Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Republicans Have No Character: Negro Proof.

And so we all live with established hypocrisy, no one being able to express how they really feel about anything or anyone. We’ll be sued. If we may paraphrase Shakespeare’s Hamlet, it is not conscience, but attorneys, which makes cowards of us all. Of course, their just working stiffs, trying to make a living themselves.

And so the whole ineviscerable impaction of society constipates itself in the bowels of the courts. Mercy on the judges, who abide in the stench day after day, year after year.

But, a political cartoon as a threat to “acting” president Barry? A comic strip disrespectful? What can an alien, lying, black African Communist Muslim traitor expect in the way of honor and obeisance from American patriots? Is a cartoon really that hurtful? I thought blacks had tough skin, no? Apparently not. Apparently that skin of theirs can be used to justify or condemn–anything. Tough isn’t the word. Powerfully manipulative–especially in the political hands of whites in power.

Republicans, politicians and media gurus, have proven themselves completely incompetent, dishonest, weak, and slavish. This is the lowest point in American political history.

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