Monday, January 14, 2013

Americans never give up your guns, Pravda. RU

"There are conversations taking place all over America. They are not being screamed from the mountain tops, they are being whispered from one end of the nation to the other.

The Marxists have decided that Sandy Hook Elementary is a good enough reason to go ahead with the gun confiscation model used by totalitarian governments the world over."

In his recent post "Deadly Quiet Conversations, a fellow blogger and patriot, T.L.Davis talks about what is happening in every corner of America and from people on both sides of the issue. Its hard to imagine how anyone with reason and intellect can be speaking out for further gun-control but they are, in droves. Just shows how many brain-dead koolaid-drinkers there are these days. It also shows just how far the Cold War Stalinist have come in their quest to destroy America.
The Russian government's main media and propaganda arm has been busy publishing articles that seem to encourage and support American's Second Amendment rights and other issues which are the main concerns of conservative patriotic Americans. Its as if they want to see our Constitutional Republic maintained and triumph over the left's hidden agenda in America which has been attacking and undermining us from within for over 60 years. Here are some of their most recent provocateur articles to illustrate what I mean,
"To the public, the Communist Party USA tries to appear moderate, and even occasionally at odds with Obama and the Democrats. In reality the Communists and Democrats are working hand in glove, mainly through the Congressional Progressive Caucus." From Trevor Loudon......
Barack Obama and the Communist Party...........

If I didn't know better, I would think these articles were written by an American patriot blogger like myself, TL, Mosby, Blue, Brock, Dave or a hundred others.
Obviously I had to ask myself, why would the Russians suddenly be supportive of American Constitutional rights when they have actively tried to destroy them since World War 2? If this current conflagration in the US turns into wet work, are they going to come to our rescue if needed and help us restore America? Who benefits the most if that happens? The answer is equally obvious, they do. They win no matter how it turns out. Of course, they win the most if the left in America wins but they also gain simply because if America goes to war with itself, our influence overseas is diminished during and for awhile afterward. Maybe enough to give them a permanent advantage in their struggle for world dominance. Kruschev said it in the 1950s;
"Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you!"
The Cold War did not end with the fall of the Berlin wall as so many assume. It simply shifted tactics and locations and now it is here, in our homes, schools,churches, media, business and government. The Socialist of the world are truly poised to dominate the entire world, if only they can disable the Main Enemy.

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