Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Are A High Value Target

You’ve got your food, water, supplies, weapons, ammo and self defense plan.

But how sure are you of your security preparations and will they be enough to defend your survival retreat?

If the worst were to happen you can be assured that organized bands of looters will be ready to take everything you have, including your life. They’ll be heavily armed, well versed in their tactics, fully committed to the mission at hand, and they won’t be taking prisoners.

As was previously outlined in the controversial Guide to Looting When the SHTF those with supplies and resources will be high value targets. If you’re at this web site, this probably means you.

A running generator, a visible garden, or even a flicker of light in the middle of the night may be simple mistakes that can have significant repercussions for you and your family.

The following micro documentary from New America Now is based on an original work by Jeff T published at Survival Blog and will walk you through the mindset and tactics of a band of looters in a post-collapse scenario, and is an absolute must watch for anyone who thinks they are fully prepared for what’s coming our way if the system collapses into anarchy.

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