Monday, August 29, 2011

Sustainable Development, The American (Govt) Dream

"Between enabling legislation and funding in the Act and the opportunity for support on the federal level, the North Carolina Sustainable Communities Task Force has the arsenal to potentially effect positive change for sustainable development in our state. Because it can be used as a source both for guidance and funding, the Task Force will also provide a great incentive for North Carolina communities and partnerships to promote smart growth locally. In sum, the North Carolina Task Force may hold great promise for the future of sustainable development in our state."

It all sounds pretty benign doesn't it? Sustainable Development, the latest government double speak. Who wouldn't be for sustainable development when it benefits all people? Problem is it doesn't. If you always had the American Dream of one day having a few acres outside town where you can raise a garden, hunt in the surrounding woods or fish nearby streams or ponds, have a "shade tree" garage in your back yard and do part-time auto repair work, or even have some chickens and raise fresh eggs, forget it.
Thats not part of the governments "sustainable development" plan for you and your children.
This is just part of the latest government plan to strip individual rights and make us all subjects of the crown. We are fast reaching the point where the government can tell us where we can live, where we can go, what we can do, what we can eat and what it will cost.
What has happened to the concept that government governs at the consent of the governed?
When did the people lose all control over the government of "we the people"?
Look at the map and note how little land in the US is planned to be for human use.
What does that portend for people already living in areas where the government does not want
people to live or even enter?
Who gave the US government the right to make and enforce this plan? Nobody did, they just took it and we stood by and let them. How many more of our individual liberties are we going to let them take while we do nothing to stop them?
The Sustainable Development concept as proposed in Agenda 21 is already in place and being enforced by National, State and Local governments all over this country. Do a google search on it and you will see how widespread it is. There are even whole university programs devoted to spreading the ideas and indoctrinating the next generation on the merits of government use of "sustainable development" all funded by corporations and your tax money.
But you wouldn't know all this anyway because its never spoken of in the news and its never presented to the voters on a ballot, its all done by executive action.

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