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SITREP From The Farm (And What’s Left Of Free America)

Central NC has a small but growing group of famers/ranchers doing the same thing. Operating locally is
starting to make more sense.

Repost from the Lizard Farmer.

A worn out old cowboy
Just a quick situation report.  Nope, I haven’t abandoned the blog and yes I am literally busier than a one legged man in an asskicking contest.  I have so many irons in the fire right now the prioritization is kind of a jumble.
The next blog entry is awaiting some refining of graphics.  I am going to take a basic photoshop course at the local clown college so my dependence on a graphics smart guy will be nil.  But in the meantime This is a little glimpse into my world:
I’ve got two 3 day SUT classes scheduled over the next month.  Since thanksgiving I have run two different groups through a full weekend course short notice.  Demand is high folks – on everyone.  Especially with the insanity going on.
The incoming county Sheriff (whom incidentally is my second cousin and a helluva Constitutionalist) has asked me to put together a framework for a volunteer force to guard local schools in both an armed and unarmed capacity.  This is currently priority one on my taskers.
Apparently I am now also the local gunsmith ironing out AR builds for folks that have attempted to put their own rifles together.  Folks please if you lack the tools or knowledge get with someone that has done it before.  It saddens me when I see a ruined high dollar upper.
A big one:  I along with most of the other local beef ranchers here have pulled our stock from the public market.  We’re selling to private parties only at what amounts to a lower rate than supermarkets charge.  We finagled a local butcher to slaughter and package the beef once it’s sold (so in essence folks are buying a live beef and for their cost getting a final product).  Why is this important?  We’re making more money, people are saving money and we’re throwing the finger to the markets.  Watch this type of movement because it’s going to gain momentum and is already happening in several states.  And not just beef either.  A friend of mine whom is a major supplier to Tyson poultry didn’t renew his contract with them after they tried to force him to lower his price.  He went local and he’s making more and folks are saving more.  Bottom line:
The Inner cities may control the vote but by God we control the food.  And to the man we’re ready to scorch the earth before we let them take it away.
Once the taskers clear up a bit I’ll hit this harder but for now my focus is local, local, local.  As should yours be.

Jihad-Free Holiday Gifts: Check That List Twice!

What do Caribou Coffee, Church’s Chicken, J. Jill, and PODS Moving and Storage have in common?
They are all owned by Muslim Brotherhood-linked Arcapita Bank (formerly known as First Islamic Investment Bank).
Unlike most banks, Arcapita boasts a “spiritual advisor”–none other than Hamas-linked terrorist Youssef al-Qaradawi. Qaradawi, you’ll remember, is the current spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. He was exiled from Egypt under Mubarak, but nowhe’s b-a-a-ack, thanks to U.S. support of the “Arab Spring”.

