Saturday, November 24, 2012

Beyond Collapse
 From the Author-

This book began as a collection of notes, odd thoughts put to paper, and an intent to use it as a personal means of keeping track of my own prepping activities. And then, I started thinking: Most survival books out there focused on the individual, or on small groups at best. Most of them didn’t really look too far into the future. Many of them focused a bit too much on the equipment or supplies and not on the person. Way too many of them worked on assumptions about the reader that simply didn’t fit.

To that end, I started writing… a lot. The thing grew way beyond just a collection of notes. Then I started looking beyond just myself and my family. After all, without a solid community around you things will be dicey at best. This still left the big, fat question: How does one build a community? I also discovered that a lot of vital things were missing: How do you make soap, or gunpowder, or booze? What else besides gold can you replace paper money with? What happens to your mind during and after all of this? How do you get more stuff that you may need to survive? How does a community actually run itself? How to build a fair market? These and many other questions get tackled, and I trust that they are answered enough to satisfy, or at least help you along.

One thing I wanted to do was to avoid having to anticipate an entire bouquet of catastrophes. I mean, you have EMPs, Nuclear warfare, pandemics, economic collapse, asteroids, supervolcanoes and dozens of other possibilities. Instead of all that, I decided to focus on watching how government and society reacts to the events as they develop – then you cue off of those.

Another thing I avoided entirely was to recommend any particular spot, place, or setting in which to best survive. Not everyone can (or should) move to Montana or Idaho, or even move out to the country. You stand a solid chance of survival in a suburb or small town as you would in some howling wilderness. I wanted to walk you, the reader, through assessing where you are right now, and guide you on deciding where you would be the most comfortable – then you prep from there. I wanted to dispense with the tinfoil, conspiracy, and other crap that unfortunately clings to the prepper community. Everything in the book can be put to use by anybody, period. You don’t have to pray a certain way, subscribe to a certain ideology, or even wear camouflage if you don’t want to. I boiled it all down to just the essence, so that you can still be you – just better.

Finally, I wanted to give away the electronic copy for free in .pdf format – Jarhead has been kind enough to host it, so thank him before you even think of thanking me for anything.

Why? I actually explain all of that in the book itself. You can make as many copies as you want for non-commercial use only. You can print off copies for your own use. If you wish to make a paper copy for cheaper that it would cost in printer ink and paper, no problem – I actually sell it here.



  1. Interesting choice of words in the preface.

  2. Now, as a preface, I know a blog is a blog, and it's your blog, so do what ye want.

    However it's considered basic 'netiquette' that if you post a link to something voluminous (like a book for example), that you provide the reader with a review if you have read it so that they don't waste their time.

    Not just a 'Go read it.'

    Because I have to say, I don't have the time these days to muddle through several hundred pages of stuff, if it's not going to be worth my time. And I'd like to know if it's worth my time before I commit hours upon hours that I don't have to something that isn't useful.

    As such, if you've actually read this book, a review would be nice, with highlights. Such as “I found chapter 6 to be very on the mark because of XYZ, and 123.”

    Otherwise if ye haven't read it at all, and just randomly found it or had it suggested to you, then just say so. No harm no foul. Like 'Hey folks, I haven't read this yet, but found it, or it was recommended to me by a friend, so take a look if you have the time and tell me what you think.”

    Because had this been reviewed and ye posted a 'skip the intro section and go straight into the good stuff in chapter 1', then it would have gotten a different initial impression by me.

    The preface of this book was huge, and totally unnecessary. Not including pictures and such it was 15 full pages. One or two would have sufficed. Had it not been linked by you specifically, I would have abandoned this book at page 1 of the preface. I only read further because I like you and respect you and figured that if you were posting something there had to be something good in there somewhere, so I pushed through the preface to chapter 1.