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Rational Choice Theory vs Linchpin Theory

How Global Collapse Will Be Sold To The Masses

Brandon at explains how Rational Choice Theory is being used to manipulate
and control the population in our current liberty struggle in, The Linchpin Lie. This is excellent reading for anyone with questions about who to trust and who will support the regime.

"The psychologist Carl Jung notes in his observations of collectivism in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia that most citizens of those nations did not necessarily want the formation of a tyrannical oligarchy, but, they went along with it anyway because they feared for their own comfort and livelihoods. Many a German supported the Third Reich simply because they did not want to lose a cushy job, or a steady paycheck, or they liked that the “trains ran on time”. Socialism is by far the most selfish movement in history, despite the fact that they claim to do what they do “for the greater good of the greater number”.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Thank You to our own Wake County NC Sheriff Donnie Harrison for taking this stand.

The following is a list of sheriffs in NC who have vowed to uphold and defend the Constitution against Obama’s unlawful gun control measures. I applaud these public servants for their courage and conviction. You can continue to monitor this list here;

Coy Reid ,Catawba
Adell Dobey, Edgefield
Jerry Jones ,Franklin
Charlie McDonald, Henderson
Ed McMahon, New Hanover
Jimmy Thornton ,Sampson
Eddie Cathey ,Union
Donnie Harrison, Wake
Carey Winders ,Wayne

Jew Without a Gun

"If the Los Angeles riots taught us anything, it’s that you’re a fool if you count on the authorities to protect you in times of civil chaos – in fact, at any time. In the end, only I can protect my family.

I’m never going to allow myself to be outgunned by the bad guys. All the gun laws that are on the books just make it that much easier for the barbarians to amass weapons and for law-abiding people like you and me to be at their mercy."

There are thousands of stories of survivors of the 1992 LA riots. This one from an American Jew who was attending a movie screening to, get this, raise money for inner-city youth, barely made it home alive with his family. So can someone tell me why in the face of all evidence, American Jews still support overwhelmingly the left's agenda in America?
Read and heed....

Never Again

Excellent discussion at Liberty Hollow on why we believe what we believe titled The Calculus of Genocide.

"This is where the insidious evil of registration comes in. The present Feinstein bill, if passed, will ignite an extremely bloody civil war which would likely end with the Constitutionalists winning the day, and the Marxists losing most if not all of the 'progress' that they have made during the last 100 years. Rather than start a fight that they know they are probably going to lose, it appears that the approach may be to try to establish 'back-door' registration of both guns and owners by requiring universal background checks for ALL sales of firearms, including all private sales.

The honeyed voice of the tyrant will ask "Well, what is wrong with that? Do we want deranged individuals buying weapons from 'private dealers?' Why won't you people be reasonable?"

The answer is simple- "NO! We have tolerated too many infringements already. It is utterly unreasonable for you to ask me to surrender any more of my rights because of the utterly predictable result of your insane policy of disarming the victims." What is wrong with this completely unreasonable idea is that criminals will not obey the law, and those who we most wish to disarm will not be disarmed. The insanity of expecting the deranged or the criminal to play by the rules has been repeatedly demonstrated, and the dangers of allowing the government to know who has the guns has as well."

The Murderer's Honor

For over ten years while living and working in muslim countries, I puzzled over the observed fact that for the most part Arabs had no work-ethic, did not produce anything themselves unless they were so poor they had to and only enjoyed trying to tell others what to do. There was a standing joke that a sociologist came there to study this and he did so by asking a Frenchman a German and a Saudi whether sex was fun or work. The responce; French= "Oui Monsieur, it is always fun", German= "Vell zer is some fun and zer is some vork to it", Saudi= after long thought, "Fun it is definitely fun, if it was work I would have my houseboy or gardener do it."
The Sultan writes an excellent article that explains all this.

The story of Islam is a murder mystery. It's not the kind of murder mystery where you wonder who did it, but when it will end. The detective peering with his magnifying glass at a scrap of fiber left behind on the carpet or a curly piece of hair caught in the door isn't really trying to sort out who did it. He knows who did it. The great mystery that consumes him is how to make the killer stop.

This isn't a story about right and wrong. Right and wrong aren't serious propositions in the arid deserts where the murderer comes from. Right is power. Wrong is not having power. A man is right because he has power. A woman is wrong because she doesn't. A Muslim is right because he has power. A Christian is wrong because he doesn't.

When a woman has power and a man doesn't, then the man has been dishonored. When a Christian has power and a Muslim doesn't, then the Muslim has been dishonored. There is only one answer for dishonor, death. Kill the one who has dishonored you so that you can feel powerful again. The men with the magnifying glasses will call it extremism, but it's much simpler and much more complicated than that.
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Only Rebellion Can Save America

Posted with permission of Col. Sellin PhD US Army (ret)

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of “Afghanistan and the Culture of Military Leadership“. He receives email at

The US federal government has strayed so far from the Constitution and the rule of law that it can now be considered rogue and illegitimate.

The thoroughly irresponsible rate of government spending projected over the next twenty-five years will drive federal debt to unsustainable levels. The country is heading for a financial meltdown and economic ruin.

The Republican Party is inept and impotent and cannot provide the necessary political opposition to the crimes and unconstitutional policies of the Obama regime or stand against the rampant voter fraud which is now polluting the electoral process. There is a report claiming that the Republican Party signed a legal agreement with the Democrat Party in 1982 not to pursue suspected vote fraud. If there is no guarantee of election integrity, then elections become only window dressing for tyranny.

Barack Obama is an illegal President and unindicted felon. Congress, the American media and the courts are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to conceal their complicity in perpetrating the Obama fraud on the American people. Law enforcement and our elected officials have chosen to risk the survival of the country rather than risk the truth.
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Protecting the Second Amendment – Why all Americans Should Be Concerned

29 January 2013

We are current or former Army Reserve, National Guard, and active duty US Army Special Forces soldiers (Green Berets). We have all taken an oath to “ and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.…” The Constitution of the United States is without a doubt the single greatest document in the history of mankind, codifying the fundamental principle of governmental power and authority being derived from and granted through the consent of the governed. Our Constitution established a system of governance that preserves, protects, and holds sacrosanct the individual rights and primacy of the governed as well as providing for the explicit protection of the governed from governmental tyranny and/or oppression. We have witnessed the insidious and iniquitous effects of tyranny and oppression on people all over the world. We and our forebears have embodied and personified our organizational motto, De Oppresso Liber [To Free the Oppressed], for more than a half century as we have fought, shed blood, and died in the pursuit of freedom for the oppressed.

Like you, we are also loving and caring fathers and grandfathers. Like you, we have been stunned, horrified, and angered by the tragedies of Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Fort Hood, and Sandy Hook; and like you, we are searching for solutions to the problem of gun-related crimes in our society. Many of us are educators in our second careers and have a special interest to find a solution to this problem. However, unlike much of the current vox populi reactions to this tragedy, we offer a different perspective.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Will You Fire On American Citizens?

The Obama administration is openly escalating its campaign against private gun ownership and shaking up the top ranks of the military command structure — but is it also preparing to make war on the American population?


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North Korean cannibalism

Reports from inside the secretive famine-hit pariah state, North Korea, claim a man has been executed after murdering his two children for food.

The grim suggestion that North Koreans are turning to cannibalism were reported by the Asia Press, and published in the Sunday Times.

