Friday, May 24, 2013

Eric Holder to investigate Eric Holder

OK this is amusing. Isnt Obama appointing Holder to investigate the DOJ to find out who gave the order
to seize phone records of 20 journalist reporting on a failed terror plot somewhat like giving a fox your
key to the hen house ? " Lets see, the Attorney General would have to approve that order and so I approved
it so that makes me guilty of malfeasance of office, so I did it. Case closed Mr. President."
And what did Obama mean when he said DOJ Director Gonzales was too much the President's
Attorney General and not enough the people's Attorney General ?  Oh I see he disapproved of him because
he and then President Bush had forgotten "the people" pay their salaries and are really in charge of them
not the other way around.


  1. Does this mean that the IRS is going to allow us to conduct our own audits on our returns and accept our findings as factual?

  2. I suppose it does, that is unless they just dismantle IRS and have a flat tax, say 15% no matter what you make. Nah, wouldn't work to crumble the economy. It would put all those IRS people out looking for a real job and generate too much business and revenue.
    So if you find yourself guilty of tax evasion, what punishment are you going to give yourself?
    " Would the defendant please rise?"
    " Son you lied to youself so hold yourself in contempt."
    " You also didnt pay yourself your fair-share of tax."
    " Therefore this court finds you innocent of every
    thing except refusing to have dinner with Rosie O'Donnel, any last words ?" "Mercy of the court, your honor."