Sheik Youssef al-Qaradawi
This is the same Qaradawi who has defended Hitler, pushed for Islamic countries to acquire nuclear weapons for use in jihad, and confirmed that chopping off hands for stealing–as taught by Muhammad (Qur’an 5.38)–can be re-introduced into the “new” Egypt at a later date, as Egyptians learn to submit to orthodox shari’a.
Arcapita, presumably short for “Arab Capital”, buys and sells businesses at a profit. The current list of their holdings is available in their 2011 annual statement (pages 12-13). (If there’s no “exit date” listed, they still own that company.)
Arcapita is based in Bahrain, but it’s U.S. HQ is in Atlanta. First Islamic Investment Bank changed its name to Arcapita in 2005, after the Qaradawi connection went public. They had tried “Crescent Capital” for their American branch, but apparently decided the Islamic link was still too obvious with that moniker. Muslims know that Islam is not selling well in the West; they are careful to conceal Islamic ties with name-changes so consumers cannot connect the dots to brand names or distinguish between products that fund terrorism and those that do not.
Arcapita’s spiritual advisor serves on the bank’s “Shari’ah Supervisory Board” (see p. 113) to ensure that all financial transactions are shari’a-compliant, or SCF. What does SCF include? That varies somewhat depending on which Islamic legal school one is consulting, but always bans anything involving “gambling, alcohol, pornography, dealing in pork products, or interest payments.”
Although Qaradawi no longer serves on that board–he resigned shortly after his involvement with Arcapita went public–it is clear that the firm’s allegiance to Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood remains the same. One of the board’s four members, Muhammad Usmani, is involved with both the Islamic Society of North America see p.62)
and the Islamic Circle of North America (see p. 40), both MB front groups. In 2010, Dow Jones dropped Usmani as an Islamic Index advisor when it discovered his terrorist connections.
Three of the four members belong to the Islamic Fiqh Academy, also MB. When it comes to Islam, connections to terrorist networks are never far away.
The Shari’a Board ensures Arcapita’s compliance with Islamic law. Shari’a is the total package–state, religion, finance, dress code, and social mores all rolled into one. As a former Muslim Brotherhood leader put it, “Islam is . . . a practical way of life for all mankind”, “divinely-ordained” that provides a “total view of the universe” (Sayyid Qutb, Milestones Loca 1028, 640, 1145, 1174, 1135, 270).
That “way of life” dominates all Muslim business dealings and may explain why Obama’s aides often meet with lobbyists–many of them Muslim–at Caribou across from the White House. Meeting off-site ensures that the FBI and Secret Service are not privy to these trysts and MB visitors won’t be recorded on the official White House log books. If you can support a jihadi business at the same time, why not?
How do Arcapita and the Muslim Brotherhood fund terrorism? Through voluntary as well as obligatory financial donations to terrorist causes and networks. One of the five mandatory pillars of Islam (six if you count jihad) is zakat, loosely translated as alms given to help poor Muslims or to advance the cause of Islam. The Qur’an specifies that every Muslim–except those who are infirm or indigent (Qur’an 48.17, 9.91-93)–has an obligation to participate in jihad, and they can do this in one of several different ways: as a shahid (human bomb), by devoting themselves to religious studies and convincing others to become “martyrs” (Qur’an 9.122), or by supporting mass murder via material and financial donations (Qur’an 8.74, 4.85). Take a wild guess as to which option is most popular with living Muslims.
Since zakat is obligatory anyway, why not make that your official jihad contribution? The positive reinforcement side of paying zakat promises Muslims a home in Paradise (Qur’an 27.3), while neglecting to pay it reserves a place in hell just for you (Qur’an 63.9-11).
The amount of zakat varies by country–anywhere from 2.5-20% of all taxable assets. The method of collecting zakat also differs. Some Islamic countries levy zakat as a tax; in others, its collection and distribution may be regulated by the state but the amount given is determined by the donor. In non-Islamic countries, zakat is often donated to a Muslim “charity” of choice or collected by the local mosque for redistribution.
Businesses in Islamic countries are expected to meet this religious requirement by providing major financial support for various charities. And how does Arcapita fulfill its obligation? By “Setting aside a percentage of net income each year [zakat], the Bank seeks out projects with a particular focus on education, healthcare and social welfare . . . the Bank is committed to an active program of social investment . . . The Bank also contributes to a range of educational programs and academic research around the world.”
Well, that certainly sounds impressive–who wouldn’t support education, healthcare, and social welfare? Who would suspect that such laudable goals would be linked to jihad? Anyone who has a nodding acquaintance with taqiyya and the Qur’an.
The rules of zakat stipulate that it be given only to Muslims (Reliance of the Traveller h8.24). Charity to kuffar would be tantamount to aiding and abetting the enemy. Consequently, the benefactors of Arcapita’s donations are Muslim organizations in Bahrain, Muslim students intent on spreading Islam in the West, and endowments for Muslim professors and shari’a finance research at Harvard, Columbia, and Duke universities. That’s the Muslim Brotherhood way of saying that Arcapita indoctrinates kuffar in Islam on some of our most liberal and prestigious campuses.
There’s a bit of silver lining to this story. Arcapita filed for bankruptcy in March. In October, a judge approved abankruptcy loan, but Church’s Chicken, J. Jill, and the rest may not be Islamic much longer.
It would be nice to think that increasing public awareness and boycott of jihad finance is the root cause of the bankruptcy. In reality, it’s difficult for those outside Arcapita’s inner circle to determine why the bank is failing. One thing we do know: the strictures of SCF pose problems for would-be investors in the best of times, especially kuffar businessmen. Because SCF does not permit charging interest on loans made to Muslims, yields for the average investor may be abnormally low. It also means Arcapita may not have ready access to some assets. The logistics of shari’a compliance may scare off Western investors, not to mention the general global recession. Whatever the reason, we can count this as an early Christmas gift for those of us who shudder when U.S. dollars are converted into the murder of our countrymen.
Like most Islamic organizations, Arcapita is savvy enough to re-define its jihad donations as “social causes”–a phrase worshipped by the liberal West. The bank prides itself in ” . . . a sense of social responsibility in all of its business. This approach represents the basic requirements of Islamic principles . . .”
Well, not really, but that’s taqiyya at work.
“Social”–the magic “s” word–is imbued with the power to whitewash even the most diabolical schemes. The entire Western Hemisphere trumpets “social justice” without ever really defining it. Everyone from the Vatican to the UN to the Muslim Brotherhood brandishes the phrase with impunity. No one dares question truth or motive once “social justice” is invoked. Strange alliances are cropping up under the social banner, when in reality it’s merely a means to each group’s ultimate goal of world domination. Thanks to the historically unprecedented success of Western socialist propaganda, even the simplest financial transactions of buying or selling a product are now replete with “social” significance.
In the world of global finance, it may become increasingly difficult not to participate in jihad and other satanic causes. The complex network of international investment groups and subsidiaries facilitates in obscuring parent companies and their true goals. The new Shariah Finance Watch website, created just a year ago, continues to illuminate these nefarious connections, but it’s a web of endless mutations.
Today, every monetary decision comes preloaded with ideological baggage in today’s world. From a biblical perspective, this is part and parcel of the end times. The book of Revelation associates the mark of the beast with the ability to buy or sell in the last days of earth’s history (Rev 13.16-17). This same passage, contrary to the Democrat mantra, makes it clear that “the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves” may all be branded as supporters of the beast. It’s not just the fictional “one percenters”. No one is exempt from spiritual judgment; no one is immune to the influence of the beast–except for those who “keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus,” (Rev 12.17)–and we do so by His grace (Eph 2.8).
We would do well to consider the causes our money supports. When you buy that fried chicken or receive the next J. Jill catalogue at your home, remember to what activities your purchases may be contributing. The end of the world–and the ultimate triumph of God’s Kingdom–will be brought about through global finance, geopolitical machinations, and natural disasters. Although we cannot control the spiritual forces that wreak this havoc (Eph 6.12), we can decide now not to participate in evil causes. We can discipline ourselves to forego our favorites–and perhaps use some of those funds to support the Gospel instead.
Article by guest author,
Emily Bryant
Tea Party Activist

