Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Police are Running

 H/T The Gates of Vienna

As you watch this I want you to ponder what it means to your community here in America.
The video was shot by muslim children in Husby Sweden and shows the civil police backing
down from a muslim mob. For decades America and European governments have been
financing (with your money) the resettling of large groups of muslims, into their populations.
France has been one of the most active and now countries that were peaceful and serene before,
like Sweden, are being destabilized by the people who its citizens used their hard-earned
resources to befriend and help. Maybe you don't have a large muslim enclave nearby but most
America towns and cities do. Just wait, it will come to you sooner than you think.

For the past two nights major riots have erupted in Husby, a culturally enriched suburb of Stockholm. The legacy media accounts — whether written in Swedish, Norwegian, or English — have fastidiously avoided mentioning the ethnicity of the rioters. According to The Local, they are “youths”, “young people”, and “teenagers”. The only hint the media give us is when they say that police used horrifying racial epithets (“monkeys” and “niggers”) to refer to the boisterous lads doing the rock-throwing and fire-setting.
The fact that videos show the rioters shouting “Allahu akhbar!” while attacking the police provides another hint, but that little inconvenient piece of evidence is probably available only on YouTube.
According to tonight’s news reports, the riots have spread to other immigrant suburbs of Stockholm, such as Tensta and Rinkeby.


  1. My wife manages apartments, she has a lot of Nigerians. When I was doing pest control a few years ago, I used to service an apartment complex that was almost all Pakistani, Nigerian and "Mexican".
    You have some experience in Africa, do you think the violence there vs the stability we are used to gives these immigrants the upper hand in conflict? I would think that being used to a higher level of violence, they would be more comfortable with it, more willing to engage.

  2. Attitude wise yes, life is hard and cheap in Africa and most arabic countries for the average person. If you follow Boko Haram's deeds in Nigeria you can see just how cheap. Even without fundamentalist islam, the violence there is to our sensibilities, unthinkable, unless you compare it to one of our Lector Hannibals.

    1. My mother went to Haiti a couple of times with mission groups, she said life was cheap there, too.