Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Day the Universe Changed

It has always amazed me what happened in our history. The Andalusian age of Islam was the repository of nearly all knowledge ever known to man.
They were the most advanced civilization on the planet, light-years ahead of all others and valued higher learning as much as their religion. While medieval Europe struggling through the Dark Ages made little progress dominated by an unyielding and narrow-vision of Christianity. During the clash of civilizations known as the Crusades, which is reoccurring again today, the cultures swapped directions. Islam was almost destroyed and its people returned to backward non-critical thinking while the knowledge the European's learned gave birth to the Age of Enlightenment. Its like the energy transferred when they collided carried with it an electric jolt of knowledge. Sort of like God or Allah said, "You people do not need this anymore so I will give it to these people who do."
Or maybe God saying "If you insist on worshiping this false prophet Mohammed, I will remove my blessing from you, children of Ismael."
I wonder what he will decide about modern America for abandoning Christianity for Communism?
H/T to Borepatch for the vid


  1. Wrong.

    The Muslims overran what had been Greek (the remnants of Greek and Eastern Roman) civilization. They learned from the vast knowledge of the western world and called it their own. The Muslims have given us nothing Sua Sponte, except be-headings and a maniacal/nihilistic political political system called a religion.

  2. All due respect sir, but you should read up on the Andalusian Age. They preserved and used Greek and Roman knowledge for us as well as imported text from the Orient, while we were mired in medieval misery. The greatest libraries in the world were in Cordoba and Alexandria. During that time they developed algebra and expanded the Roman architectural knowledge. No intelligent person, even Muslim, will deny that Islam and Muslims as a culture and religion hasve sunk into their own dark ages. Our Crusade's are a fascinating period to study and my thesis question remains unanswered, "Why did the knowledge the knights brought back from the Crusades reignited civilization in Europe and Islam sunk into intellectual and civil decline to reach the state it is today ?"
    Begin here...........

  3. I will give you that moorish Spain was more liberal than the rest of Islam at that time, but I disagree with "mired in medieval misery". During the middle ages western Europe decentralized and went to a more agrarian model following the collapse of Rome, but its hard to call the great buildings and works of art and literature "medieval misery".

    The library at Alexandria, if it wasn't burned by the muslims, was burned before they arrived.

    The crusades were an attempt to prevent the fall of and later to retake the Holy Lands from muslims mostly by the western empire. Of course, the sacking of Constantinople in the 4th crusade was the final straw of the Great Schism.
    As for the re-ignition of western civilization, after the break up of Rome, a period of reorganizing was necessary before rebuilding could occur. While Islam sunk to its normal cultural level after the momentum of conquest passed and new technologies and thought were repressed. And the Spanish Reconquista ended Al-Andulus.