Sunday, January 27, 2013

Violent People in America


To soap-box about "the need for more" gun-control, as do Piers Morgan, Dianne Feinstein, Barack Obama, Andrew Cuomo, and other willfully deceptive well-known persons, is an act to further divide an already fractious America.
When they feel they have enough public support,(democtatic rule=tyranny of the majority), they will move to begin mandatory registration and eventual confiscation of firearms from law-abiding citizens, as they already have in the State of New York and other bastions of leftist liberalism.
These same people have already made it impossible to control the violent impulses of insane people and ensure that society as a whole is insulated from these horrific and tragic acts. If one teacher had been legally armed in Sandy Hook, 20 children's lives could have been saved. Add up the number of innocent people who have been slaughtered by mentally deranged people over the past two deades. What number did you arrive at?
I can give the numbers but you need to investigate it before you will believe it. To willfully deceive people is the definition of a liar and to knowingly cause great bodily harm is the definition of a felon. In North Carolina, intentionally causing great bodily harm or death is justification for the use of deadly force.
I will leave it to my readers to decide how we as a society should deal with people who knowingly cause death and great bodily harm.
The people who are clamoring for gun control are making it impossible for the average law-abiding citizen to defend themselves and their loved ones when some 18-year-old on Ritalin or Trazodone confronts them violently. Here is a quick primer on the antisocial personality so that you can educate yourself and may be able to spot the kind of persons who are committing these crimes before they have a chance to harm you.
What our government and elected officials need to be doing is investigating why nearly all the mass homicides, and a good percentage of single homicides, are tied to perpetrators using psychiatric medications.
Instead, the course they chose is to ignore the cause of all this bloodshed and human misery and compound and exacerbate the situation by focusing on the gun itself as the problem.
There are other causes that contribute to the current surge in gun violence other than crazed kids on Ritalin, like extreme violence prevalent in movies and video games, which brainwash certain susceptible personality types, but I won't go into that until the biggest problem is dealt with first.
Stop it with "The guns are the problem" you idiots (and you know who you are). Guns can't do a damn thing except what the person holding the guns makes them do.

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