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Important Message From Defensive Training Group

Typically DTG focuses on the ‘how’ of sustainability:  Training in basic, intermediate and advanced skills.  However, from time to time, as the situation warrants, we do offer personal opinions on the current state of affairs.
Today’s offering concerns recent posts on other blogs that DTG reads and respects.  Lately, we’ve noticed a trend in a few posts and in many comments desiring a public hashing out of the ‘who’ and ‘how’ of restoration of our uniquely American experiment in Republican government and the free exercise of rights and the remedies available thereto.
DTG would ask the community to review the writings and consider the genius of this man:  Sun Tzu
If his writings were to be boiled down to their essence in contemporary American, his entire genius might be translated as, “Never telegraph your punch.  Always do the unexpected, and never, ever help your opponent.”
The frustration of many today seems to desire exactly that:  An outlining of the who, what, where, when, and how of things.  To be sure, statistically, some of those baiting the discussion are on the other side, and getting folks to employ ‘scorched earth’ debate is a tactic employed to provide valuable profiles and capability analysis.
Public discussion of infrastructure, TO&E, and capabilities only plays into the hands of one’s adversary.  We know this.  We shouldn’t even consider falling prey to such bait even as an attempt at spreading disinformation.
Consider something a blogger called, “Concerned American” has said:  “Local, local, local!”  Build your network locally.  To steal from the libtards, “Think nationally, act locally!”
It works.
Lastly, do not fall for the “each of you can be your own leader” gambit.  Truth of the matter is that not all of us are very good at leadership.  Some are, most aren’t.  The trick is to find the ‘real McCoy’.  See if you can get under the type of human that embraces and espouses the strategy of Jefferson and Franklin when the phrase, “the Laws of Nature and of nature’s God” was purposely designed and then employed in the unanimous Declaration to overcome denominationalism in establishing the cement of common belief.
That’s where the rallying cry of, ”Restore Constitutional Government” comes into play and may have merit.  It is feasible; it is direct; it is within the grasp of the every day patriotic American citizen, whether through his vote, his refusal to submit to unconstitutional law, or whatever method he decides to help achieve that moral objective.  For those that love to discuss the details, the differing opinions of what to do and how to do it will be well and long argued once (if at all) the day comes and collectivism is sent packing, leaving us to determine the direction of our State and the rightfully subservient federal government.  It will be determined, one way or another, but to try to do that now is putting the cart before the horse.
A line from a movie, “The Alamo” (2006) comes to mind when Travis says, “…what is it that you are willing to fight, and possibly die for?  We will call that ‘Texas’”  Substitute  ‘Freedom’ or ‘Liberty’ or ‘Restoration’ for Texas…but find the common ground.
Continue to prepare yourselves and your family for the harsh times coming on a global scale.
Quit telegraphing….

A Season for Treason

"Snowden and Manning just did what Obama has been doing. They leaked classified information and damaged the interests of the United States. The only difference is that they didn't go through the formalities of raising millions of dollars from San Francisco Green Energy tycoons and running for political office first.

That's an important procedural difference, but unimportant from a functional standpoint. If political office doesn't come with any national responsibility or accountability, then Snowden or Manning have as much right to trash national security for their own whims as Obama does. If the state is nothing more than a power prize in a popularity contest, then why bother about its security."

"The Post-American America is internationalized. It's supposed to run on values, rather than interests. Treason is no longer defined in terms of betraying national interests, but the ephemeral national values. Patriotism is treason to the values of internationalism while treason to national interests is the new patriotism."
 Pure genius logic from the Sultan

Does It Bother You That You Can't Go To Mecca?

When the Black Death exploded in Arabia in the 14th century, killing an estimated third of the population, it spread across the Islamic world via infected religious pilgrims. Today, the Middle East is threatened with a new plague, one eponymously if not ominously named the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS-CoV, or MERS for short). This novel coronavirus was discovered in Jordan in March 2012, and as of June 26, there have been 77 laboratory-confirmed infections, 62 of which have been in Saudi Arabia; 34 of these Saudi patients have died.

Although the numbers -- so far -- are small, the disease is raising anxiety throughout the region. But officials in Saudi Arabia are particularly concerned.

This fall, millions of devout Muslims will descend upon Mecca, Medina, and Saudi Arabia's holy sites in one of the largest annual migrations in human history. In 2012, approximately 6 million pilgrims came through Saudi Arabia to perform the rituals associated with umrah, and this number is predicted to rise in 2013. Umrah literally means "to visit a populated place," and it's the very proximity that has health officials so worried. In Mecca alone, millions of pilgrims will fulfill the religious obligation of circling the Kaaba. And having a large group of people together in a single, fairly confined space threatens to turn the holiest site in Islam into a massive petri dish.

