Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Panic alert!

Oh, no! The Southern Poverty Law Center's latest blog post warns that the League of the South is now chin-deep in "armed militancy and survivalist resistance."

As proof, it cites transcripts of classes conducted at the League's national conference held last weekend where people were taught gun safety by a chaplain, and how to invest in gold.

Even more blood-chilling, attendees were actually instructed in the basics of "how to stock and maintain a home pantry."

Lord help us, they're canning vegetables!

Clearly, all liberals are supposed to run around the room screaming, then dash off to the bank, withdraw all of their savings, and donate everything to Morris Dees so he can save them from these lunatics -- or at least enable this selfless advocate of the poor to afford some basic necessities.

No, really, that's what the SPLC said about the League convention. Look:

For two days, more than 100 members sat through workshops focused on surviving the repeatedly predicted unrest. John Weaver, an LOS member and former chaplain for the Southern heritage group Sons of Confederate Veterans, gave lessons on basic gun safety. Franklin Sanders, considered the League’s No. 2 man, encouraged members to invest in silver and gold – the idea being that when the government collapses so will the Federal Reserve. There were also training sessions on how to stock and maintain a home pantry, lessons on how to hunt and track, and calls for members to buy short-wave radios and begin using them instead of telephones.

I mean, what kind of nutcase would advise people to buy gold when stocks are doing so well? And why would any rational person think it prudent to stock up on food, emergency supplies, and means of self-defense? It's not like economic turmoil has ever caused riots and shutdowns of essential services. Right?

C'mon, SPLC -- how am I supposed to ridicule you when you do the job for me?

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  1. "C'mon, SPLC -- how am I supposed to ridicule you when you do the job for me?"