Sunday, July 1, 2012


Found some good reading over at Eeben Barlow's blog; Like many of us Mr. Barlow saw active service in Africa's bush wars and now teaches and consults. His knowledge may become more useful to readers now that the US Supreme Court has allowed the federal government to tax your very existence. The fact that you were born is God's will but now the government can forcibly collect a tax on your existence. Your choice? Pay the tax or go to prison. This means YOU are now a slave and the US Constitution no longer protects you. Enjoy your Hope and Change demoncrats.
"Governments that govern at the expense of the nation as opposed to governing for the nation place themselves in a position that will be rapidly exploited by aggrieved people and may ultimately result in a national uprising, a challenge to their authority or even into an insurgency. Governments will inadvertently provide the insurgents with numerous advantages if they fail to take note of the above factors. These factors provide the insurgents with a fertile breeding ground for discontent and recruitment. With national and international media coverage and support, the insurgency will intensify and government reaction may result in both heavy-handed action and over-reaction. Unlike a conventional war, a COIN conflict’s main effort is aimed at restoring faith in the government and redressing real or perceived wrongs against the populace who are partaking or supporting the insurgency. Failure to do so will simply fuel the insurgency. When government’s failure is handed-down to the armed forces to “rectify”, the armed forces become the target of government pressure to resolve the situation as fast as possible as well as actions and propaganda by the insurgents who, by their very actions, get free publicity in the media for their cause."

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