Friday, May 24, 2013

Beware Who You Follow

I am posting this as a public service particularly for the patriot/liberty/restore-america readers.
A month or so ago a man named Adam Kokesh posted on the net he wanted to have a 1,000
man armed march on Washington DC. This caused some controversy among my associates, some
believing that forcing the media and government to hear us was a good thing. I immediately smelled
a rat and have been warning everyone to stay away from this man and anyone like this. Well Mr. Kokesh
has been outed as the leftist communist asshole he is. Let this be a warning to all, be very careful in
who you let tell you to pick up a gun and follow them. Before I will do that with anyone, you are going
to have to earn my trust and prove you will be leading from the front. And there better be a damn good
Go to Godlikeproductions
and you will learn all about Adam as well as see who the people who support him are. Make careful
note of similar types within your own area of operation.
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  1. I too smelled the proverbial rat, but maybe for different reasons. I couldn't see anybody on the "patriot" side doing anything so bold and in your face.