Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jews Say Yes

The optimist says that the glass is half empty. The pessimist says that it is half full. The left says that it should be completely empty and you should feel ashamed that there is any water in it at all. And that if you had any humanity and decency, you would pour out that water right now. If you don't, then you're fair game. And if you do, you're fair game, because you didn't do it quickly enough. And if you do it quickly, you're fair game because you are descended from people who didn't pour out their own water quickly enough.

This is the occupation of the mind. It has a surface logic over an utterly irrational mindset. Its goal is to convince you to kill yourself. Its goal is to convince you to say, No, or at least, Maybe.

Most Jews will never say, No, but quite a few will say, Maybe-- because we are terribly reasonable people and we like to listen to both sides of the argument, even when one side insists that there are perfectly good reasons for killing us. And any concession to No, is a slow path to suicide.

People who say Maybe have announced that they are unwilling to stand up to those who say, No. Their minds are already under occupation. By saying Maybe they have given their assent to mass murder and all that follows. By refusing to stand up, they lie down and let the worst do their ugly work.

The Maybes are very concerned with extremism and finding a safe middle ground. They want to be reasonable. But eventually the reasonable people still end up behind barbed wire, waiting to die. And here lies the difference between reason and reasonable. To use reason is to know that there is no use in being reasonable in the face of people who want to kill you.

Those who say No to Israel, say Yes to genocide. As those who said, No, to the Jews of Warsaw did. That there are Jews who say no to the right of the Jewish people to live is the definitive testament to the occupation. And why the occupation of the mind must be broken.
The Jewish people began its history as slaves, every time we rise to fight impossible odds, we burn into our collective memory that our slavery is a temporary thing. That when we go down in defeat, we still do it as free men and women. The "No" is the legacy of the slave. It is a disease that lurks in the human mind. Every time we defeat it, we experience freedom if only for a moment. Every time we reject the colonization of our minds and the occupation of our experiences, we leave Egypt as free men and women once again.

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