Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Evading Asset Capture
New blog I found that will contain some great information for like minded people, enjoy.

Welcome to New Rhodesia Dispatch. We are pro-liberty, pro-markets, pro-freedom, and pro- the Constitution as it stood in 1913. We’re anti Wickard and anti-Feinstein. We’re Christian.

You’re welcome to email me at John DeWitt was a Massachusetts Anti-Federalist, and you can learn more about him here.

Let’s address a few preliminary issues: I do not and this site will not support racism. Like James Wesley, Rawles and others say, good people and bad people come in all colors. It is true that support for collectivism is higher among some ethnic groups than others, and NRD is not going to shy away from being objective, realistic, and truthful. But we are anti-socialist, anti-collectivist, and anti-entitlement, not anti- any particular demographic. The battle is with ideas, not groups. If people want to break free of their group’s general pro-collectvist stance, they’re welcome at NRD.

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  1. Im afraid that being objective, realistic and truthful is gonna make you "racist", ah, "way-ciss" I mean...