Monday, February 4, 2013

Tough Targets

Research by the Cato Institute gives the real data on gun use by law-abiding citizens. I encourage all readers who wish to know the reality of what a disarmed America would look like to read this report. Arm yourself with the facts.

"News organizations generally report incidents in which criminals used guns to
perpetrate their crimes. What typically goes
unreported are instances in which ordinary
citizens use guns to put a stop to criminal
attacks. To be sure, if a criminal is actually
shot, the incident may very well be covered,
but the vast majority of the defensive uses
of guns do not involve shootings. Fearing
for their lives, most criminals flee the scene
once they realize that their intended target
is an armed citizen. With no shots, no injuries, and no suspect in custody, news organizations typically do not report such incidents, or there is only a terse paragraph in the newspaper. In this milieu, where criminal gun use makes the evening news, but
self-defense cases get little or no coverage, it
is understandable why many people would
develop negative opinions concerning guns
and gun use."
Read Tough Targets.......

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