Friday, December 28, 2012

Saudi detains dozens for "plotting to celebrate Christmas"

saudi flag
This is normal behavior in the land of Saud.

Saudi religious police stormed a house in the Saudi Arabian province of al-Jouf, detaining more than 41 guests for “plotting to celebrate Christmas,” a statement from the police branch released Wednesday night said.
The raid is the latest in a string of religious crackdowns against residents perceived to threaten the country's strict religious code.
The host of the alleged Christmas gathering is reported to be an Asian diplomat whose guests included 41 Christians, as well as two Saudi Arabian and Egyptian Muslims. The host and the two Muslims were said to be “severely intoxicated.”
The guests were said to have been referred to the "respective authorities." It is unclear whether or not they have been released since.
The kingdom, which only recognizes Islamic faith and practice, has in the past banned public Christmas celebrations, but is ambiguous about festivities staged in private quarters.
Saudi religious police are known to detain residents of the kingdom at whim, citing loose interpretations of Sharia and public statements by hardline religious leaders to justify crackdowns.
Saudi Arabia's head mufti Sheikh Abdel Aziz bin Abdullah had previously condemned “invitations to Christmas or wedding celebrations.”
A member of the Higher Council of Islamic scholars in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Mohammed al-Othaimin recently prohibited sending holiday wishes to "heretics" on Christmas or other religious Christian holidays.
'Apostate' at risk of execution
On Thursday, the Beirut-based Gulf Center for Human Rights reported that Saudi human rights defender Raef Badawi is at risk of execution on apostasy charges.
Badawi is co-founder and editor of the Liberal Saudi Network. When he first appeared before the district court in Jeddah, he was charged with “insulting Islam through electronic channels” and “going beyond the realm of obedience.” The Judge then referred the case to the higher Public Court on an apostasy charge, which carries the penalty of death.
The General Court in Jeddah proceeded with apostasy charges on December 22.
Badawi was arrested this June after the Liberal Saudi Network called for “a day of liberalism” in Saudi Arabia, which included a conference that was later canceled after a warning from authorities.
Earlier this week, controversial Saudi novelist and political analyst Turki al-Hamad was arrested for criticizing Islam and the royal family in a series of tweets.
Al-Hamad is an outspoken liberal who writes about sexuality issues, underground political movements and religious freedom. The offending tweets suggested that Islam be rectified in the same way that the Prophet Muhammad is said to have revised earlier Abrahamic religions.

