Monday, January 7, 2013

Foreign Policy Schizophrenia

Obama senior lawyer says "military pursuit of al-Qaida" should end soon

Because, you see, they are so severely damaged that we will soon reach a "tipping point" after which military action against them will no longer be necessary, and local police can handle it. This astounding manifestation of an overconfidence of Baghdad Bob proportions, or else of a capitulation attempting to disguise itself as a victory, comes from November 30, but has not been widely reported. It is bitterly ironic coming at a time when al-Qaeda is "carving out its own state" in Mali, is operating with apparent impunity in Libya, and its friends and allies the Taliban are on the offense in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Viewed alongside the Obama Administration's unstinting support for the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt and support for jihadist rebels elsewhere, along with its active work to further the agenda of Islamic supremacist Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S., this raises questions about whether Obama is preparing to abandon the last elements of any U.S. resistance to jihad in any form.
Remember how the war was not against Islam, as both Bush and Obama have repeatedly insisted since 2001, but against al-Qaeda, as Obama has characterized it in increasingly narrow terms? Soon, apparently, the U.S. won't even be fighting that.
"US heading for point when 'military pursuit of al-Qaida should end,'" by Nick Hopkins in The Guardian, November 30, 2012 (thanks to David Selbourne):

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