Thursday, November 8, 2012

Building Tribe

Since the Anointed One got himself reelected the net blogs have been humming with dire warnings of what this portents for us domestic threats and what to do about it. A lot of good advice is out there like stock up on beans, bullets and bandaids, get yourself some serious milspec hardware and training. One of the most important pieces of advice is to build a network of individuals you implicitly trust and thats the hardest part
for people who see themselves as individualist. It may already be to late to do it anyway when you think about how long it takes to build that kind of relationship to any group or person. Lately I have been trolling all the usual sites to see if anyone reports any success in this area. Places like, freedomfightersforamerica,
americannationalmailitia, wramsite (wellregulatedamericanmilitia). Aside from doing pretty good business selling ad space for all sorts of preparedness products, books ,videos,training (like my blog does) and posting the latest government crime or bemoaning that 47 percent of Americans act like they want to live in a third-world country (I think its higher), not much else is going on. I see post after post from people asking if anyone out there would like to meet and see if they can form a mutual-aid or preparedness or community
militia group. I do see some who have managed this but their complaints seem to be, once a group is formed the members seem to be content to meet at the local restaurant or pub and discuss what to do next.
I don't know if its fear of being labeled by the liberals (spelled communist), fear of being targeted by the government, decades of conditioning by the media that the word militia means Ku Klux Klan or just that we don't have the organizational skills of the Great Community Organizer himself. Come on guys, the United States Constitution states that citizen militias are legal entities and seems to advocate that any moral and educated citizen has a duty to belong to one if he is physically able. How the hell else are we supposed to undo a corrupt tyrannical government who abuses its citizens, should that ever take place? By voting for them to stop or proposing a law that they should desist ? Thats like asking a murderer or rapist, "Would you please not hurt me". I am not suggesting anyone do anything illegal. I think most who self-identify as patriots are very conscious of the law, their duty and willfully abide by it as they know our impartial  laws and the notion that no one is above the law, even the president, has been the concept that differentiated us from most other nations throughout history. We are a nation of laws not men.
I also think we have become a nation of men content to play weekend warrior and keyboard commando in the hopes that someone else will do the hard part or make the effort.
I have attended some of the prep group meetings and met some of the denizens therein and I can see why people have such a hard time finding like-minded others. There was a good start made at the last NC PATCON and another coming up in May, Too bad we can't clone John Mosby at mountainguerilla or Brock at FreeNC and pass them around to people. I know there are others out there, I know some personally but there just ain't that many to go around.
My whole point in writing this is to encourage readers to; 1. Recommit your faith in God to help us through whats coming 2. Find other souls of like-mind in your area and prepare for the worst 3. Try to educate the ignorant to turn away from the Satanic Socialist path.
Anyone, man or woman, who considers themselves to be stand-up persons in the central Piedmont NC area may contact me for further advice or we could just go have coffee and send emails to each other.


  1. You are right in that it is hard to find and continue to meet with like minded individuals. One of the problems (mine especially, stubborn mule that I am) is being willing to compromise SOME of our ideals for common cohesion.

    Many of us have our own ideals of liberty, freedom, and patriotism and find it difficult to "play well with others".

    Course, that is also what makes us great!

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