Not Alone


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lights out, Boeing creates the first working EMP bomb

The story received very little attention in the media, and a lot of us who follow science and technology research missed it – we now have a working electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) missile that will be used as an offensive or defensive weapon by the military.  The project test was announced on September 22, 2012, and codenamed, the ‘Counter-Electronics High Power Advanced Missile Project’, or simply ‘CHAMP’. This is the first time a real EMP missile has been tested with positive real world results.
For years many people felt that in order to create an EMP weapon, there might be some collateral damage involved from some form of an explosion used to create the pulse.  However, this system does not make use of any explosive whatsoever, thereby resulting in zero collateral damage.
Boeing in partnership with the US Air Force Research Laboratories Directed Energy Directorate created the CHAMP weapons system, and successfully tested the system over the Utah desert on a military compound.  The exact details on how the device was made will remain a secret, but we do know that it is transmitted from a missile-like device that flies over the intended target and directs its concentrated microwave energy.
Keith Coleman who serves as Boeing’s CHAMP program manager in their Phantom Works division stated that the tests were conducted on a military compound set up in the Utah desert with cameras to record the very instant the device was deployed.  In the video that was recently declassified and made public, one can clearly see the images of numerous desktop computers running, and then suddenly all of them go out quickly followed by the camera going to black.  
“We hit every target we wanted to - we prosecuted every one.  Today we made science fiction, science fact”, said Coleman.  He went on to say that the EMP device not only worked well but he also implied it worked better than expected.  Coleman goes on to say, “When that computer went out, when we fired, it actually took out the cameras as well.  We took out everything on that.  It was fantastic.”  Coleman further noted that this new technology would be marked as a new age for modern warfare.
James Dodd who serves as Boeing’s Vice President of Military Aircraft said the device was made with troops in mind.  “We know this has some capabilities and some impact”, said Dodd. “So we’re really trying to engage the customer and see if we can find a way to get this filled and implemented sooner than later.”
Now that EMP technology is a reality and not just sci-fi,  one has to fear is that it may become more of a danger to those who created it, rather than the enemy.  Sure, an EMP weapon may prove useful against an enemy that are just as technologically advanced, but it wil be useless against an enemy that uses fighting tactics that are not affected by an EMP weapon, much like what we see today in Afghanistan.

Read more:

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Allah Akbar and Ho Ho Ho

In 1997, Mohammed T. Mehdi, the head of the Arab-American Committee and the National Council on Islamic Affairs, lobbied to have a crescent and star go up at the World Trade Center during the holiday season. His wish was granted, despite the fact that Mehdi had been an adviser to Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman. 

Considering Mehdi's role in actively working on behalf of the Sheik behind the wave of terrorism that included the original attack on the World Trade Center, turning down his request should have been a no-brainer. And yet when all was said and done, in the winter of 1997 there was an Islamic star and crescent at the World Trade Center. And another one at the park in front of the White House. 

The previous year had marked the first annual Ramadan dinner at the State Department, integrating the Islamic celebration into the Clinton Administration's schedule of events. Bill Clinton had not come down to the World Trade Center after the bombing, but in his list of priorities, he did find a way to make time for Ramadan. A month after 9/11, Bush went Clinton one better, when he became the first US President to host a Ramadan dinner at the White House. Many of the Muslim ambassadors at the event were there representing countries that had helped finance Al Qaeda. Little more than a month after the attacks, the President of the United States sat down to break bread with the money men behind the attacks.