They claim a 'hidden famine' in the farming provinces of North and South Hwanghae has killed 10,000 people, and there are fears that cannibalism is spreading throughout the country.

The reports come as sanctions are tightened against the backdrop of angry rhetoric over missile testing.

In one particularly disturbing report, a man was said to have dug up his grandchild's corpse. Other lurid reports included the suggestion that some men boiled their children before eating them.

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I Am Not Your Peasant

H/T SHTF plan

In New York, we have a prequel of what’s to come – the repeal of the Second Amendment and summary criminalization of peaceful citizens merely for possessing the means of self-defense, even in their own homes. As in Great Britain, citizens of NY face prison if they use proscribed weapons against murderous thugs – even in their own homes. The tyrants Michael Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo have made their decision. Now New Yorkers will have to make theirs. And so will the rest of us – if, as seems likely, the federal tyrants succeed in issuing a New York-style fatwa that applies to the rest of the country. Which brings us to the question:

What will you do?

It is a very hard question. Perhaps the hardest question Americans have had to face since 1861. As then, there may be no peaceful way to preserve our rights. There may be blood. As then, one side is absolutely determined to impose its will at bayonet-point. To murder us in the thousands – perhaps millions, this time - if we refuse to submit. There is no reasoning, no discussing. What we face is violence against our persons by people who absolutely will not leave us in peace – no matter how peaceful we try to be – until we have submitted to them utterly and for all time to come. We wish only to be left alone – and demand that our right to defend ourselves against those who will not leave us alone be respected. That self-defense is the most basic of rights – a right conceded even to the lowest animal. They do not acknowledge our rights; they despise the very notion of us having any rights at all. They regard their power over us as limitless in principle – and rage at even the smallest assertion of freedom of action. They loathe our guns because our ownership of guns is an expression of our determination to defend our very lives – and thus, of self-ownership.
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In an explosive exchange outside the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in Washington, D.C., security guards for billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg accosted senior Talk Radio Network investigative reporter Jason Mattera when he asked the mayor about his strong support for gun control.

Wake County NC Sheriff Harrison, Why Are You Not Protecting Our Children?

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Posse members started patrolling around schools in the Queen Creek Unified School District when they went back into session two weeks ago, and district officials and parents couldn’t be happier.

The posse volunteers, who wear the same uniforms and drive the same types of vehicles as deputies, provide a visible presence, said Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Posse members are armed, some with semiautomatic weapons, and are authorized to take action should they see suspicious activity.

“It’s a deterrent effect when they see the marked cars — that’s the main mission to keep the bad guys out,” Arpaio said in an interview.

Posse members are not in the schools, nor do they patrol on school grounds. The sheriff said that ideally he would like to see regular deputies in the schools, but funding for that is not yet available. In the meantime, there is the posse presence outside the schools, which does not cost taxpayers.

He said posse members cover 60 schools in the sheriff’s “primary jurisdiction,” or cities like Queen Creek that contract with the MCSO for deputy services. “I just don’t have enough (volunteers) for every school in the Valley,” he added.

Arpaio said his idea to have the posse patrol schools was prompted by his concerns after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.
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Fears Syria's uranium stockpiles going to Iran

The Financial Times reports nuclear experts are raising concerns about the safety of up to 50 tons of unenriched uranium in Syria where an increasingly violent and chaotic civil war could put the stockpile at risk.

The uranium – believed to be of high quality – stems from a project to build a nuclear facility with the help of North Korea at Al-Kibar.

Intelligence agencies believed that the reactor was close to completion, but the site was destroyed by Israeli warplanes in September 2007:

"An IAEA inspection team visited the destroyed Al-Kibar site in May 2008 and only found traces of uranium. This merely added to the mystery of where the 50 tons of uranium, if it exists, might be. Such a stockpile would be enough, according to experts, to provide weapons grade fuel for five atomic devices.

"Some government officials have raised concerns that Iran, which is closely allied to the Syrian regime and urgently needs uranium for its nuclear programme, might be trying to seize such a stockpile.

"These officials’ fears have been triggered by signs of movement at what they allege is a secret uranium conversion facility that the Syrian regime built at the town of Marj al-Sultan near Damascus."

Defecting Syrian Officer: Chemical Weapons Already Transferred to Hezbollah

The Syrian army has already used a small amount of chemical weapons in a battle near Baba Amr.

The Syrian news website conducted an interview with a defecting Major in the Chemical Warfare Corp of the Syrian army, who revealed the following:

The Syrian army has already used a small amount of chemical weapons in a battle near Baba Amr.

In November large arsenals of chemical weapons was transfer from storage facilities on Mount Qassioun near Damascus, which is under the control of the Syrian Air Force Intelligence, to several airports in Syria, in order to load them onto planes for bombing rebel targets.

The Aldemir military airport, on the otskirts of Damascus, is designated as the main base of operations from which aerial bombing with chemical weapons will be carried out.

A large part of Syria’s chemical weapons has been removed from storage at Mount Qassioun and transferred by civilian cars chauffeured from Hezbollah soldiers to Hezbollah strongholds in southern Beqaa Valley in eastern Lebanon.

The Syrian army is being aided by Iranian and North Korean experts in treatment and usage of its chemical weapons.

Over the past month and a half the Syrian army has been testing its chemical weapons in the area of Al Muslemia, east of Alepo, under the guidance of Iranian experts.

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Territorial Enterprise, October 21-24, 1865
[portion of letter from San Francisco written October 19, 1865]

..The only man I ever knew who could counteract this passion on the part of Democrats for voting, was Robert Roach, carpenter of the steamer Aleck Scott, "plying to and from St. Louis to New Orleans and back," as her advertisement sometimes read. The Democrats generally came up as deck passengers from New Or leans, and the yellow fever used to snatch them right and left - eight or nine a day for the first six or eight hundred miles; consequently Roach would have a lot on hand to "plant" every time the boat landed to wood - "plant" was Roach's word. One day as Roach was superintending a burial the Captain came up and said:

"God bless my soul, Roach, what do you mean by shoving a corpse into a hole in the hill-side in this barbarous way, face down and its feet sticking out?"

"I always plant them foreign Democrats in that manner, sir, because, damn their souls, if you plant 'em any other way they'll dig out and vote the first time there's an election - but look at that fellow, now - you put 'em in head first and face down and the more they dig the deeper they'll go into the hill."

Mark Twain

8 deadly agents 'to bring U.S. to its knees'

01/01/2013 at 7:30 PM
by Reza Kahlili, author of the award-winning book "A Time to Betray", served in CIA Directorate of Operations, as a spy in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, counterterrorism expert; currently serves on the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, an advisory board authorized by Congress and the advisory board of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran (FDI). He regularly appears in national and international media as an expert on Iran and counterterrorism in the Middle East.

Iranian scientists, working under orders from the radicals running the Islamic regime, have genetically altered microbial agents in a nightmarish scheme to bring the West to its knees.

According to a source in the Revolutionary Guards intelligence unit with knowledge of Iran’s microbial research and development, the scientists, with Russian and North Korean help, currently possess eight extremely dangerous microbial agents that, if unleashed, could kill millions of people.

As reported exclusively on WND on Dec. 16, the source revealed the existence of a plant in Marzanabad, Iran, where 12 Russian and 28 Iranian scientists are working on microbial agents for bombs. At that time, the source disclosed that Iran was working on 18 agents, with four completed. He has now provided information that with work at two other plants, Iran has created a total of eight microbial agents, with research on insects to be used as the vector to infect the societies of its enemies.

