Tuesday, November 13, 2012

“I believe in second chances.”

Michael Yon shares this story about the General's visit to Iraq when he was embedded there. With all the hubris in the media that is causing one of most effective and distinguished Army Generals to be vilified, I think it is good to get the perspective of someone who had boots on the ground in a combat zone and see why this media garbage is so undeserved. Especially when most of the elected leftist leadership have done the same or worse. I don't know about you but Im getting a little tired of immoral hypocrites telling the rest of us what to think and how to act.

"When distinguished visitors come to almost-where the action is, it can be disruptive to the point of wasteful. I’ve heard commanders grumble all over Iraq about the steady streams of VIPs who, while intending to be seen observing operations, instead seize the mechanics with their clumsy footprint. These are called “dog and pony shows. But on D+18, when a most important “visitor” came to Baqubah, not only did he not seem to cause a hiccup, but everyone I talked with was happy to see him. General Petraeus came to Baqubah on 7 July 2007, amid practically zero fuss.
 After the briefings, General Petraeus headed downtown to an area where many of the buildings had been made into bombs. Most VIPs will not dare leave base, but the top generals and command sergeant majors in this war all roll into danger taking their chances with getting blown sky-high."


  1. Michael Yon is a scumbag who accused a respected ODA of murder and when his slanderous accusations were discovered, he went after the folks of Blackfive and Soldiers Angels.

  2. Yeah, I know he pissed off a ODA team Sargent in Iraq in 05, got bit on the leg by the team canine and had to be escorted off the compound. Hell, if I had a canine sic'ed on me, they would have had to disarm me. Escort off? You better handcuff me. Them dogs hurt like hell and they always get infected. I understand the murder thing was an implication not an accusation,
    "How did the murder investigation turn out? During an operation in about February 2005, it was allegedly by an officer in 1/6 that one of your team mates murdered an unarmed Iraqi while he lay face down on the ground. After I left Diyala, I did not track that any more and nearly forgot about it until now. What was the outcome of the investigation? Was there an investigation?" Michael Yon 27 Oct 2011 01:37 AM

    Mike was a long-tabber himself and deserves a little more respect than to be discredited by the viral internet and among the SF community. His assessment of Petraeus is correct and in view of the current hatchet job being done to the General, worthy of consideration.