Monday, February 4, 2013


To patriots who are discouraged about the lack of public outrage and the general population's response to recent abuses by the current regime, this is heartening.
President Reagan's "silent majority" has not been heard from yet. The elitist progressive rulers will face their day in court, rest assured.

"The poll, conducted from Jan. 9th-13th among 1,500 adults, found that 53% of those surveyed think the federal government threatens their own personal rights and freedoms, the highest level found since Pew began polling on this subject in 1995. This outcome also represents the first time since Pew began polling that a majority of Americans saw the government as a threat. In March of 2010, 47% of those polled said that they viewed government as a threat to freedom.
The latest Pew survey also included questions about gun laws. Not surprisingly, given the current national controversy about gun control and Second Amendment rights, 62% of gun owners believe that the federal government poses a fundamental threat to their constitutional rights and freedom.
In addition, the survey found that, over the past two years, the percentage of conservative Republicans who view the government as a threat to freedom has jumped from 62% to 76%. 54% of conservatives consider government to be a “major threat” to their constitutional rights.
Also not surprising are the views of liberal Democrats, as expressed through the Pew poll. During President George W. Bush’s second term, 44% of liberal Democrats said they were “angry” at the federal government, yet in the latest survey, that number has dropped to 8%."
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  1. I don't want them to have their day in court...
    I personally want them all dead, rotting in the streets, heads on pikes as a warning. This has been coming for over 30 years, and we conservatives have observed the "rules" the whole time, while we've allowed THEM to define the playing field, the terms, the debates, the laws, the punishments (applied, oddly enough, to US, not to the criminal class - DESPITE the clear wording of laws. White guy, first offense - HE goes to the hanging judge. "Nigger of color" (Person of color) goes to the liberal judge, who says, "Hey, Jim, back again? Robbed another 7-11? OK, we'll make it a week in prison this time, and see if you learned your lesson." And yes, I've become "racist" at this point, but being white, working with minorities, living amongst blacks and hispanics... You learn a few things. And now, even the public administration acknowledges the problem, given they're "relaxing" standards for black students - while increasing them for whites and asians. So, black Joe can't read or write, he gets a diploma, while white Mary Sue and asian Chun So fail because they didn't pass Differential Equations. If we aren't pissed off, it's because we're not paying attention.)