Friday, March 15, 2013

Israel’s Intelligence Chief: “Syrian Regime is Preparing to Use Chemical Weapons”

Maj. General Aviv Kochavi, Director, Israel's Military Intelligence. Photo: IDF

“Assad continues to assert his control Syria’s chemical weapons, air force, and military hardware. Assad is making advance preparations to use chemical weapons. He did not give the order yet, but preparing for it.”

Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, IDF Director of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Military Intelligence said today in his speech today, before 4000 attendees at the 13th annual Herzliya conference. In his presentation, Kochavi analyzed the impact of the changes in the Middle East and reviewed key threats to Israel’s security in 3 central arenas: Syria, Iran and the Palestinian Authority.

Kochavi discussed the rise of radical Islam in the Middle East, saying that “these Muslim Brotherhood movements work to promote their agenda of Sharia states, as well as to achieve more strategic goals and to strengthen their hold in the power, including in the Gaza strip and Turkey.”

Kochavi referred to Syria as a disintegrating state, and expressed his worry of the deterioration in governance and Syria’s ability to control its territories. While Assad is losing control of many parts of Syria, Kochavi said,

“The damages of the imminent fall of Syria are very high for both Iran and Hezbollah. Iran is losing a sole ally in the region surrounding Israel. It will lose the ability to transfer weaponry through Syria to Hezbollah.

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So my questions remain unanswered. If Obama et al are doing all they can to push Assad into a corner where he is likely to use chemical weapons and know this is likely to happen, doesn't that make him and others involved equally guilty of mass genocide when it happens?
What about the American so-called "jihadist" Eric Harroun from Arizona who is there now working along with Al-Queda and other Sharia government supporters? Why is he receiving full medical disability from the US Army and able to move in and out of the US at will ?

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  1. I don't doubt that they would not use them, but this is only one of many warnings which have so far been incorrect.