The eight agents are anthrax, encephalitis (the blueprint of this virus, Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis, was provided by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in an agreement two years ago with the Islamic regime), yellow grain (developed with the help of North Korea), SARS, Ebola, cholera, smallpox and plague.

Iran, with North Korea’s help, has genetically altered the smallpox virus that makes current vaccinations useless against it. And research at two facilities that act as drug companies but are fronts for the deadly research shows insects can be used as the vector to carry plague, infamous as the “Black Death,” according to the source.

The outbreak of plague in the Middle Ages killed one-third of Europe’s population, and it resurfaced in the 19th century in Asia, killing millions in China and India.

Discover the astonishing double life of a CIA agent inside the Revolutionary Guards of Iran with Reza Kahlili’s “A Time to Betray,” from the WND Superstore!

The radicals ruling Iran believe their planned microbial attacks cannot be traced to them, the source said. Through various commerce channels and trade with Europe and even through Mexico into the U.S., the regime could release the infected insects and small rodents into populated cities, causing an epidemic that could possibly kill tens of millions of people, he said.

“The most dangerous biological weapons agents today are genetically modified or even synthetically created in a laboratory in ways that not only make them more contagious, infectious and lethal, but also are intended to defy existing vaccine countermeasures,” said Clare M. Lopez, a senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy, a non-profit, non-partisan think tank based in Washington, D.C. “Among such (biological weapons) agents are (genetically-modified) strains of anthrax, plague and smallpox.

“The open-source literature consistently describes Russia and North Korea as sources of such strains and the scientific know-how to create and deploy them,” Lopez said. “Likewise, Iran and Syria are reported to be among the recipients of such deadly (biological weapons) agents; each of these countries also has an extensive medical and pharmaceutical research and development infrastructure within which to produce (and also conceal) its BW programs. Both Iran and Syria also have shared not only these pathogens, but the artillery, ballistic missile and munitions technology with each other and, likely, with Hezbollah as well, for delivery of such pathogens.”

Lopez said that insects such as fleas, flies and mosquitoes long have been recognized as natural vectors for the spread of deadly diseases and that disease-bearing insects have been used in warfare for centuries, perhaps most notoriously by the Japanese during WW II against China, causing the death of hundreds of thousands. While cholera typically is not fatal if treated quickly, some strains can kill within hours. Bubonic plague has been the cause of some of the greatest pandemics in world history.

The Revolutionary Guards source added that the Islamic regime has already armed 37 of its ballistic missiles with microbial agents, which upon launch would spray targeted areas as opposed to an explosion. It has also armed cluster bombs with such agents, which could be dropped from fighter jets spraying an intended area.

What makes it worse, the source said, is that Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist proxies of the regime have now been armed with microbial weapons. As reported in the Washington Times in August, chemical and microbial weapons have been transferred to Iran’s proxies in the region.

The West, with its soft approach on the radical regime in Iran, has provided the needed time not only for it to arm itself with some of the most deadliest biological weapons but also, with the help of North Korea, to get the nuclear bomb, and, despite what the West believes, is now working to arm its missiles with such weapons of mass destruction, the source said.

Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym for a former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and author of the award-winning book “A Time to Betray” (Simon & Schuster, 2010). He serves on the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and the advisory board of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran (FDI).

Reporters wanting to interview Reza Kahlili on this issue should email


DigitalGlobe Image, May 2012 - Shahid Bahonar Microbial Plant in Marzanabad – Iran

Youre In The New Army Now

by Sultan Knish

"The only way that liberals will ever accept the military is through the liberalization of the military into a force that projects their social values and fights to promote them abroad through human rights peacekeeping operations, rather than national defense. And when the peacekeeping force arrives in Timbuktu, Aleppo or Ramallah, it has to carry with it the liberal standard and convey to all the natives that the United States is wonderful because it represents gay rights, girl power and the wars on obesity, poverty and cholera.

The natives will not be impressed, nor will the men and women who will have to do far more shooting and dying than the plan called for, but Washington D.C. will be gratified, and the worst of the bunch, the ones who eagerly take to the party line and do none of the fighting but all of the talking will move up the promotion ladder, those who do not will be tried for war crimes in a new army that reflects the liberal belief that war is the ultimate crime.

Much of this has already happened. The United States no longer fights wars, it engages in military reconstruction projects. The aftermath of World War II has become the template for every war with the conflict as a prelude to the nation-building exercise. Occupation becomes the purpose of war and also the bloodiest part of the war. And the wars can hardly even be called wars because they are never truly fought."

Violent People in America


To soap-box about "the need for more" gun-control, as do Piers Morgan, Dianne Feinstein, Barack Obama, Andrew Cuomo, and other willfully deceptive well-known persons, is an act to further divide an already fractious America.
When they feel they have enough public support,(democtatic rule=tyranny of the majority), they will move to begin mandatory registration and eventual confiscation of firearms from law-abiding citizens, as they already have in the State of New York and other bastions of leftist liberalism.
These same people have already made it impossible to control the violent impulses of insane people and ensure that society as a whole is insulated from these horrific and tragic acts. If one teacher had been legally armed in Sandy Hook, 20 children's lives could have been saved. Add up the number of innocent people who have been slaughtered by mentally deranged people over the past two deades. What number did you arrive at?
I can give the numbers but you need to investigate it before you will believe it. To willfully deceive people is the definition of a liar and to knowingly cause great bodily harm is the definition of a felon. In North Carolina, intentionally causing great bodily harm or death is justification for the use of deadly force.
I will leave it to my readers to decide how we as a society should deal with people who knowingly cause death and great bodily harm.
The people who are clamoring for gun control are making it impossible for the average law-abiding citizen to defend themselves and their loved ones when some 18-year-old on Ritalin or Trazodone confronts them violently. Here is a quick primer on the antisocial personality so that you can educate yourself and may be able to spot the kind of persons who are committing these crimes before they have a chance to harm you.
What our government and elected officials need to be doing is investigating why nearly all the mass homicides, and a good percentage of single homicides, are tied to perpetrators using psychiatric medications.
Instead, the course they chose is to ignore the cause of all this bloodshed and human misery and compound and exacerbate the situation by focusing on the gun itself as the problem.
There are other causes that contribute to the current surge in gun violence other than crazed kids on Ritalin, like extreme violence prevalent in movies and video games, which brainwash certain susceptible personality types, but I won't go into that until the biggest problem is dealt with first.
Stop it with "The guns are the problem" you idiots (and you know who you are). Guns can't do a damn thing except what the person holding the guns makes them do.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Resistance Has Begun

Preparations are already being made for mass resistance.

“I’ve heard from hundreds of people that they’re prepared to defy the law, and that number will be magnified by the thousands, by the tens of thousands, when the registration deadline comes,’’ said President Brian Olesen with American Shooters Supply, among the biggest gun dealers in the state, in an interview with the New York Post.

Even government officials admit that forcing New Yorkers to register their guns will be a tough sell, and they are apparently aware that massive non-compliance will be the order of the day. “Many of these assault-rifle owners aren’t going to register; we realize that,’’ a source in the Cuomo administration told the Post, adding that officials expect “widespread violations” of the new statute.

