Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Murderer's Honor

For over ten years while living and working in muslim countries, I puzzled over the observed fact that for the most part Arabs had no work-ethic, did not produce anything themselves unless they were so poor they had to and only enjoyed trying to tell others what to do. There was a standing joke that a sociologist came there to study this and he did so by asking a Frenchman a German and a Saudi whether sex was fun or work. The responce; French= "Oui Monsieur, it is always fun", German= "Vell zer is some fun and zer is some vork to it", Saudi= after long thought, "Fun it is definitely fun, if it was work I would have my houseboy or gardener do it."
The Sultan writes an excellent article that explains all this.

The story of Islam is a murder mystery. It's not the kind of murder mystery where you wonder who did it, but when it will end. The detective peering with his magnifying glass at a scrap of fiber left behind on the carpet or a curly piece of hair caught in the door isn't really trying to sort out who did it. He knows who did it. The great mystery that consumes him is how to make the killer stop.

This isn't a story about right and wrong. Right and wrong aren't serious propositions in the arid deserts where the murderer comes from. Right is power. Wrong is not having power. A man is right because he has power. A woman is wrong because she doesn't. A Muslim is right because he has power. A Christian is wrong because he doesn't.

When a woman has power and a man doesn't, then the man has been dishonored. When a Christian has power and a Muslim doesn't, then the Muslim has been dishonored. There is only one answer for dishonor, death. Kill the one who has dishonored you so that you can feel powerful again. The men with the magnifying glasses will call it extremism, but it's much simpler and much more complicated than that.
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