Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Has the White Man Gone Soft?

 H/T the Comanche Bad Eagle
Take it from a Comanche. Yes.
The United States military prides itself on its adherence to the Geneva Conventions of 1949. Comprising reactions to the atrocities of World War II, the Geneva Convention is the Allied declaration new standards of conduct in war.

From the Geneva Convention, 1949. It professed to be about protecting civilians from the ravages of war. It turned out to
be more of a globalist downsizing of national power.

It is a wonderful thing, to reflect on human behavior, and to raise the standards as high as possible. But, when the enemy is a demon, you might have to become Satan himself to defeat him. It’s been done. Dracul (“the dragon) did it, in the 15th century. Holy Roman Emperor Sigismond of Saxony created the Order of the Dragon to fight against the invading Muslim Turks. Dracula (“son of Dracul,” or Vlad Ţepeş) was renown for unknown cruelty in Eastern Europe, but he drove the Muslims back to Istanbul.
But what about the United States? In the history of the country’s corporate armed efforts, has the Order of the Dragon ever loomed in the ranks?
The answer is yes. Many people do not know it, but, during the 19th century, 1823 to be exact, the state of Texas created such a sinister force. Stephen F. Austin called them “The Texas Rangers.” It was strong law enforcement agency, and later became as ruthless as any “savage” they faced. Indeed, the reason they were formed was to fight against the Comanche–the most feared and dreaded human force on the southern plains.
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"The whole West needs to become like the Texas Rangers. If you want to defeat the enemy, you must annihilate him! Mercy is for the leftovers, not for the instigators. American enforcement never hesitated to encounter the Comanche. At least the Comanche knew when we were defeated. But why should the Muslims accept defeat, when they are allowed a free hand to destroy Americans? So why now whimper and whine about the terrible Muslims?
You insult me America. Every time. It is your lethal liberalism."


  1. Don't forget Jan III Sobieski and the Battle of Vienna 1683.

  2. Or Charles "The Hammer" Martel at Tours. No, he's not a pro wrestler.