But the Star and Crescent flying at the World Trade Center did not prevent it from being targeted in a second greater attack four years later. Nor did the Ramadan dinners keep the plane headed for the White House at bay. It took the self-sacrifice of its American passengers to do that. Instead every gesture of appeasement only seemed to make it worse. Before the star and crescent flew at the World Trade Center, the site suffered only a few dead. After it, thousands dead. The more Ramadan dinners Bush hosted, the more Americans died, because the Star and Crescent and the Ramadan dinners both signified a deliberate blindness to the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

How to Protect the Schools

OK so we need responsible people in our schools trained to use firearms to protect innocent lives, right?
We now have 20,000 highly trained individuals with advanced combat skills, who live by the creed, Semper Fidelis, Always Faithful, who will soon be in need of a job, thanks to sequestration. Even better if some of them already happen to be qualified to teach, which they are. They may not have the nessecary Progressive liberal mindset that most teachers have but so what, we need to balance that equation anyway to make up for 50 years of liberal invasion of our education system anyway. Ask yourself, would you like to continue sending your child to a school designated as a "gun free zone" or a school that employes some of these guys as teachers and security? Some Texas towns have already started this very sane approach to protecting students and five or six other states are considering it;
Seems like a win-win situation to me.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

LIberals Create ‘Soft Targets,’ Exploit Them, Then Punish Everyone

Under “liberal” (progressive) rule over our infrastructural institutions for the last 50 years, justice, law enforcement, and the mental health professions have all failed. The “Great Society” has failed. The directors of the failure unfortunately are still in charge. The collectivist idea that everyone share in the failures (and successes) of complete strangers is driving the nation off the cliff. “Never let a crisis go to waste” is driving totalitarian advocates inside our government. Heaven forbid citizens should be allowed to protect themselves.
It is interesting to see that criminals (both sane and insane) look for soft targets. What progressive liberals do is create soft targets for their power-mad policies. So now, after this latest school massacre of defenseless teachers and children, we are going to hear, ad infinitum, how everyone in the nation should lose rights and suffer punishment for what one mentally deranged person was allowed to do because of the failure of the mental health policies put in place by the progressive liberals. Once again the same people who created the problem in the first place are now grandstanding on soapboxes and telling every innocent law abiding citizen to go eat dirt. This is Heads I win, Tails you lose.

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After Newtown shooting, it’s time to have that ‘national conversation on guns’

Just in time to tape off the crime scene.

bt David Codrea
To anyone who may be persuaded that “a national conversation” on guns and violence in society is needed, rather than automatically accepting the assumptions of those who think it ought to begin with calling for more citizen disarmament edicts, answer one question first:
If you saw someone methodically murdering children and you could get your hands on a gun, would you use it to stop him?
Yes or no? There’s no time for equivocation. Every second you hesitate, another innocent is being slaughtered.
If you answered “no,” you’re an irredeemable coward, unfit for the company of free men and women, and deserving of the slavery you accept and would impose on your betters. We will hold no conversation with despicable domestic enemy wretches the likes of you. Go away, leave us alone, or bring it on. We will not disarm.
If you answered “yes,” then ask yourself since when it’s in anyone’s interests to bare his throat to someone who would slash it? And just as being armed, trained, prepared and willing can discourage an individual aggressor, do they also not, as Thomas Paine observed, “keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property”? Would not “horrid mischief … ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them”?
Here’s the “national conversation on guns” we need to be having, and the one gun rightsadvocates must initiate, insist on and not deviate from, particularly now, in the face of the demonization of gun owners (instead of demons) that is going on by those whose demands ever and only lead to more slaughter of innocents: In the absence of recognizing the “shall not be infringed” component of the Second Amendment, we do need new laws, on the national level, but probably more achievable in states conducive to setting a bold example. With the understanding that I reject the validity of licenses and permits to exercise a right, but also acknowledging the political reality, we must advocate for arming teachers and administrators."

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Liberals Call For Murder Of NRA President, Members & Repeal Of Second Amendment

Liberals Call For Murder Of NRA President, Members & Repeal Of Second Amendment
 What once would have been unthinkable to blast out into public seems to be becoming more normal via things like Twitter and Facebook. Below are a selection of Tweets that are clearly anti-Second Amendment and even calls for the murder of the National Rifle Association President David Keene, along with NRA members.

Isn’t that just like liberals? They are ticked off over a shooting that took innocent lives and they turn right around and want to murder innocent people that have done them absolutely no harm!

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Only Way To Stop A Man With A Gun Is With A Gun

America now has its second worst mass shooting. And it, as usual, accompanied by calls for gun control. It's no coincidence that we have had quite a few spree killings in such a short time. The lavish coverage of every shooting by the media encourages every shooter to think that he will be famous if he goes out and kills. And that is exactly what happens.

Our shooters are creatures of the media, not the NRA. A media that turns killers into celebrities and then warns that the only way to stop more shootings is by cracking down on firearms.

