Monday, July 2, 2012

Nous Defions, We Defy

I have been meaning to give a nod to a SF brother who runs the mountain guerrilla blog. Sorry to take so long JM. He writes some really good training programs on his site and from what I can see runs some very good tactical schools for shooters. You guys who haven't checked him out yet should do so at Nous Defions.

From John Mosby at Nous Defions.........I plead guilty. I am guilty of an egregious sin of omission, for which I owe every reader of this blog (especially those SF veterans I know are reading it and critiquing their young protege), a profound apology. I am guilty of the sin of hubris. You see, one of the critical lessons pounded into young Special Forces candidates' heads during the Q-Course (at least when I went through JFKSWCS, and I assume still) is that, besides all the cool tactical training and gunfighter schooling, you have a moral obligation to make sure the host nation (HN) forces you are training/advising know, understand, and practice, the Law of Land Warfare. I placed too much faith in the inherent morality of the American patriot movement. There is an old cliche that there are no rules in a war. That is, to put it as mildly as I am capable, utter nonsense. Every war, from Cain and Abel's sibling rivalry, until today, has been moderated by rules. Too often, throughout history, of course, there have been acts committed that, anyone but Satan himself would agree were crimes against humanity. Even our own nation's military has committed these. The legal crutch of precedence however, does not justify these acts, for they are unjustifiable. It certainly does not justify future actions of immorality by any so-called Liberty Resistance Movement, whose sole claim to legitimacy can be said to be the moral high ground. There are seven basic legal principles that are supposed to bind any and all actions by contemporary U.S. military forces. They are: Observances of fundamental human rights will recognize the dignity and worth of the individual and the fundamental freedom of all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion. Human rights violations will not be tolerated. As with violations of the law of war, U.S. soldiers will report human rights violations when they become aware of them. Civilians shall be treated humanely and may not be used to shield military operations. EPWs (Enemy Prisoners of War) and civilian detainees will be treated humanely and IAW (In Accordance With) the provisions of the Geneva Conventions. U.S. soldiers are entitled to similar humane treatment should they fall into the enemy's hands. Orders to commit war crimes are illegal and must be disobeyed. Soldiers who violate the law of war will be held responsible for their actions. Superiors who order violations of the law of war are criminally and personally responsible for such orders, as are subordinates who carry out the orders. Weapons, munitions, and techniques calculated to cause unnecessary pain and suffering are forbidden.

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  1. Hubris always sneaks up on you. Move on, can't change the past.