Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TL In Exile: The Dreams Of Their Fathers

TL In Exile: The Dreams Of Their Fathers:
In working through my decision to support Kerodin's Liberty Congress, I had to come to some hard conclusions, the same I hope the readers will understand and consider when making their decisions as each will have to make their own and stand by it, come what may.

There is no escaping this conflict. There is no doubt (by what I have seen and what I have read) that the Marxists mean to have it, no matter what we do. Whether we stand in the doorway to our own home, or we stand on the streets of DC, they will come.

The hardest part is trying to figure out why Americans would be involved in the other side to this radical degree. Had they not had forebears who fought the same wars as ours, who enjoyed the peace as ours had? Had they not watched the same moments in history unfold: landing on the moon; Superbowls; the 1980 Olympic hockey team; the development of the internet? Didn't those moments (choose any of your own) cement us as a nation in the last century? Hadn't we put the other centuries aside?

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