Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Don't Talk to the Police" by Professor James Duane

James Duane explains why innocent people should never talk to the police. This will become more relevant as the "New Normal" approaches. "It is unlawful for any person to import, export, transport, sell, receive, acquire, possess, or purchase any fish, wildlife, or plant taken, possessed, transported, or sold in violation of any Federal, State, foreign, or Indian tribal law, treaty, or regulation." This law has been around a long time, sounds pretty innocent doesn't it? So if you are taking your kids for a walk in the woods and one of them finds a turtle and wants to keep it as a pet you have just broken a federal law and can go to federal prison if you allow it. Could this be used against us when the "Hunger Games" becomes our world?

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  1. Each and every one of us is already a felon, and .gov can use their malum prohibitum laws to arrest and imprison us any time they want to do so. Just as they can raid and confiscate the wood from Gibson that they allow Martin to keep and use without penalty.

    If they even bother to charge you, and don't simply use the NDAA or Patriot Act to rendition you without cause, explanation, habeas corpus, or legal representation.

    With the local police, refusing to talk is indeed the best medicine, although they will still beat you, cuff you, and take you to jail when the fancy strikes them, with no consequences even should it be discovered they had no grounds to do so. If you are lucky enough not to simply be shot to death, like Erik Scott or Jose Guerena.