Threats of imprisoning gun owners for up to a year and confiscating their weapons are already being issued by governor’s office, headed by a rabid anti-Second Amendment extremist who suggested before the bill passed that “confiscation” of all semi-automatic rifles was being considered. If tens or even hundreds of thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens refuse to comply, however, analysts say New York would either have to start raising taxes and building a lot more prisons, or give up on the scheme that experts say will do nothing to reduce violence and that lawmakers say is aimed at eventual confiscation.

Activists involved in the state-wide boycott against the unconstitutional statute who spoke to the Post almost taunted authorities, saying gun owners would essentially dare authorities to “come and take it away.”

According to the paper, leaders of some of the state’s hundreds of gun clubs, dealers, and non-profit organizations, citing the New York Constitution’s guarantee that gun rights “cannot be infringed,” are currently involved in organizing the resistance. Among the primary concerns is that, with registration, authorities would know where to go for confiscation, an idea already proposed openly by Governor Cuomo himself.

“They’re saying, ‘F— the governor! F— Cuomo! We’re not going to register our guns,’ and I think they’re serious. People are not going to do it. People are going to resist,” explained State Rifle and Pistol Association President Tom King, who also serves on the National Rifle Association board of directors. “They’re taking one of our guaranteed civil rights, and they’re taking it away.”

Opponents of the right to bear arms, take heed. The American people know what you’re up to and they will not stand for it.

The resistance has begun.

Anonymous Operation American Freedom

Do not be a useful idiot for the far, far left. They do not want Rightful Liberty, what they want is “real democracy” – in other words, a tyranny of the “the majority” against everything which is not popular…especially your use and enjoyment of you natural rights. Never forget that the US is, at this very moment, quite possibly the least “popular” nation on earth. They have made it thus for a reason.

Again, the progressives are trying to use our natural rights to destroy the protections established in the Constitution which are specifically intended to prevent such abuse of “minorities” or unpopular opinions/beliefs.



Anonymous Hijacks Federal Website, Threatens DOJ Document Dump

Activists from the hacker collective known as Anonymous assumed control over the homepage of a federal judicial agency this morning.
In a manifesto left on the defaced page, the group demanded reform to the American justice system and what the activists said are threats to the free flow of information.
The lengthy essay largely mirrors previous demands from Anonymous, but this time the group also cited the recent suicide of Reddit co-founder and activist Aaron Swartz as has having “crossed a line” for their organization. Swartz was facing up to 35 years in prison on computer fraud charges.
Prosecutors said he had stolen thousands of digital scientific and academic journal articles from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the goal of disseminating them for free.
Read More: Aaron Swartz’ Death Fuels MIT Probe, White House Petition to Oust Prosecutor
Anonymous says Swartz was “killed because he was forced into playing a game he could not win — a twisted and distorted perversion of justice — a game where the only winning move was not to play.”
“There must be a return to proportionality of punishment with respect to actual harm caused,” it reads, also mentioning recent arrests of Anonymous associates by the FBI.
In their statement, the hackers say they targeted the homepage of the Federal Sentencing Commission for “symbolic” reasons.
The group claimed that if their demands were not met they would release a trove of embarrassing internal Justice Department documents to media outlets. Anonymous named the files after Supreme Court justices and provided hyperlinks to them from the defaced page.
As of press time the commission’s site had been taken offline but an earlier attempt by CNN to follow the files’ links yielded dead-ends, mostly offline sites.
The file names use an “.aes256″ suffix, denoting a common encryption protocol. The same system was used to encrypt the Wikileaks Afghan war documents before their release.
Read More at dancinczars.....

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hitler’s gun control

by Jennifer Cruz

On Friday, January 11, 2013, Salon addressed the issue of Hitler’s gun control. This article was in response to a Drudge Report article concerning Vice President Joe Biden’s recent threat of executive orders over gun control. The most shocking part of the article was the picture accompanying it, which featured Hitler and Stalin.

The Salon article aims to debunk the idea that gun control was a key feature in the extermination of the Jews. While it claims that gun rights activists have their history dangerously wrong, it is, in fact, the article itself that has the facts dangerously wrong.

The article first addresses a quote from the National Rifle Association Executive Vice President, Wayne LaPierre’s book, “Guns, Crime, and Freedom.”

“In Germany, Jewish extermination began with the Nazi Weapon Law of 1938, signed by Adolf Hitler.”

The Salon article then goes on to state:

“The notion that Hitler confiscated everyone’s guns is mostly bogus.”

This statement itself is true. Hitler didn’t confiscate everyone’s guns, but that’s not what LaPierre stated in his book either. He merely cited the law that was signed by Hitler preceding the extermination of the Jews. This law did not revoke everyone’s gun rights, only the Jews’. But what the article failed to mention was that the law did not just affect guns, it was essentially anything that could have been used as a weapon.

“Jews (§5 of the First Regulations of the German Citizenship Law of 14 November 1935, Reichsgesetzblatt I, p. 1333) are prohibited from acquiring, possessing, and carrying firearms and ammunition, as well as truncheons or stabbing weapons. Those now possessing weapons and ammunition are at once to turn them over to the local police authority.”

Confiscation was also made legal.

“Firearms and ammunition found in a Jew's possession will be forfeited to the government without compensation.”
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Thank You Mossad

posted by Reza Khalili

An explosion deep within Iran’s Fordow nuclear facility has destroyed much of the installation and trapped about 240 personnel deep underground, according to a former intelligence officer of the Islamic regime.

The previously secret nuclear site has become a center for Iran’s nuclear activity because of the 2,700 centrifuges enriching uranium to the 20-percent level. A further enrichment to weapons grade would take only weeks, experts say.

The level of enrichment has been a major concern to Israeli officials, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly has warned about the 20-percent enriched stockpile.

The explosion occurred Monday, the day before Israeli elections weakened Netanyahu’s political control.

Iran, to avoid alarm, had converted part of the stockpile to fuel plates for use in the Tehran Research Reactor. However, days after the recent failed talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iranian officials announced the enrichment process will not stop even “for a moment.”

The regime’s uranium enrichment process takes place at two known sites: the Natanz facility with more than 10,000 centrifuges and Fordow with more than 2,700. The regime currently has enough low-grade (3.5 percent) uranium stockpiled for six nuclear bombs if further enriched.

Get the inside story in Reza Kahlili’s “A Time To Betray” and learn how the Islamic regime “bought the bomb” in “Atomic Iran.



Nice series of current events cartoons.......

Mali photos

Loose the Hounds

Thursday, January 24, 2013

All the Difference in The World

Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived back in the Senate, after dodging a few falling safes, multiple banana peels and an ornery dog named Henry, to give a carefully prepared histrionic rant which can be summed up, "I do care a lot" and "None of this was my fault" and "What difference at this point does it make?"

The last isn't a sarcastic restatement. It's what she actually said.

It might make a difference to a Coptic Christian whose trailer was blamed by the leader of the free world for a series of Al Qaeda attacks against American diplomatic facilities and who was sent to prison on the orders of members of the administration.

That fellow of many names, now serving a year in prison, is the only one to actually get locked up. The ringleader of the attack walks the streets of Benghazi freely. A drone could make short work of him, but no drones are coming his way. Instead a car bomb, planted by Libyan enemies nearly took him out. Some of the other Benghazi attackers were killed by the Algerian military during the siege; doing the work that Obama won't do. If the Benghazi terrorists finally die, it will most likely be at the hands of the French, the Syrian army or Libyan rival militias.

