Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No Reset on This One

I think the world, especially this radical Muslim group in the Middle East, needs to face the facts; the people of Israel aren’t going to go away. If you believe in the Bible, in whole or in part, you kinda start to see that Israelites are truly ‘God’s People.’ They have been enslaved; nations have tried to eliminate their race from the face of the planet; and they have lost and regained their land a handful of times… but you know what? They always win in the end. Israel is strong, it will always be strong, and I’ll go on record and say that they’ll never be defeated. Call it resilience, call it ‘God,’ call it whatever you’d like, but as a people, they are the strongest and most successful race in human history. I always hate it when people say things like “the Jews control the media…” or whatever it is that they say... Who cares? Seriously, why is that talked about like it’s a bad thing? I don’t care if one group of people runs a certain business or another. What have they done wrong to deserve those negative connotations? If we said something like “black people run the NBA,” that would be racist, but if you stereotype things with Jewish people, it just seems to be glossed over… which isn’t fair. I think the Hebrew nation is a great group of people who stand up for themselves when they need to, and are consistently blamed for the world’s problems by evil people. If the Muslim Brotherhood read their history books... the one's where Allah kept to the facts of the world instead of talking about how awesome martyrdom is, they'd realize that they are about to "write a check with their mouth that their asses can’t cash." Taking on Israel is a mistake…and the world should have learned this by now. Don’t think that more western cultures aren't lying in wait for the stomping of Muslim nations to go down either... If you take a look at what’s going on a little farther east…. Syria, Russia, and China are running war games. Why is this? Because they know that Israel is more than likely about to defend itself. Trust me on this; they aren’t going to attack Israel… only idiotic countries do that… I think they’re waiting to try to claim the scrap heaps that will remain once Israel is finished decimating its enemies. What countries should worry? Iran of course… They have constantly threatened the Jewish state and will probably try to act up if Egypt marches as promised. The other country that should worry. The only real question remaining is what will Israel do to react to an attack. Honestly, I believe we are not that far off from seeing Israel nuke an adversary. With the constant threat of nuclear weapons being developed in Iran, why wouldn’t they? If we were threatened by a neighboring country like Canada (that would never happen) wouldn’t we be up in arms and ready to defend in the blink of an eye by any means necessary? Add Mexico to the mix and we would have our fingers on the trigger of every weapon we had… would we not? Now think about Israel’s current situation. They are surrounded by enemies. Tensions are high and they have done all they can to not use heavy violence to defend their borders… If millions of people begin marching on Jerusalem, what do you think is going to happen? The fate of the world's future could be determined in the Middle East in the next few months. It's critical that you don't get distracted and pay attention to everything that is going on there now. Be smarter than they think you are.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. As a race, religion, and culture, they have so much to recommend them. Even Mark Twain wrote about that.

    My greatest fear is that a muslim madman (but I repeat myself) such as Ahmadinejad might launch a nuclear attack even knowing it would mean the destruction of Iran. Israel is such a small country (not a lot bigger than the state of Rhode Island), that if even one or two nukes got through their defenses, it could mean the death of almost all of their population, besides rendering the whole country unfit to live in.

    Let's hope that doesn't happen. The Israelis are a much better class of Jews than the many liberal Jews here in America that are so blind they vote for people like Obama, Schumer, Feinstein, etc. It would be an insanely terrible loss to humanity.