Thursday, November 3, 2011

Diversity Is Strength! It's Also The End Of Southern Civility… And The South

The South is the most distinctive of the American sub-nations and if every nation is a facet of God’s design, than surely Dixie has inherent worth. Literature, language, the military tradition, religion, and all the other aspects of the Southern culture are in some ways a reflection of the agrarian, traditionalist ideal reflected in the writing of Faulkner or the authors of I’ll Take My Stand.

However, the survival of any culture necessitates the value of certain ideals, customs, and loyalties above others, and so inherently contradicts the one world, egalitarian ideal of liberalism. Just as America is now nonsensically defined as a “nation of immigrants” so Southern culture must be deconstructed and explained away into nothingness.

Kim Severson is part of this Southern dispossession. A non-Southerner, lesbian, and former vice-President of the National Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association, Severson serves as the Atlanta bureau chief of the New York Times and promoted the campaign against the Southern company Chick-fil-a, a rare privately owned chain restaurant that closes on Sundays and promotes Christian values in line with Southern beliefs.

Foodies like Kim Severson would rightly regard it as a tragedy if the diverse culinary traditions of the world were homogenized and commercialized into one vast McWorld. But at the same time, the New York media cannot help but crusade against any culture, value system, or tradition that would seem out of place at a faculty luncheon at the New School.

They want it both ways—to enjoy “authentic” local culture while making sure that no high school in Alabama mentions Jesus.

Southern civility, Southern language, and even Southern cuisine cannot exist without a Southern people. As Sam Francis famously stated there is not “any reason to believe that [a] civilization can be successfully transmitted to a different people.”

This goes beyond the South—because all of America is facing the same question.

James Kirkpatrick travels around the United States looking for a waiter who can speak English.

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