Benghazi, Obama said, during his appearance with Jon Stewart, the man of many grimaces, was a bump in the road. And that's all it was. The Obama campaign bus drove over four bodies and reached its destination in an armored parking garage somewhere in D.C. An irritated Hillary Clinton, who is prepping for her own bus tour in 2016, has every reason to demand to know what difference it makes now to discuss who lied about what and who failed to secure the Benghazi mission.

The election is over, and her testimony was delayed until after the fat lady held up her talking points at the debate and sang. Al Qaeda is dead, except for the parts of it rampaging across Syria, Iraq, Mali, Libya, Algeria and Pakistan, and a decade of war is coming to an end or just beginning. It makes no difference now which one of those it really is, just as it makes no difference, whether, as Clinton said, it happened "because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided to go kill some Americans?"

Dead is dead. The Benghazi four are dead. Stability in the Middle East is dead. Hope is dead. Victory is dead. It's time to discuss the serious stuff. Like finding the right title for Hillary's next biography, ghost-written and set for release around 2015, right after the Dems suffer a Congressional setback from angry NRA voters and just before the next election to position her as the new voice of hope.
Read More........

Letter to the Citizenry from Sheriff Jerry Jones

This is what we went to Fargo Steak House in Zebulon to hear from our elected Sheriffs
last week. Thank you Sheriff Jones for finally making your stand as an elected official in NC clear. I hope our Sheriff in Wake County soon follows your lead.

“As the Sheriff of Franklin County North Carolina I, Jerry W Jones, will not participate in, nor enforce, any Unconstitutional Edicts, Orders or Laws handed down by any Government Body. As the highest ranking law enforcement officer within my jurisdiction I feel as though it is my duty to make this statement clear. No Law Abiding Citizen of Franklin County shall have their Constitutional Rights infringed upon. I have sworn an oath attesting to this statement and it will be honored at all times. I thank each and every one of you for your time and continued support of the Office of Sheriff.”

Sheriff Jerry W. Jones

From NCrenegade....

“The threat of tyranny is no less than at the turn of the century in 1900, in 1800, or in 1700.”

After enduring hours of derision and mockery by the panelists at a Chicago-area guns “forum” Sunday, one man in the audience stood up and addressed the crowd, identified himself as a veteran, and proceeded to give a straight forward but passionate defense of his support for the First and Second Amendments. He also argued the threat of “tyranny” is still just as real as it was in the past.
The veteran’s name is Kevin Tully, and he left the Air Force a staff sergeant after serving in Desert Storm, 3 tours for Operation Southern Watch, and a tour in Panama.

Tully emphasized throughout that America has become too divided: a nation of Republicans vs. Democrats, pro-life vs. pro choice, us vs. them. On a more basic level, many don’t even identify as American– they’re Italian-American, African-American, Asian-American, etc.
“I’m not a liberal, I’m not a conservative, I’m not a Republican, I’m not a Democrat. I’m an American — I believe in the Constitution, I believe in our country,” he said.

But that doesn’t mean he’s pleased with the actions of those on the left or right.

“I’d had enough,” he said simply, describing why he stood up at the conference.

Read more........

Fred maintains the same thoughts in; Thoughts Following the Inauguration of Septimius Severus......

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ann Puts it in Perspective

By: Ann Coulter
1/23/2013 04:56 PM

The good news is: Obama and the Senate Democrats have no intention of passing more idiotic gun legislation in response to the Newtown massacre. The bad news is that they also have no intention of passing any legislation about the mentally ill, which would actually do something to reduce these mass shootings.

Instead, the Democrats will jawbone about “assault weapons” and other meaningless gun laws for the sole purpose of scaring soccer moms into hating the National Rifle Association. Expect to hear a lot about Republicans preferring “the gun lobby” to “children.” (Which is evidently not at all like preferring the teachers lobby to children.)

Democrats are hoping to pick up another dozen congressional seats in 2014, so they need terrified women.

Just don’t expect a vote. Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid cannot afford a vote on any of these nonsense gun laws because he needs to protect the seats of Democrats who have to get re-elected in districts where voters know something about guns.

Even the stupidest politician has to know how utterly meaningless “assault weapon” bans are. (In fairness, New York’s Rep. Carolyn McCarthy and Gov. Andrew Cuomo may not know.) But Democrats need to gin up the most easily fooled voters.

“Assault weapons” are defined as “whatever politicians say they are.” The guns that are banned and the ones that aren’t are functionally identical. They’re all semi-automatics.

RELATED: Debunker tackles assault weapons ban bunk

Semi-automatics shoot one bullet per trigger pull — that’s the definition. Any handgun manufactured since the Civil War is a “semi-automatic.” The most basic self-defense revolver for women is a “semi-automatic.”

An example of a gun that is not a semi-automatic is a musket. Also those guns where a “BANG!” flag pops out when the clown pulls the trigger.

An automatic firearm — what militaries and drug cartels have — continuously fires when the trigger is pulled. They have been subject to a near-total federal ban in this country since the 1930s, so they’re irrelevant to the discussion.

The only differences in the semi-automatics the Democrats want to ban and the ones they don’t are purely cosmetic details, such as bayonet mounts or pistol grips.

When is the last time anyone was killed with a bayonet in this country? Bayonets were rarely used even during the Civil War. Obama mocked the idea of bayonets during one of his debates with Romney. Now he’s terrified of them!

Semi-automatics with bayonets are some of the guns Democrats call “assault weapons.” It would be like defining 12-inch hunting knives with camouflage-colored handles — but not those with black handles — as “assault knives.” Assault weapons are the semi-automatics that look scary to soccer moms.

An example of the intentional obfuscation about semi-automatics (or “guns”) is the “Violence Policy Center” webpage, which states: “Semiautomatic assault weapons are civilian versions of automatic military assault rifles (like the AK-47 and the M-16) and automatic military assault pistols (like the UZI).”

This would be like saying: “Little girls’ pink bedrooms are civilian versions of military prisons (like Guantanamo) and terrorist rendition prisons (like CIA Black Sites).”

Yes, exactly alike, except the “prison” part.

Since not all Democrats get to run for office in New York, congressional Democrats can’t risk taking votes on such silly laws. Your guns will be safe, but your children won’t, because we’ll still have the mentally ill showing up at movie theaters, subway stations, shopping malls and schools.

If soccer moms want to worry about something, they should worry more about schizophrenics than guns.

RELATED: Gun owners rally against 2nd Amendment threats

In the late 1980s, New York City Mayor Ed Koch tried to institutionalize Joyce Brown, a mentally ill heroin addict living on the street who went by the name “Billie Boggs” (after local television host Bill Boggs). Brown was defecating on herself, removing all her clothes, burning money, running into traffic and shouting obscenities at passers-by. In other words, she was a prototype for Occupy Wall Street.

Brown’s family desperately wanted to have Brown committed to Bellevue Hospital. A Columbia psychiatrist argued for her institutionalization. The neighbors supported her commitment.

But the New York Civil Liberties Union wanted Brown back on the street. Her NYCLU attorney, Robert Levy, boasted that “Billie Boggs” was as sane as “a member of the board of the Civil Liberties Union.”

A New York judge, Robert Lippman, agreed –- but not the way I do. Instead of ordering the entire NYCLU board institutionalized, he ordered the release of this poor, mentally disturbed woman. She promptly spoke at Harvard. (Princeton already had Peter Singer.) Then she was back on the street, taking heroin and getting into fights with other homeless people.

