Monday, February 4, 2013

Game On

I’m looking for a retiring SF COL who is ok with overseas work.

I’ve a potential opportunity that is pending for several SOF SME/FID Experts. In addition we are looking for a basic six /split team ODA team /ODA of several hard charging, hard working SOF Green Beret’s.

Specifically looking for 18A/18Z/18F/180A and or 18B/18C/18D/18E team guys preferably, senior retired with Strong Leadership, recently retired SF SFARTAEC/OTC a plus.

Must have supportive resume, SOF experience for OCONUS deployment to a 9 month-12 month gig with deployment to Middle East region and IS NOT OEF or OIF and not really hostile. Task is to develop, manage, and execute SOF FID training opportunity. Please forward References sheet of three contacts that can be reached for additional information and vetting. SOF background references recommended.
Pay is competitive
"You can't take it with you". When it's time to take the long dirt nap, all you leave with is your honor,integrity, and valued relationships. Everything else is minor."

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  1. I'll post this unless there is some reason I shouldn't. I assume this is for a friend of yours?