Friday, May 10, 2013

Resistance is Persistence

The 9th Fluoride Fightin' Tuesday, May 7, 2013, found 4 speakers standing against the tyranny of Raleigh's local government. Greater Raleigh Resistance has vowed to fill the house and the Council's ears with the deafening roar of patriots demanding respect of their personal sovereignty. We are on our way!

While 8 were slated to speak, 4 were able to make it to the podium that night, but they were supported by over a dozen patriots (many of whom decided to continue the night of activism with some freedom-lovin' fellowship at nearby restaurant). All who came out, or were with us in spirit, are greatly appreciated. We need you!

May's speakers are in order of appearance below. The Raleigh City Council is visibly steaming about our continuing efforts to expose and end their tyranny. Resistance is Persistence and Greater Raleigh Resistance is turning up the HEAT!!!!

Cindy Clifton delivers a powerful and thought-provoking speech to a Raleigh City Council that emabarasses itself monthly with its disrespect towards the valid concerns of human beings in the capital city. Mrs. Clifton relates her personal story in an effort to encourage the council to understand that their water fluoridation policy has adverse health effects. Cindy is poised and eloquent when she calls on the Council to abandon its harmful policy immediately.

Marcus Hill delivers an extemporaneous and impassioned speech calling on the Raleigh City Council to abandon its tyranny and defend the Constitution by ending water fluoridation, abandoning UN Agenda21 governance, and passing a Resolution to Preserve and Defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of North Carolina. Raleigh City Councilor Colonel (ret.) Randall K. Stagner launched an impromptu, but failed, assault attempting to divert attention from the Council's lack of support for the Constitution and its blatant violation of Article I Section X. It is quite clear on which side of the principles inscribed in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution that our Raleigh City Council sits.

Katie Haberman calls on the Raleigh City Council to acknowledge the National Research Council's findings in 2006 that the EPA standards for fluoride in water were not satisfactory in preventing adverse health effects. Katie ably asserts her sovereignty and demands the Council acknowledge that she does not consent to being fluoridated. She reminds them that their policy does not trump law. Councilor John Odom meekly offer his acknowledgement. Perhaps the fact that doing something to someone without their consent is tyrannical will dawn on this Raleigh City Council in the near future.

Rocco Piserchia calls on Mayor Nancy McFarlane to explain and end her affiliation with the highly suspect group Mayors Against Illegal Guns (whatever that means). The tyranny knows no bounds, as our local leaders fluoridate the water against people's will and work to disarm law-abiding citizens. Criminals and criminals in government would have free reign over the people of Raleigh, but a stalwart Rocco Piserchia stands vehemently opposed.

There will be more Fluoride Fightin' Tuesday's to come, so fill out your Petition to Address the Raleigh City Council:

and join us on June 4, 2013.

Bring your voices, bring your cameras, and bring your love of liberty!

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