Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bad people in control

The recent question posed on SHTF School is very austute, Why do bad people prosper during bad times and good people have a hard time?

Selco's reply;
"First i do not think some things can be changed, yes in every specific situation, collapse, SHTF event i believe worst kind of people will be in charge, or try very hard to be in charge.

Yes, i think our society and way of living make us weak,most of us.
When SHTF weak people vanish or connect to group with strong leader, to survive alone bad or good it is way to hard, problem is in fact that in desperate situations great number of people turns from good to bad.

You see in desperate situation man have tendency to gradually loose his morale, most of the people. It is easy to discuss this things in normal times and say “i ll stick to my decisions” but when is come to your life or life of your family member good man probably will do some bad things.
When you describing situation in your country it is like you are describing situation in my country, here is also everything going down, family values, respect, political situation crime and you can also feel anger here, like everything going to blow That is another reason why i believe things going to be bad again.
In hard times there is no democracy, if he do not obey, he is not a member and leader should be man who is capable to make decisions in tough time, it is not so hard to shoot you know, it is hard to make some decisions in hard situations.
I strongly believe that good cooperation between people in collapse can be made only in rural communities, very small places, where people know each other very well, where people are not so adapted on some things that make life in modern city.
And what to do with lazy unskilled member? Nobody was lazy in my time, if he is lazy he do not eat.
In towns everything come to smaller groups like families.In my case cooperation between street members was more based on fear then trust."

My reply to the question;

It seems to be basic human nature. People always look for the easiest way to get their needs met. In normal times it is easier to follow the social expectations, cultural norms, to get what you want. The consequences of not doing so are usually financial penalty or jail time. When social order breaks down people feel they will do whatever it
takes to maintain their life. Higher reasoning like, “we are all in this together so we have to help each other out”,
does not exist in people who only exhibited a veneer of civility in the first place. The veneer is only a facade used
so they can fit in and exist without to much trouble within a culture.
A social researcher , Lawrence Kolberg, did some work in the stages of moral development. It states the majority of adults never develop beyond stage 2 (self-interst) and 3 (conformity) and that the final stages 5 and 6 only occur in the most principled people who stive to attain them. Stage 5 and 6, which involves formal logic and moral reasoning. are where you need your fellow humans to be when you are in a SHTF situation. Stage 2 and 3 are where most people will be and who will be your enemies in SHTF.
Its scary that the majority of our culture doesn’t develop the ability to do formal logic, ever during their lives.

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