But no amount of media coverage ever stopped a man with a gun. It only encouraged him. It takes a gun to stop a man with a gun. That is the hard truth of human affairs. It is why we have a Second Amendment, it is why we have armies and police, and it is why people own guns.

There is no going back to a time before people owned guns. There is no going back to a time when violence did not exist. There is only the reality that killers stalk the streets and that we can either defend against them or take comfort in empty outrage.

Guns stop shootings. Not all the time and not every time, but they do. Gun control does not. Media coverage calling for gun control does not.

Gun crime was up 35 percent in the UK which has harsh gun control laws. And Europe has had plenty of its own school massacres.

"Figures showed the number of crimes involving handguns had more than doubled since the post-Dunblane massacre ban on the weapons, from 2,636 in 1997-1998 to 5,871."

Thomas Hamilton killed 16 children in the Dunblane school massacre in 1996 using 4 handguns. 

In Germany, in the Winnenden school shooting in 2009, Tim Kretschmer, killed 16 people, including 9 students. In the Erfurt massacre in 2002, Robert Steinhäuser killed 16 people with a handgun and a shotgun.

In Finland, in the Jokela school shooting of 2007, Pekka-Eric Auvinen killed 8 people.In the Kauhajoki school shooting, Matti Juhani Saari killed 10 people.

The media will pretend that this sort of thing only happens in America. It doesn't only happen in America. It happens where killings do.

Gun control isn't about putting an end to horrors, it's about controlling people. And people who are used to being controlled have even less ability to cope with the uncontrolled and the uncontrollable.

Regulators think about the big picture. They don't think about the individual. They think only about how to control people who follow rules. But shooters, by definition, do not follow rules. They are men who have stepped outside the system and care nothing for its rules. They want to kill, and they will find a way. And when they come, the only way to stop a gun is with a gun.

Theres Strange, then theres Army Strange

Some great .mil cartoons for my buddies from Delta Bravo Sierra
Have I ever shared how much I hate anime? Because I really hate anime.
Is it delivery? Yes... in a sense.

Your Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Can you help me get the word out? 

My name is Alicia Good and I'm a Casting Director based in Los Angeles. 
I'm currently working with Eyeworks USA to cast a new major cable TV Network urban-based tactical military show.
We are conducting a NATIONWIDE search for former United States Special Operations Forces personnel to be part of this new cutting-edge series. The show will follow a few of America’s finest warriors by testing their brut force and intelligence as they try to move stealthy through urban-based missions.
If you or anyone you know is a former SOF personnel and think you have what it takes to kick-ass on our show we’d love to hear from you! Interested applicants should apply immediately. Please contact Alicia Good, Casting Director by emailing with your name, age, recent photo, contact information, location, SKYPE name, copy of your DD-214, and tell us what special forces unit you operated for and why you’d love to be part of our show!
Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon!
If you were part of an ELITE MILITARY UNIT, possess a DD-214, can move
swiftly and silently and can accomplish any mission you face, we want to
hear from you! Eyeworks USA and Damn Good Casting are now seeking
America’s finest warriors to be part of a new unscripted series that will test
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Think you have what it takes? Email our casting team now at: or call 323-512-1505 with your name, age, location,
phone, recent photo & what special forces unit you operated for. Note: this

Alicia Good
Casting Director & Owner, Damn Good Casting
Office: 323-512-1505

Thursday, December 13, 2012

U.S. Navy cancels Christmas in the Persian Gulf

Unconstitutional display aboard the USS Bush?

OK this PC crap has in my humble opinion gone overboard. Whats next forcing military Chaplains giving last rites or Christian blessings to wounded and deceased soldiers to give them a Muslim burial instead? This fits the Muslim agenda of "Lets erase Christians and Jews from the face of the earth. Some of the service members who swore to protect and defend the rights of American citizens, one of which is religious freedom, are the very atheist who forced this issue. It wasn't even the Muslim idiots in Bahrain this time, and the Navy caved.

