Sunday, July 22, 2012

Colorado Shooting

As the Lame-Stream media only seems capable of yakking about how we need stonger gun control laws, this little news tidbit came to me via HP and FreeNC. It seems there was an earlier shooting in Colorado where an armed citizen sitting in church took down a man who interrupted the service and started shooting. Unfortunately for the folks at Batman, the movie theater had a no lawful carry policy and so no one in the audience appears to have been able to defend themselves. I do not know any person with a concealed carry permit who does not wish he or she could have been sitting in the audience in Aurora this past week. Things would have turned out very differently. Many innocent lives would have been saved not sacrificed by idiotic stronger gun laws. You see thats the difference between people with concealed carry permits and people who want stronger gun laws. We have a strong sense of justice and want to see it happen even at the possible cost of our own lives. We don't wish we could shoot someone, we wish we could live in a society where we did not have to. We also wish we can help to save innocent lives and we know without a doubt that the best way to achieve this is to have every law-abiding citizen armed as much as legally possible. None of the gun violence is cause by lawful gun users. It is caused by liberals who stupidly think they can disarm everyone and only then we will have their version of utopia. They only succeed in disarming the peaceful law-abiding citizen. The nut jobs will always find a way to cause misery and mayhem no matter what the law is.
AURORA, Colo. — A man who shot and killed a woman at a Colorado church before he was killed by an off-duty police officer had been released early from an Oklahoma prison after serving time for assaulting two officers, authorities said Tuesday. Aurora police identified the suspect as Kiarron Parker, 29, of Denver. His lawyer said Parker was convicted in 2009 in Oklahoma for assaulting two police officers and for burglary, but he also had a crime record in Colorado.

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