Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Never Again

Excellent discussion at Liberty Hollow on why we believe what we believe titled The Calculus of Genocide.

"This is where the insidious evil of registration comes in. The present Feinstein bill, if passed, will ignite an extremely bloody civil war which would likely end with the Constitutionalists winning the day, and the Marxists losing most if not all of the 'progress' that they have made during the last 100 years. Rather than start a fight that they know they are probably going to lose, it appears that the approach may be to try to establish 'back-door' registration of both guns and owners by requiring universal background checks for ALL sales of firearms, including all private sales.

The honeyed voice of the tyrant will ask "Well, what is wrong with that? Do we want deranged individuals buying weapons from 'private dealers?' Why won't you people be reasonable?"

The answer is simple- "NO! We have tolerated too many infringements already. It is utterly unreasonable for you to ask me to surrender any more of my rights because of the utterly predictable result of your insane policy of disarming the victims." What is wrong with this completely unreasonable idea is that criminals will not obey the law, and those who we most wish to disarm will not be disarmed. The insanity of expecting the deranged or the criminal to play by the rules has been repeatedly demonstrated, and the dangers of allowing the government to know who has the guns has as well."

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