Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weimar: Destined for Failure by a Weak Constitution and Poor Popular Support?

The more I learn about Weimar Germany, the more I am astounded by the similarity with our current government. Its like Obama took the best tactics he could find from Alinsky,Stalin and Hitler to use today. That would make him or whoever is calling the shots a tactical genius. All the current chatter about new gun control laws is no more than a distractor to get his real agenda item in I bet.
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"A thread that runs throughout many analyses of the legacy of theWeimar Republic contains the idea that the fledgling German democracy was somehow doomed from the start. With a constitution that contained items such as Article 48 – a constitutional provision that permitted the Weimar President to rule by decree without the consent of the Reichstag – and a clause that allowed the Reichskanzler to assume office in the event of the death of the President, there were certainly structural inadequacies that, in hindsight, may not have been the wisest choices by the framers of the Weimar Constitution. Craig took aim at the consttutional inclusion of proportional representation (Verhältniswahlrecht) in elections to the Reichstag, arguing that the resultant plethora of German political parties “made for an inherent instability that manifested itself in what appeared to the bemused spectator to be a continuous game of musical chairs” in the near-constant shuffling of Weimar coalitions and ministries. Eyck described the enormous number of political parties under proportional representation as “these many cooks [who] brought forth a broth which was neither consistent nor clear.” Mommsen, however, disagreed that proportional representation was a root cause of Weimar political instability, calling Verhältniswahlrecht “at most a symptom” of the problems, and adding that the “reluctance to assume political responsibility” by Weimar political parties was the source of instability."

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  1. This is awesome that you're taking the time to learn about Weimar.

    One can hardly understand Hitler and NS properly, in context, without starting with Weimar, if not earlier in the late 1800s.