Sunday, May 19, 2013

French Socialists Call Germany Selfish, German Social Democrats Suggest French Lazy


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A war of words has broken out in Europe between Francois Hollande's socialist party in France and the Christian Democrats led by Angela Merkel in Germany. The split between the two nations has become so bitter that some papers are suggesting the allies may be "heading for divorce."

 The spat began last week when the French socialists leaked a draft of a party policy paper which attacked the "selfish intransigence of Mrs Merkel." The 21 page paper argued that England and Germany were responsible for the problems in Europe and were pushing right-wing politics of "deregulation, deindustrialisation and disintegration."
Perhaps the most strident quote from the socialist paper reads "The [EU] community project is now scarred by an alliance of convenience between the Thatcherite accents of the current British prime minister – who sees Europe only as à la carte and about rebates – and the selfish intransigence of Chancellor Merkel who thinks of nothing else but the savings of depositors in Germany, the trade balance recorded in Berlin and her electoral future."
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  1. It's the "French way" that the Fascist in Chief, Obama is trying to instill in our society. Unfortunately, he's being pretty successful to date...