Calling itself the busiest 60 acres in the world, the Naval Support Activity Bahrain (or NSA Bahrain) is home to the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet.
NSA Bahrain is also home to;
  • Thousands of American troops.
  • Hundreds of American military families.
  • Hundreds of Allied military personnel.
What NSA Bahrain is not home to:
  • The Holy Family.
  • Three Wise Men.
  • A singular Santa Claus.
  • Assorted shepherds.
  • A lone camel.
  • A Christmas Tree.
As reported by Fox News, it’s been a long standing tradition aboard the naval installation to host;
“A ‘Live Nativity’ that featured the children of military personnel dressed as shepherds, wise men, along with Mary and Joseph.
It was part of a larger festival that included a tree lighting, Christmas music and photographs with Santa Claus and a camel.”
Manger Scene “Unconstitutional”…
Enter the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF), who objected to the Nativity scene and eventually filed a complaint with the Navy’s Inspector General (IG).
They argued the Nativity Scene promoted “Christianity as the official religion of the base.”
According to MAAF, the Nativity Scene puts service members in danger.
Per the written complaint to the Navy’s IG;
“Also of concern is the likelihood that the predominantly Muslim local population will see the U.S. military as a Christian force rather than a secular military support U.S. – but not necessarily Christian values in their Muslim country.
This even threatens U.S. security and violates the Constitution as well as command policy.”
As told by MAAF spokesman Jason Torpy to Fox News;
“It’s unconstitutional, it’s bad for the military and in a Muslim country it’s dangerous.”
 Some service members in Bahrain told Fox News called the cancellation heartbreaking and children who were supposed to act in the Nativity were devastated.
“It was horrible,” said one officer who asked not to be identified. “It was devastating. Here we are serving in the Middle East, defending our country and other people’s religions and we couldn’t understand why we can’t enjoy our own religious freedoms.”
Crews had already started building the Nativity structure, but orders were given to have it dismantled.
“You can go outside the gate and hear Christmas music, but on the base you can’t have a Nativity,” said another officer. “The sense of hypocrisy is overwhelming.”

Wednesday, December 12, 2012



Oliver North’s latest book, Heroes Proved, is a political thriller that is a futuristic view of the world. It is a doomsday scenario of what the world may be like twenty years into the future.

The Colonel uses his vast personal experiences to write a realistic depiction of the threats America is facing. Many of the book’s themes reflect the recent attacks on the American embassy in Benghazi. “I started the new book a year and a half ago. I had no idea that when the book came out we would have had a terrorist attack that killed Americans and an administration lying about it. As they say, timing is everything.”

In 2032 the US President claims America is now safe from terror and Iranian nuclear weapons no longer are a threat. Progressives, the leftists now running the government, have cut the US Armed Forces to a bare minimum. North then fast- forwards to Houston, Texas, where a terrorist attack of suicide bombers takes place along with the capture of Dr. Martin Cohen, a scientist working on making hydrogen fuel. The scapegoat of the administration is James Newman, a highly decorated Special Forces soldier who becomes the hero by protecting the American Constitution. 

Heroes Proved has the reader visualizing what will happen in twenty years given the parameters of today. It shows how the Left was allowed to implement their policies: There are devices like the PERT, PID, and MESH, that give a detailed account of what a person is doing and their location. This can be compared to the talks happening today at the UN International Telecommunications Union where there is a legitimate fear of the UN gaining centralized control of the Internet. The book also has the world determining when to fight, which can be compared to the UN’s plan for having international Drone Surveillance. This past June there was the UN Small Arms Treaty, which becomes law in North’s book when all American citizens are forbidden from carrying or using firearms overseas. North also delves into foreign affairs by having the US abandon Israel which is taken over by the Caliphate of Islamists, and Mexico becoming a failed state that is controlled by a Federation of Drug cartels. 

He noted, “if you look forward twenty years all of that described as well as a global currency and UN treaties are in the process of happening now. What the book does is present a world that is formed from the conditions set today. I am hoping that our history, those 200 plus years will mean something.”

He also explained why he wrote the book, “I wanted a straight forward presentation of extraordinary courage, where the characters display action beyond the call of duty. I am hoping readers will understand that it means something for a soldier to put their lives on the line for their country. Brave young Americans are willing to do what is necessary to protect the liberties we all hold so dear. The heroism is what I wanted to demonstrate.”

