset, the national temper that has led us to accept the murder of Guerena, and thousands of others, is also leading us to accept American decline.  I’m not talking about the end of American imperial meddling and hegemony; I am talking about social, political, societal, and economic weakness, systemic, and reaching to the core of our nation.

It makes the criminal actions of our oathbreaking elected officials all the more serious, all the more consequential.  It puts the actions taken by officials, elected or not, in a whole new light.

See, I don’t know what “collapse”, or even a slow fade into obscurity will bring. 

Depression?  Probably.

Hyperinflation?  Maybe.

I think "the economy", while a concern, is not the worst of our problems right now or in the near future.  A "nation" is should be more than an economy.  Americans are should be more than consumers.

Internal Conflict?  Our medicated, reality-denying nation is tiptoeing on a hair trigger on many, many levels.  We are perhaps as divided as we have been in a long, long time.  We are Balkanized, even now.

War?  Here?  Elsewhere?

We fool ourselves and are vain if we think that “progress” has immunized us to the possibility of yet another total war.  I can refer you to the same vain conceit expressed in the years just prior to Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination, and the start of WW 1.

We fool ourselves to thing that the first stages of a total war will resemble the crossing of the Maginot line, Pearl Harbor, or the breach of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

We humans are experts at devising ways of weakening and killing each other.  Not all wars begin with tanks rolling across a border, or bombs falling from the sky.

The world is getting smaller.  Resources are thin.  Our nation is being weakened by forces within and other forces, now outside of our control.

When you think of what is being brought upon this nation by the irresponsibility, oath breaking, and ignorance of those who would be our masters,  keep in mind that “hard times” for this nation could be more catastrophic than any of us can comprehend.

Who, prior to the American War of Secession, envisioned the slaughter to follow?  Manassas for a battle-side picnic.  Many of them were the “intelligentsia” of the day, many of were from D.C.  

Who, prior to WW1, "The Great War", envisioned the horror?  Not the politicians who set the stage for a war that was at once entirely avoidable yet completely inescapable.  Hardly any of western civilization, at the time both educated and culturally rich, saw what was coming.  For more background on the war, the hubris surrounding it, and its causes and history, see The Guns of August, The Pity of War, and The Proud Tower

And who, in post WW1 Russia, including those who fought against the Whites with the Bolsheviks, foresaw the purges in which many of them would suffer and die, at the hands of those they put in power? 

Who, prior to WW2, had any clue what the children of those who fought The Great War would have to endure in Europe and the Pacific?  The Origins of the Second World War is a good book among many on the subject, especially if one is willing to look past the traditional fifth-grade America-centric textbook analysis of the war.  In retrospect, some (myself included) see WW2 as having been, again, inevitable in many ways, after the chain of events Versailles put into motion.

Mao?  Pol Pot?  Bosnia?  Countless others…

It’s always the same.  These were not random events, random occurrences that came about, suddenly, out of a vacuum.  These people, these regimes did not come to power in a vacuum.  I believe that events happen as a result of what has gone before, and that the past, to an extent, does play a large part in the future.  Events that spiral out of control do so only after the conditions that enable them to become right.

These conditions are being solidified here in our nation, in our world, in our time.  Right now.

We always think “it can’t happen here”.  But it can.  If not “here”, then where?  “Somewhere else”?

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