Tuesday, August 16, 2011


When Hitler came to power in 1933, the Swiss feared an invasion and began military preparations like no other European nation. On Hitler's 1938 "Anchluss" or annexation of Austria, the Swiss Parliament declared that the Swiss were prepared to defend themselves "to the last drop of their blood."

When the Fuehrer attacked Poland in 1939, Swiss General Guisan ordered the citizen army to resist any attack to the last cartridge. After Denmark and Norway fell in 1940, Guisan and the Federal Council gave the order to the populace: Aggressively attack invaders; act on your own initiative; regard any surrender broadcast or announcement as enemy propaganda; resist to the end. This was published as a message to the Swiss and a warning to the Germans; surrender was impossible, even if ordered by the government, for the prior order mandated that any "surrender" be treated as an enemy lie.

The Swiss have dealt a massive blow to the Progressive-Islamic Axis. 56% of Swiss voters rejected the gun ban initiative. The Pro-Gun rights group succeeded in explaining to the Swiss that only criminals will have the guns and not law abiding citizens.

Another unspoken reason for the defeat is the Islamic threat to Europe. Why do Jihadist run wild in the streets of France, Belgium, Hollands and the UK? The reason is those nations have gun bans and the citizens are disarmed. In the back of the minds of many Swiss, they see the Islamic colonialists moving into their cities. So far they haven’t caused major problems. The reason for this is because the Swiss are armed and would put them in their place.

Join the NRA and make your voice heard or you too will find youself in the same position as any unarmed citizen whether its 1939 Poland or UK of today.

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