Schizophrenics are generally incapable of knowing they need help. Without involuntary commitment, they are abandoned to the streets, getting beaten up, sexually abused, stolen from and set on fire. They also sometimes push people onto subway tracks, murder grandmothers, slaughter firemen and enter “gun-free zones” to commit mass murder.

But the Democrats won’t do anything about it. Even if you do not hear voices that tell you to kill strangers, liberals say: “Either we are all mad or none of us is mad.” Then they get mouthy about banning guns with bayonets. On which they will not vote. Montana’s Sen. Max Baucus has to get re-elected.

Giant Spaceships Heading Towards Earth ?

Here is something interesting I found, an interactive astronomy map. If you ever wanted to see what is around us in space and don't have a spare Hubble telescope around the house you can use this one. If you know the coordinates of what you want to see there is a search window you can type them into. For instance type in, 19 25 12, -89 46 03 , will give you an image of the big blue object headed our way that is presently near Pluto which some people think is an asteroid and some think is an alien spaceship. Whatever it is, its 15 miles wide and headed straight at us.

Whole Nother Story

Trayvon at 17 --- Thank God for the internet!
H/T Rosetta

Don't know how much coverage this story has had in your area, but, if it has, here's a new look at it!

For those of us who thought we were well informed and weren't.....quite the reality check.

That old adage applies here: "there are two sides to every story." We don't always get the truth from the media. One of my favorite rants - the liberal controlled media, television news, newspapers, magazines, radio; all continue to show 12 year old Trayvon; NOT 17 year old Trayvon. They continue to show the 5 year old picture BECAUSE it helps to cement in your mind the little, cute, hoodie wearing youngster who was stalked by this monster
In reality "little Trayvon" at the time of his death stood almost 6'2" tall and weighed 175 muscular pounds. He had numerous run ins with authorities (both at school and local police), had been stopped and almost arrested two days before his death for smacking a bus driver in the face, because the driver refused to let him ride for free. He was released because the driver was told not to press charges by the bus company and to continue on his route.

When "little Trayvon" was suspended at school it was not only because he tried to bring a little marijuana in with him, he was in possession of wedding rings and other jewelry, watches, etc. that he said he "found" along with a large screwdriver while on the way to school that day. The jewelry was turned over to the Police by the school.

I am not trying to say this was a good shooting. I am not trying to say this kid deserved to die. I am saying the media in the USA is controlled by liberals who twist and distort what you see and hear in order for you to see things their way.

Not a single paper has printed RECENT photos of this kid, because it would not keep your interest in this case. Not a single paper will admit that this kid was a marijuana dealer. His friends on Facebook all say he had the "best plants". Not a single paper will show you any of his recent photos where he shows off a mouthful of gold teeth and all of his tattoos. Not a single paper will tell the news like it really is....and NOT how they want you to think it is...

President Obama looked at the FIVE year old photo the media chose to show the Nation and said, "If I had a son...he would look like Trayvon." So from that comment should I assume you did not bother to look for the facts in this shooting..or should I assume you want a son who is a 17 year old drug dealing, gold teethed thug whose name on one of his facebook profiles was "wild nigga" who 'finds" jewelry and burglary tools on the way to school?

A fair and impartial news media in the USA ? One that does not follow the liberal agenda? Is NOT looking to further divide this already fractured Nation?
Never trust the news media for anything.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Last Six Seconds

On Nov 13, 2010, Lt General John Kelly, USMC, gave a speech to the Semper
Fi Society of St. Louis , MO. This was four days after his son, Lt Robert
Kelly USMC, was killed by an IED while on his 3rd Combat tour.

During his speech, General Kelly spoke about the dedication and valor of our
Young men and women who step forward each and every day to protect us.

He never mentioned the loss of his own son. He closed the speech with the
Moving account of the last six seconds in the lives of two young Marines who
Died with rifles blazing to protect their brother Marines.

"I will leave you with a story about the kind of people they are, about the
Quality of the steel in their backs, about the kind of dedication they bring
To our country while they serve in uniform and forever after as veterans.

Two years ago when I was the Commander of all U.S. And Iraqi forces, in
Fact, the 22nd of April 2008, two Marine infantry battalions, 1/9 "The
Walking Dead," and 2/8 were switching out in Ramadi.

One battalion in the closing days of their deployment going home very soon,
The other just starting its seven-month combat tour. Two Marines, Corporal
Jonathan Yale and Lance Corporal Jordan Haerter, 22 and 20 years old
Respectively, one from each battalion, were assuming the watch together at
The entrance gate of an outpost that contained a makeshift barracks housing
50 Marines.

The same broken down ramshackle building was also home to 100 Iraqi police,
Also my men and our allies in the fight against the terrorists in Ramadi, a
City until recently the most dangerous city on earth and owned by Al Qaeda.
Yale was a dirt poor mixed-race kid from Virginia with a wife and daughter,
And a mother and sister who lived with him and whom he supported as well.
He did this on a yearly salary of less than $23,000.

Haerter, on the other hand, was a middle class white kid from Long Island .
They were from two completely different worlds. Had they not joined the
Marines they would never have met each other, or understood that multiple
America 's exist simultaneously depending on one's race, education level,
Economic status, and where you might have been born.
But they were Marines, combat Marines, forged in the same crucible of Marine
Training, and because of this bond they were brothers as close, or closer,
Than if they were born of the same woman.

The mission orders they received from the sergeant squad leader I am sure
Went something like, "Okay you two clowns, stand this post and let no
Unauthorized personnel or vehicles pass. You clear?" I am also sure Yale
And Haerter then rolled their eyes and said in unison something like, "Yes
Sergeant," with just enough attitude that made the point without saying the
Words, "No kidding sweetheart, we know what we're doing." They then
Relieved two other Marines on watch and took up their post at the entry
Control point of Joint Security Station Nasser, in the Sophia section of
Ramadi, Al Anbar, Iraq ..

A few minutes later a large blue truck turned down the alley way - perhaps
60-70 yards in length, and sped its way through the serpentine of concrete
Jersey walls. The truck stopped just short of where the two were posted and
Detonated, killing them both catastrophically.

Twenty-four brick masonry houses were damaged or destroyed. A mosque 100
Yards away collapsed. The truck's engine came to rest two hundred yards
Away knocking most of a house down before it stopped. Our explosive experts
Reckoned the blast was made of 2,000 pounds of explosives. Two died, and
Because these two young infantrymen didn't have it in their DNA to run from
Danger, they saved 150 of their Iraqi and American brothers-in-arms.

When I read the situation report about the incident a few hours after it
Happened I called the regimental commander for details as something about
This struck me as different. Marines dying or being seriously wounded is
Commonplace in combat. We expect Marines regardless of rank or MOS to stand
Their ground and do their duty, and even die in the process, if that is what
The mission takes. But this just seemed different.

The regimental commander had just returned from the site and he agreed, but
Reported that there were no American witnesses to the event - just Iraqi
Police. I figured if there was any chance of finding out what actually
Happened and then to decorate the two Marines to acknowledge their bravery,
I'd have to do it as a combat award that requires two eye-witnesses and we
Figured the bureaucrats back in Washington would never buy Iraqi statements.
If it had any chance at all, it had to come under the signature of a general

I traveled to Ramadi the next day and spoke individually to a half-dozen
Iraqi police all of whom told the same story. The blue truck turned down
into the alley and immediately sped up as it made its way through the
serpentine. They all said, "We knew immediately what was going on as soon
as the two Marines began firing."