Heroes Proved is a very riveting, intense book by someone who has a vast amount of knowledge in the area of national security. It has a lot of action, authentic detail, and a realistic plot. Anyone who wants to have a crystal ball to look into the future should read this book.Ollie

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winning the Demographic War and the Cultural War

For several years I have scratched my head and wondered why American Jews by a majority supported Obama et al and leftist of every stripe. If anyone in America should have shunned him it should have been Americans of Jewish descent or birth yet they rallied around him. I have pondered well-hidden facts like, Jews actually voted for Adolph Hitler, many actually served in his military.
It does not make any sense to me why a culture, race or religion would support the very instrument of their demise unless they had a morbid death-wish. You cannot blame it all on simple voter ignorance or media bias because there are numerous intelligent and vocal Jews who are telling the truth about the progressive left's agenda. Daniel Greenfield aka Sultan Knish is one of those voices whom everyone, Jew or Gentile, should heed if they care about living in a land where their culture and traditions have a right to exist. Thats the bottom line folks, we are in an unacknowledged war involving our very right to exist. Just like the millions loaded on cattle cars.


"The progressives have few children of their own. Your children are their children. If they can corrupt your children, then they have a future. If they cannot, then they will go off and die in a corner. The progressives have three strengths, class warfare, cultural programming and immigration. America had prosperity that negated class warfare, but it neglected to safeguard its culture from the left and did not consider the consequences of Third World immigration. With their political and culture power, the left destroyed prosperity and now with all three cards in their hand, the progressives are rising high.

But too many conservatives have despaired because they have fallen prey to the myth of a perfect America that once was and can never be again. But America was never perfect, like every person, it was a work in progress. It was a struggle between ideas and ideologies and that struggle did not end because the progressives have worked and plotted to get this far. Defeating them is a matter of exploiting their weaknesses and firming up our strengths.

Most of the Republican Party remains unwilling to acknowledge that this is a cultural war. And it is. Culture is one of the things that the left is good at. It's an easy and profitable way for the left to pursue its ends. And it's fun. But it only works with captive audiences."

Monday, December 10, 2012

Preppers Who Make Surviving The Apocalypse Even Less Fun
Brilliant article by Brandon Smith at

Being forced to endure and survive a catastrophic macro event like a monetary or social collapse is perhaps one of the worst experiences I could imagine.  Such a crisis leads to just about every crime and inhuman action in existence, and, the time required for a culture to right itself and rebuild is severely protracted.  A hurricane or earthquake or tidal wave; these calamities are short lived and easy in comparison.  The point is, as survivalists who are preparing to make an economic end-game scenario as “comfortable” to live through as we can, it is incumbent upon us to consider the kind of company we keep during the gambit.  Some allies will make that mad world bearable; others will bring the madness to your doorstep

Many preppers are aware of the dangers inherent in our progressively deteriorating nation.  Unfortunately, some of them are completely unaware of the dangers inherent within themselves.  Building a solid community of people to rely on during a collapse is absolutely essential, and the larger the group of liberty minded neighbors the better.  But, if certain ground rules are not established from the very beginning, a rainbow of personal issues and character flaws could very well destroy years of effort.  Care must be taken by all parties involved to ensure that internal conflicts remain at a minimum, and when they do arise, that each person is wise enough to resolve issues in an adult manner.

I hate to say it, but you will inevitably run into some folks that are beyond compromise and beyond hope.  Working with them is like pulling teeth…shark’s teeth…from your jugular.  Here are just a handful of powder keg personalities that will make the apocalypse more than a living hell for you and your friends if they manage to latch onto or take leadership in your survival watch…
Read the article here and see if you have any of these in your group................

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So, winter is around the corner. That means that the talk of magical materials has begun. As fashion has had it in the past few years, there have already been several posts about the magical properties of wool, and how it keeps you warm when wet. Apparently the myth has now grown to include other properties such as durability, toughness and light weight, things which are pretty squarely in the realm of imagination. Wool of course is not the only offender. Many other posts have come out talking about newer materials which perform equally magical feats of insulation. I am writing this post in an attempt to give you my view on all of this hoopla, and if possible share with you my experience, both practical and academic regarding the insulation abilities of different types of clothing.

So, winter is around the corner. That means that the talk of magical materials has begun. As fashion has had it in the past few years, there have already been several posts about the magical properties of wool, and how it keeps you warm when wet. Apparently the myth has now grown to include other properties such as durability, toughness and light weight, things which are pretty squarely in the realm of imagination. Wool of course is not the only offender. Many other posts have come out talking about newer materials which perform equally magical feats of insulation.
I am writing this post in an attempt to give you my view on all of this hoopla, and if possible share with you my experience, both practical and academic regarding the insulation abilities of different types of clothing.
Read the full report here.....