Monday, November 12, 2012

What went wrong and how to fix it

Out of all the myriad of postulations on what went wrong for conservatives nationally in 2012, this is the most balanced and least hysterical I have heard yet. Sultan Knish needs to be drafted to head the RNC or even Libertarian Party if we want to stop this Socialism roller coaster we are on.


" "This isn't a moral question, it's a practical question. And the exit data makes it very clear that there is a sizable gap between how married and unmarried people approach the Republican Party. That's the social element and socially liberal leads to fiscally liberal. We can either deal with this, and there are various creative solutions, most of which will allow us to also organize voters, or we can pretend it doesn't exist and that we just need to yell at people about being parasites addicted to entitlements."

Read this excellent commentary here.................................... 

" The Dems can promise to reward the poor and middle class at the expense of the rich. The Republican can promise to reward the productive at the expense of the parasites. We don't need a 47 percent. We need a 1 percent of the lowest dregs, the ones who abuse and game the system, who every non-bleeding heart would think deserve a boot in the ass. They are our 1 percent and everyone are part of our 99 percent.

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  1. I took the time to read this guy's entire blog post. Ye gods, and I thought *I* was a wordy SOB. .:P

    I can sum up the entire article Sultan Knish wrote as follows:

    “People are stupid and greedy and only digest things in bite sized chunks. We can save the Republican party by catering to people's self interests instead of responsibility. Since the election has proven that people don't care about being responsible as much as they care about their own selfish self interests, we'll cater to those selfish self interests instead and bring them over to our side. We need to think about what we can give to them to bring them over to our side of the aisle. We have to play politics, figure out how to game the race game, and how to play the tribe game against our opposition and play them against each other. We need to empower and manipulate their petty tyrant greedy leaders who desire power and prestige and thereby gain their allegiance by gaining them the support of their followers.”

    At least the first few of his points can be summed up that way.

    Sounds like a game of Somalia, to me.

    If this is what is required to 'save' the Republican party, what, I ask, are you then 'saving'? Does it not them become the equivalent of Free Stuff Army Par Deux? (Or FSA2 if ye prefer.)

    Giving public monies to special interests in order to purchase their support is still unethical and unconscionable, in addition to being unconstitutional.

    And if you have to become political whores of a different color to bring people over to your side, at the end of the day, are you still not just yet another political whore?

    I've long said this about 'preppers', that there are folks who do the right thing for all the wrong reasons.

    If ye are doing something for the wrong reason, you might as well not be doing it at all.

    So far all I can discern from that article is that it sets up a good way to turn the Republican Party into the new Democratic Party (FSA2). Either that, or put spark to powder and ignite the next race war when the minorities figure out that you're playing them for your own advantage and don't really give a rat's patootie about them. All in all the author fails to discern the concept of the false left/right paradigm, and doesn't seem to have figured out that there isn't a dime's worth of difference between the two, and that both of the parties are controlled by the same special interests.

    All in all though, he's the perfect Conservative Blog writer. After 20 minutes of mental masturbation in reading his post, I don't know any more about anything than I did when I started. Well done! :P

    We'll never save this nation by selling out our morals and values and by BECOMING the enemy, or using their disgusting tactics. It's all moot anyway. The dollar will collapse soon, and make all of this nonsense irrelevant. When we're playing Weimar Republic in the streets of Chicago, we'll see what this fellow has to say then. ;)

    Just my 2.5 nearly worthless non-copper cents.