Friday, October 12, 2012

The Arrogant Ignorance Of Marxist Ideology

Read this over at Free NC. Thanks Brock, it sure helps explain alot doesn't it?
You could say it typifies what Biden/Obama have been doing in the debates.
The Dunning-Kruger effect is something I have been aware of most of my adult life.
The maxim during my career as a government employee was always. "Fuck up and get promoted, screw everyone around you and get elected."

I feel we are coming to the crossroads with this upcoming election. It’s down to whether the arrogant ignorant continue their march of tyrannical rule over us, or the beginning of the turn toward the freedoms we are guaranteed. That’s it. The bottom line. Plain and simple. One or the other. Tyranny or freedom.

Arrogant ignorance (also known as the Dunning-Kruger effect), is at the heart of all we are facing. Some arrogant ignorance is laughable. But the enemy we face today within our sovereign borders is hardly laughable. Combine arrogance and ignorance with Marxism and you have a witch’s brew of despotism whipped up to poison America forever. (caveat, I include Fascism and Nazism as aspects of Marxism, because they all represent statist control over the ruled masses.)

Why is Marxism ideology arrogant and ignorant? Ignorant because it exchanges a Monarch for an army of bureaucratic Monarchs. All it does is create another privileged class of rulers. Arrogant because it assumes that a bureaucratic class is somehow more equipped, mentally or otherwise, to rule over their fellow human beings. Instead of an educated self-ruling citizenship, we have an entire group of people in America who have been force-fed that witch’s brew in the public school system for decades. And look what we have…a lot of arrogant ignorant people with giant egos who think they are the “Ruling Class” and the 47% that Romney referred to as the dependent class.

If you wish to make yourself indispensable to the masses and rule over them, you must clear your path of obstacles, obstacles like educated intelligent people. You can’t have educated intelligent people or they may wish to rule themselves and rise up against you. You can have a lot of Dunning-Krugers, but not actually smart people. If there are any educated intelligent people, you must get rid of them.

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