Thursday, October 11, 2012

Right Back To You

 I grew up with this gentleman. In real life he is known as the cowboy pilot
in the sky. If you get a chance and are down in Carteret county NC, stop
by and stay hi. I guatantee you won't be disappointed with the music or hospitality.       252-745-3682Ed Terry Music, llc
The County Opry is located on Highway 55, in Grantsboro, NC.
 Each and every Saturday night our Opry Band plays from 7:30
to 10:30.  Most of our music consists of classic country, gospel
and country folk, but we do some classic rock and roll as well.
The Opry is a gathering spot for friends and family.  Some of
our folks drive over a hundred miles to attend.
We are proud to offer a wholesome, family atmosphere with "no
drinkin, no smokin and no cussin." and a great dance floor.
If you are in the area stop by and visit.
Highway 55, Grantsboro, NC

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