Friday, October 26, 2012

Escape and Evasion Operations, Part One: Planning Considerations

This article from John Mosby is well worth reading. Many of you  who have attended SERE know this but how many of you are actually doing it in your AO ?
The following excerpt is a quote from the current SF doctrine:

“UAR (unconventional assisted recovery…in other words, not regular military CSAR elements. –J.M.) assets are normally in place well before hostilities although their reaction time to a PR event can be slowed by communications and security considerations. To permit interface with available recovery forces, evasion planners must ensure that all potential evaders have access to appropriate contact and communications procedures. Thorough prior planning permits operational personnel to predict when recovery assets are available to them….”
While initial development of networks must, necessarily take place face-to-face, to ensure security and trustworthiness, the follow-on development of escape-and-evasion operational planning is an obvious application of such software as TOR and open-source encryption methods to resistance elements. Develop your networks now, so you have time to develop effective evasion corridors and plans, and practice executing them(quit being a pussy, get out from your mom’s basement, off the fucking internet, and develop real-world networks that will allow you to develop trust in relationships with like-minded people, and then start developing contingency plans for what you or they will do if shit gets ugly, and you need to bug-out. Even if they don’t have the resources to provide you a “bug-out location,” they may serve as an en route layover/safe house. Quit being a little mouse in the corner, afraid that everyone you meet that seems to be politically awake is some sort of bad guy secret agent).

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