The Iraqi police then related that some of them also fired, and then to a
man, ran for safety just prior to the explosion. All survived. Many were
injured, some seriously. One of the Iraqis elaborated and with tears
welling up said, "They'd run like any normal man would to save his life."
"What he didn't know until then," he said, "And what he learned that very
instant, was that Marines are not normal." Choking past the emotion he
said, "Sir, in the name of God no sane man would have stood there and done
what they did." "No sane man." "They saved us all."

What we didn't know at the time, and only learned a couple of days later
after I wrote a summary and submitted both Yale and Haerter for posthumous
Navy Crosses, was that one of our security cameras, damaged initially in the
blast, recorded some of the suicide attack. It happened exactly as the
Iraqis had described it. It took exactly six seconds from when the truck
entered the alley until it detonated.

You can watch the last six seconds of their young lives. Putting myself in
their heads I supposed it took about a second for the two Marines to
separately come to the same conclusion about what was going on once the
truck came into their view at the far end of the alley. Exactly no time to
talk it over, or call the sergeant to ask what they should do. Only enough
time to take half an instant and think about what the sergeant told them to
do only a few minutes before, "Let no unauthorized personnel or vehicles
pass." The two Marines had about five seconds left to live.

It took maybe another two seconds for them to present their weapons, take
aim, and open up. By this time the truck was half-way through the barriers
and gaining speed the whole time. Here, the recording shows a number of
Iraqi police, some of whom had fired their AKs, now scattering like the
normal and rational men they were - some running right past the Marines.
They had three seconds left to live.

For about two seconds more, the recording shows the Marines' weapons firing
non-stop the truck's windshield exploding into shards of glass as their
rounds take it apart and tore in to the body of the ( I deleted) who is
trying to get past them to kill their brothers - American and Iraqi-bedded
down in the barracks totally unaware of the fact that their lives at that
moment depended entirely on two Marines standing their ground.

If they had been aware, they would have known they were safe because two
Marines stood between them and a crazed suicide bomber. The recording shows
the truck careening to a stop immediately in front of the two Marines. In
all of the instantaneous violence Yale and Haerter never hesitated. By all
reports and by the recording, they never stepped back. They never even
started to step aside. They never even shifted their weight. With their
feet spread shoulder width apart, they leaned into the danger, firing as
fast as they could work their weapons. They had only one second left to

The truck explodes. The camera goes blank. Two young men go to their God.
Six seconds. Not enough time to think about their families, their country,
their flag, or about their lives or their deaths, but more than enough time
for two very brave young men to do their duty into eternity. That is the
kind of people who are on watch all over the world tonight - for you.

We Marines believe that God gave America the greatest gift he could bestow
to man while he lived on this earth - freedom. We also believe he gave us
another gift nearly as precious - our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Coast
Guardsmen, and Marines - to safeguard that gift and guarantee no force on
this earth can ever steal it away.

It has been my distinct honor to have been with you here today. Rest
assured our America , this experiment in democracy started over two
centuries ago, will forever remain the "land of the free and home of the
brave" so long as we never run out of tough young Americans who are willing
to look beyond their own self-interest and comfortable lives, and go into
the darkest and most dangerous places on earth to hunt down, and kill, those
who would do us harm.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Guns of Obamerica

Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog
Forget Wal-Mart and skip your local gun show. The murderers of tomorrow will not be found wearing orange vests at your local sporting goods store. They won't have NRA memberships or trophies on their walls.

You won't find them in America. Look for them in Obamerica.

67% of firearm murders took place in the country's 50 largest metro areas. The 62 cities in those metro areas have a firearm murder rate of 9.7, more than twice the national average. Among teenagers the firearm murder rate is 14.6 or almost three times the national average. Those numbers are from six years ago. They have grown worse since.

Those are the crowded cities of Obamerica. The places with the most restrictive gun control laws and the highest crime rates. These are the places where the family is broken, money comes from the government and immigrants crowd in from some of the most violent parts of the world bringing with them their own organized crime. These are also the places that have run by Democrats and their political machines for almost as long as they have been broken.

Read More.........

List of Sheriffs

After a recent meeting with our county Sheriff, attendees were not sure where our elected law enforcement stood on new gun control efforts by Obama and the left. Even though he clearly stated he would not confiscate any guns from law-abiding citizens he also clearly stated he does not make law or decide which ones to enforce. When asked if he would enforce a new law that violates the US Constitution he reverted to politician speak. I sent him the following news stories as he seemed to be uninformed of any other Sheriffs who have made clear their stand. The below mentioned Sheriffs follow and defend the Constitution in its present form. Any further attempts to change the present definition of the Second Amendment or amend it will be met with defiance. We will see how or if our Sheriff responds. We asked him to present our concerns to the NC Sheriff's Association and see if they would be willing to follow these patriot Sheriffs.

Utah Sheriffs Warn President They Won't Back Gun Laws
By Christine McCarthy
(KUTV) In a letter addressed to The Honorable Barack Obama, 28 Utah sheriffs express their sorrow for recent mass shootings but say they will not enforce what they referred to as unconstitutional gun laws the president called for on Wednesday.


Sheriffs have risen up all over our great nation to stand up against the unconstitutional gun control measures being taken.

The following is a list of sheriffs and state sheriff’s associations from who have vowed to uphold and defend the Constitution against Obama’s unlawful gun control measures. I applaud these public servants for their courage and conviction.

I would encourage other Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers to add their voices to the growing numbers of faithful protectors of our freedom.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

5 hurt in shootings at Ohio, Indiana, and NC gun shows

I have never heard of even one shooting at a gun show before today much less three at different shows on one day. Is there some connection to this and the left's renewed effort to ban guns? We are all aware they are not above creating events to try to further their cause or taking an event like the Sandy Hook tragedy or the Martin/Zimmerman event and distorting facts to fit their cause. So how is it that law-abiding gun owners managed to have accidental shootings in three separate states on the same day? Makes a fine case for further gun-control at gun shows just days after the POTUS announced that is what we needed.


MEDINA, Ohio —
Accidental shootings at gun shows in North Carolina, Indiana and Ohio left five people injured Saturday.

At the Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh, a 12-gauge shotgun discharged as its owner unzipped its case for a law enforcement officer to check at a security entrance, injuring three people, state Agriculture Department spokesman Brian Long said.

Two bystanders were hit by shotgun pellets and taken to a hospital. A retired deputy sheriff suffered a slight hand injury.

The shotgun's owner, 36-year-old Gary Lynn Wilson, brought the weapon to the show to find a private buyer, Long said. Sheriff Donnie Harrison said that it was too early to know whether Wilson might be charged but that it appeared to be an accident.

The North Carolina show, which is held at the state fairgrounds, is a quarterly event that usually draws thousands of people. The two-day show shut down early Saturday but will reopen Sunday.

In Indianapolis, police said a 54-year-old man was injured when he accidentally shot himself while leaving a gun show.

Emory L. Cozee was loading his .45 caliber semi-automatic when he shot himself in the hand as he was leaving the Indy 1500 Gun and Knife show at the state fairgrounds, state police said. Loaded personal weapons aren't allowed inside the show.

Cozee, of Indianapolis, was hospitalized for treatment. Police say the shooting was accidental and no charges will be filed.

