Monday, April 29, 2013

Oathkeepers and Anarchist

A few months ago when SEAL Chris Kyle was murdered, I was dismayed to read this article,, a so-called III%
patriot and the author supported the thesis and directed readers to this link,
When I denounced both writers and everyone associated with them as heretics and imbeciles
deserving of being shunned forever, that caused some hurt feeling among some of my associates. There are those in the liberty movement who are nothing but anarchist wanting to cause as much mayhem as possible. They sincerely want a hot war to start and they want to shoot police and military specifically. One wonders what kind of mindset it is that wants to kill the very people who risk their lives to protect you and others. I also wonder why instead of constantly denigrating our police and military,they do not try to enlist them to our cause and remind them of their solemn oath to "protect and defend' the Constitution? One organization doing this is Oathkeepers. Do any other patriot groups host free music concerts for troops and explain their oaths to them? Do any other patriot groups sponsor a NASCAR driver? Those of my acquaintance who want to have hurt feeling may fill out this form and submit it to the regime, I hope the anarchist among us are the first to die should we ever have a TSHTF situation in America.

"I recently watched the NRA 500 NASCAR race at Ft. Worth, Texas. The gun grabbing lobby went bonkers over NASCAR doing business with the NRA. Redcoat Traitor Connecticut Senator Murphy could not contain himself and wrote letters to the NASCAR track at Ft. Worth and to NASCAR."

Now Oath Keepers is sponsoring an individual race car - Jeffrey Earnhardt's Number 79 -
as an Oath Keepers car.

The Oath Keepers Liberty Military Base Tour was conceived for this purpose: to provide perspective and constitutional understanding to America’s troops through the vehicle of music. What this tour seeks to accomplish is to provide a clear picture to our troops of what their oath to defend the constitution really means, and to empower them to do so through peaceful means. Jordan Page is a champion of liberty and a prominent voice of the peace movement in America. He will be headlining this tour with his band at venues across the country in close proximity to military bases, in which troops and veterans will receive free admission in thanks for their service. Stewart Rhodes,former Army paratrooper and founder of Oath Keepers, will speak to the troops at each event and educate them about the dangers of the NDAA, Patriot Act, and many other dangerous legislative assaults on our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. We are currently in the fundraising and planning phase for the tour, and are seeking donations and sponsorships to help with operating costs so that we can plan successful events and offer these concerts to the troops at no cost to them. We are also trying to raise funds to make it possible to bring more pro-liberty bands to the roster. The first base tour concert date is planned to be near Ft Hood, TX.


  1. Sorry for the hard feelings. If anyone wants to give me an earfull, you know where to find me.


  2. Sultan Knish surmises my suspicion nicely. Did the patriot movement adopt the OWS crowd or just their tactics? Why didn't I get the memo if we are joining the left, comrade?

    "The left's honest response, the one that shows up on its Twitter feeds and in posts on its own sites, is that the country is overreacting. Some leftists will even be bold enough to say that we had it coming. But its public response is more discreet. It exploits the grief for its own ends, diverting shocked city residents into interfaith memorials, some of which are progressive enough to include denunciations of American foreign policy and vigils for the dead on both sides. "

  3. I tend to hold two distinctly different positions on .mil versus LEO - I give .mil the benefit of the doubt for Patriotism and age. That may not be entirely fair, but I know that and apply nuance when I see it.

    The average LEO enforces unconstitutional laws *every single shift* and he never outgrows that tendency.

    Am I wrong? And Nueremburg Rules apply - "Just doing my job" doesn't get any LEO off the hook by trying to put the blame on legislators.


  4. Yes they did and do. Have done so myself, out of ignorance. Once had a PD buddy who wrote a ticket to a motorist for "Operating a MV without proper footwear." just because he was pissed at the guy. It was upheld in court. Theres ignorance all around. We owe it to our fellow citizens who are police officers to help them become educated.
    Because when TSHTF, it will be Moscow Rules.

    1. Yes, education is the first step, and people can change once they understand what they are doing.

      Let us pray each and every LEO, soldier, and civilian becomes educated, then we will know who is truly evil at heart and not just ignorant, for there will be no excuses then.

  5. Sounds like the poster should fill out a Hurt Feelings Report. I get that, as ex-mil, you feel connected to this person and possibly knew him, but the larger point may be valid.

    The mil is burning billions of dollars over in the ME trying to turn a 7th century culture into 21st century liberal democrats while our southern border is being overrun.

    Our gov is funding and supporting listed terrorist organisations to topple [somewhat] friendly governments in Libya and Egypt.

    The Constitution is being violated every day. Where were the oath keepers in Boston, or did those searches conform to the 4th Ammendment?

    The days of automatically assuming the mil are patriots and heroes is coming to an end as the linked Bonnie Gadsden post says. I am not impressed by mil/LEO or Oathkeeper rhetoric any more than by the GOP's pretend conservatism, I need to see some action to take them seriously.

    I also think that a lot of you ex-mil/LEO are a bit too loyal to your fomer organisations and can't see just how bad their standards have become. Its just a job with sweet bennies for mosr soldiers, now.

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