Friday, October 19, 2012

Bloc Identitaire

Say what you want about the French from their leftist oriented government to the rudeness of people in Paris toward Americans. When you get out into the countryside and villages it is a whole different story.
The French have generations of freedom and liberty-minded ancestry behind them. Their philosophies and beliefs inspired our founders in writing the American Constitution, read Montesquieu's writing. Our own revolution and freedom from British slavery was inspired by the same principles as the French Revolution. Read;
And without their aid we would have probably lost and still be subjects of the British Crown.
Now they are getting ready for their second revolution, from this time the socialist and islamist invaders that are sacking their country and destroying their centuries-old culture.  They are way ahead of most of us in preparing for the inevitable social melt-down we are facing. I don't think they will be able to help us this time but I hope so because we are going to need all the help we can get and I really like the way they cook.

Block Identity is a movement founded in April 2003 at the Assizes identity of Macon. The Bloc's objective is to unite young French and Europeans proud of their roots and heritage.

It is done
The resistant Identity culminated this weekend of the birth of Identity Bloc.
80 delegates, representing 16 French regions, and ten outside guests have floored all weekend, Mâcon, in Burgundy, the positioning and organization of the new movement. The formation supported working in committees on Saturday allowed participants to discuss topics as varied as joint Europe-Nation and Regions, the consolidation and enhancement of the family, protection of workers and entrepreneurs facinf the horror of globalist policy, the ethnic divide, the combination of feminine identity resistance and the defense of rurality as an alternative to urban schizophrenia , or even the place of Identitaires on the media scene.

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