And in Ohio, a gun dealer in Medina was checking out a semi-automatic handgun he had bought Saturday when he accidentally pulled the trigger, injuring his friend, police said. The gun's magazine had been removed from the firearm, but one round remained in the chamber, police said.

Police Chief Pat Berarducci said it appears the bullet ricocheted off the floor and struck the friend in the arm and leg. The man was taken by helicopter to a hospital 30 miles north in Cleveland, Berarducci said. His condition wasn't immediately known.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Civil War Two

"History is littered with wars which everybody knew would never happen."—EnochPowell, Member of the British Parliament
America was born in blood. America suckled on blood. America gorged on blood and grew into a giant, and America will drown in blood. This is the specter that is haunting America,the specter of Civil War II, a second civil war that will shatter America into several new ethnically-based nations. Many will denounce this truth as racist and as a call to violence.It is neither. Rather, it is the result of an objective examination of the historic, demographic,political, economic, and military developments that are relentlessly propelling America towards a second civil war. Simply and directly put, America will explode in tribal warfare in our lifetime and shatter into several new ethnically-based nations. And as America breaks up the very concept of multi-ethnic democracy will likewise be forever shattered. Artillery will blast our cities to flaming wastelands infested with psychotic snipers. Packs of feral dogs will tear at charred corpses hanging out of burnt-out tanks. Long columns of doomed refugees will clog our highways. Bands of guerrillas will stalk about the countryside—raping, looting, murdering, clashing with each other. Food production will all but cease.The hungry will fight to the death over scraps of garbage. Millions will starve, and millions more will die from infectious diseases. Behold the vision of Civil War II

Read the entire book free on pdf here.......

A draft letter for your Pastor

Preacher's Pulpit, Norway

Posted by Alvie D. Zane at 1/18/2013 06:48:00 PM

"When do you intend to declare where you stand on this gun grab issue?

The simple fact is that those people in Washington intend to take away firearms from every American. Regardless of which path they choose, it’s a declaration of war against America by this Government.

You have firearms owners within this congregation. Lots of them. You have law enforcement in this congregation.

If this whole thing proceeds forward, then everyone will have to choose where they stand. Those who wear a badge will have to choose whether to honor their oaths or obey their orders. People like me will have to decide when, where, and against whom we fight and whether to play defense or go on offense.

As the pastor you have the unenviable task of being the undershepherd to this church and delivering God’s word. You have to take a stand and speak what you think is true and right whether anyone supports you or not. But as the leader, you do not have the luxury to just wait and see.

We are headed towards a showdown about restrictions on government and the rights of the people. About who’s in charge and who is the servant. About whether government is our servant or our master. About whether we’re citizens or subjects. And these are truly talking irreconcilable viewpoints here. There is no middle ground where we should be compelled to accept partial slavery here. There is no middle ground where we should be compelled to accept a little more tyranny. If there were, then we should all be British subjects and the founders would have all swung from the gallows."

Read more........

Sheriffs, state lawmakers push back on gun control

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) -- From Oregon to Mississippi, President Barack Obama's proposed ban on new assault weapons and large-capacity magazines struck a nerve among rural lawmen and lawmakers, many of whom vowed to ignore any restrictions -- and even try to stop federal officials from enforcing gun policy in their jurisdictions.

"A lot of sheriffs are now standing up and saying, 'Follow the Constitution,'" said Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, whose territory covers the timbered mountains of southwestern Oregon.

But their actual powers to defy federal law are limited. And much of the impassioned rhetoric amounts to political posturing until -- and if -- Congress acts.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, said recently it's unlikely an assault weapons ban would actually pass the House of Representatives. Absent action by Congress, all that remains are 23 executive orders Obama announced that apply only to the federal government, not local or state law enforcement.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Disarming Americans, Arming Terrorists

"While the White House was busy drafting proposals to ban assault rifles, the last of the regulations imposed on Saudi travel to the United States after September 11 were being taken apart. While some government officials were busy planning how to disarm Americans, other officials were negotiating the transfer of F-16s and Abrams tanks to Muslim Brotherhood-run Egypt.

Obama is unwilling to trust Americans with an AR-15, but is willing to trust a genocidal terrorist group with Abrams tanks and F-16 jets. The F-16’s M61 Vulcan cannon can fire 6,000 rounds a minute and the 146 lb warhead of its HARM missiles can do a lot more than put a few dents in a brick wall. The Abrams’ 120 mm cannon can penetrate 26 inches of steel armor making it a good deal more formidable than even the wildest fantasies of San Francisco liberals about the capabilities of a so-called “assault rifle.”

While Obama has not been willing to respect the Constitution of the United States and its Bill of Rights, he was willing to arm a terrorist group whose motto is, “The Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, Jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal.” If a High School student wrote that on his Facebook page, he would be in police custody within the hour, but an international organization and national government that trades in such rhetoric gets devastating firepower from our government… free of charge."

Terrorists offer U.S. hostages for blind sheik

I find this interesting. This is the follow-on to Behghazi which was supposed to be Obama's October surprise but it went awry. So now they have to repeat a similar event.
Who are they helping to get reelected now? Answer: Nobody so I guess this group didn't get the memo that Obama doesn't need anymore help stealing an election.

(FOX NEWS) The Associated Press is reporting that one American has died in the Algerian hostage standoff.

The State Department confirmed Friday there are still American hostages being held at a gas plant in Algeria – but asked about a report that the Al Qaeda-linked group wants to trade hostages for terror figures jailed in the United States, spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said: “The United States does not negotiate with terrorists.”

A Mauritanian news site that often reports news from North African extremists received a statement Friday about the Al Qaeda-linked group offering to trade two Americans being held for two terror figures jailed in the United States. One of the two, Omar Abdel Rahman, masterminded the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.


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ALGIERS/IN AMENAS, Algeria (Reuters) - More than 20 foreigners were still either being held hostage or missing inside a gas plant on Friday after Algerian forces stormed the desert complex to free hundreds of captives taken by Islamist militants.
More than a day after the Algerian army launched an assault to seize the remote desert compound, much was still unclear about the number and fate of the victims, leaving countries with citizens in harm's way struggling to find hard information.
Reports on the number of hostages killed ranged from 12 to 30, with anywhere from dozens to scores of foreigners still unaccounted for.

A Time To Kill

Found this over at a fellow patriots blog. While the words echo what all of us feel, it is the comments that carry the full message. To all the three letter agencies who monitor us; Sir, you are stirring up a hornets nest. As TL said it best; "Before you ask how many I am willing to kill to preserve my liberty, tell me how many you are willing to kill to take it."

"I am a soldier. I know what war looks like, what it sounds like, smells like, what it feels like in my soul.

I stand today in the twilight of my nation’s grace, looking into the darkness of impending war.

My sleep is troubled, knowing what awaits, yet the ignorant and the ‘true believers’ sleep easily in their delusions, and I am saddened by it.

Daily, I see the Blackhawk and Apache helicopters flying over my city, the military vehicles which appear so frequently now on our roads, often with ‘guns up’ in violation of Posse Comitatus, and I know why they prepare, that it is not far off.

Nightly I hear the report of gunfire near my home, the noise angry men make as they prepare to boil over. These are not soldiers – they are but angry men. And though I share their well-justified anger, I am cautious with them, for they are not disciplined, and they know not the face of war, nor the burdens it imposes upon mind, body, and soul. Because of this, they are dangerous, and I am saddened by this – that dangerous men should roam the streets near my home, full of anger and the lust for vengeance."
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