Friday, February 8, 2013

How Much Will You Accept?

Any one of these egregious abuses of power is about one hundred times more criminal than Watergate or Monicagate. My question is, when will the "people" do something about this criminal activity by a rogue regime? Are you going to wait until they start loading people on the trains? Or are you hoping that if you push enough people in front of you the Troll will wait to eat you last? Which one of the next rights as a citizen your ancestors fought and died for will they have to take before you say enough is enough? The following is only a partial list of illegal corrupt activity known, yet even the Conservative legislators do not seem outraged by this.

Operation 'Fast and Furious'

A Federal Government program smuggling weapons to the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel, these "Fast and Furious" weapons have been responsible for thousands of Mexican citizen's deaths, "Fast and Furious" weapons were found at the murder scenes of two Federal Agents, and "Fast and Furious" weapons have been found at crime scenes throughout Mexico and the south western U.S.

Not only was the government illegally smuggling weapons to the Cartels, they attempted to use the weapons found in Mexico, weapons that THEY HAD SENT THERE, to try and undercut the Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment by crying about the "river of guns" going to Mexico and the need to control these illicit weapons.

To date NOT ONE Government Official has been identified and/or held responsible.

It is a documented fact that Obama, the State Dept, the DOJ (including the ATF hierarchy), the FBI, the CIA, and the DEA were ALL aware of this unconstitutional and illegal "operation".

The cover-up is extensive and DOCUMENTED.

The Benghazi Attack

This attack resulted in the direct deaths of four Americans and the deaths of other "support" forces. These Americans were left to die on a foreign battlefield... "Left To Die" ...Let that sink in a minute, many of you served and you know the code we lived by, leave no one behind. Yet these men were abandoned and left to die, again it is a documented fact that Obama, the State Dept, the CIA, and the DoD were all aware of the calls for support.

There were assets in the area that could have assisted these men, there were TWO Drones feeding the attack in real time to the State Dept, the NSA, the DoD, and the White House Situation Room. It has been reported many times by many individuals that Obama, watched the attack in real time. The attack lasted for EIGHT HOURS, yet no support was sent.

To date NOT ONE Government Official has been identified and/or held responsible, for these deaths, NOT ONE.

Again, the cover-up is extensive and DOCUMENTED.

The Green Loans

Obama sent BILLIONS in "assistance" or loans to Solar and other "Green" companies, many of these companies filed for bankruptcy almost immediately afterwards and emptied BILLIONS in taxpayer funds from the government coffers, while their executives pulled in MILLIONS in "retirement" and severance packages.

It has been shown that there was collusion between government officials, government regulators and these businesses. Funds were funneled to these companies and re funneled to various political campaigns.

BILLIONS were lost and to date NOT ONE Government Official has been identified and/or held responsible for this money laundering operation.

Again, the cover-up is extensive and DOCUMENTED

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  1. With all due respect, Sir, you appear to be stuck in some sort of left vs. right paradigm time warp. Right off the bat you state "yet even the Conservative legislators do not seem outraged by this." I have met you in person, Sir, and I do not believe you to be an unintelligent man, if fact quite to the contrary. However, until you come to the realization that it is no longer "left vs. right" or "liberal vs. conservative" but instead "Pure Evil vs. Good", you will continue to waste your precious time and effort when it could be used much better elsewhere. What's that saying? "Physician, heal thyself".

    Any information on a good TC3 type class available anywhere in the Carolinas coming up soon?

    Alan S. Pedersen
    Fort Mill, SC

  2. I completely agree with you Mr. Petersen. Most of us seem to think the only way to do business is through the old two-party system. The Tea Party which was a viable third party,
    once the GOP got a temporary boost from them, is now being systematically marginalized by the GOP because they have no intention of enacting the mandates we gave them. I guess we will have few choices left soon.
    I am working on putting together a local "civilian only" TCCC here in Wake County. Not sure
    if the group leader will allow persons outside their group to attend but will let you know if so.
    I plan to do a one day course at the next PATCON. This will give the basic skills but will not leave much time for sharpening. If you can get a training area secured and at least ten people together I may be able to do one in your area.