The disease is still mysterious. Little is understood about how it is transmitted and even less regarding its origins. But we do know that MERS is deadly, with a mortality rate of about 55 percent -- a remarkably higher lethality than that posed by its close cousin, the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus, which in 2003 terrified travelers across the globe but posed a fatality rate of only 9.6 percent. The MERS coronavirus is new to our species, so mild and asymptomatic infections seem to be rare, but the human immune response to infection is itself so extreme that it can prove deadly in some cases.
Read More..........

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We the People Stimulus Package

H/T Rosetta

Whatever you think about Glenn personally, his words make as much sense as Mr. Paine's do above. Is the average person in this country so ensconced in a "let someone else do it" life that they are just incapable
of getting it or so immoral they don't give a damn what happens to others until something bites them in the
ass personally and affects them or their family ? Or do they think if they just ignore the problem, it'll just
go away. If so, they are just as stupid as the star witness in the George Zimmerman case.
I am slowly coming to see that even though Mr Snowden may have been maneuvered into his NSA leaks
by someone(s), he acted out of a pure patriotic concern, not a desire to harm Armeica by giving foreign
enemies intelligence but out of a desire to protect America from domestic enemies who are engaged in the
slow, "plausibly deniable", destruction of America from within.

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Sir Roger Casement's Speech Following his Conviction as a Traitor, 29 June 1916

Sir Roger Casement's Speech in Court Following his Conviction as a Traitor

As I wish my words to reach a much wider audience than I see before me here, I intend to read all that I propose to say.
What I shall read now is something I wrote more than twenty days ago.  There is an objection possibly not good in law but surely good on moral grounds against the application to me here of this English statute, 565 years old, that seeks to deprive an Irishman to-day of life and honour, not for "adhering to the King's enemies" but for adhering to his own people.
When this statute was passed, in 1351, what was the state of men's minds on the question of a far higher allegiance - that of man to God and His Kingdom?
The law of that day did not permit a man to forsake his Church or deny his God save with his life.  The heretic then had the same doom as the traitor.  Today a man may forswear God and His Heavenly Realm without fear or penalty, all earlier statutes having gone the way of Nero's edicts against the Christians; but that constitutional phantom the King can still dig up from the dungeons and torture chambers of the Dark Ages a law that takes a man's life and limb for an exercise of conscience.
Loyalty is a sentiment, not a law.  It rests on Love, not on restraint.  The government of Ireland by England rests on restraint and not on law; and, since it demands no love, it can evoke no loyalty.  Judicial assassination today is reserved only for one race of the King's subjects, for Irishmen; for those who cannot forget their allegiance to the realm of Ireland.
What is the fundamental charter of an Englishman's liberty?  That he shall be tried by his peers.  With all respect I assert that this court is to me, an Irishman, a foreign court - this jury is for me, an Irishman, not a jury of my peers.                                                   
Mary Spring-Rice with Molly Childers, smuggling 900 German Mauser M1871 11 mm calibre single shot rifles and 29,000 rounds of blackpowder cartridges on board the Asgard, 1914. These rifles were later used in the Easter Rising of 1916 in Dublin.

It is patent to every man of conscience that I have an indefeasible right, if tried at all under this statute of high treason, to be tried in Ireland, before an Irish court, and by an Irish jury.
This court, this jury, the public opinion of this country, England, cannot but be prejudiced in varying degree against me, most of all in time of war.  From this court and its jurisdiction I appeal to those I am alleged to have wronged, and to those I am alleged to have injured by my "evil example," and claim that they alone are competent to decide my guilt or my innocence.
This is so fundamental a right, so natural a right, so obvious a right, that it is clear the Crown were aware of it when they brought me by force and by stealth from Ireland to this country.  It was not I who landed in England, but the Crown who dragged me here, away from my own country, to which I had returned with a price upon my head, away from my own countrymen, whose loyalty is not in doubt, and safe from the judgment of my peers, whose judgment I do not shrink from.
I admit no other judgment but theirs. I accept no verdict save at their hands.
I assert from this dock that I am being tried here not because it is just, but because it is unjust.  My counsel has referred to the Ulster Volunteer movement, and I will not touch at length upon that ground, save only to say that neither I nor any of the leaders of the Irish Volunteers, who were founded in Dublin in November, 1913, had quarrel with the Ulster Volunteers as such, who were born a year earlier.
Our movement was not directed against them, but against the men who misused and misdirected the courage, the sincerity, and the local patriotism of the men of the North of Ireland.  On the contrary, we welcomed the coming of the Ulster Volunteers, even while we deprecated the aims and intentions of those Englishmen who sought to pervert to an English party use - to the mean purposes of their own bid for place and power in England - the armed activities of simple Irishmen.
We aimed at winning the Ulster Volunteers to the cause of a united Ireland - we aimed at uniting all Irishmen in a natural and national bond of cohesion based on mutual self-respect.  Our hope was a natural one, and, if left to ourselves, not hard to accomplish.
If external influences of disintegration would but leave us alone, we were sure that nature itself must bring us together.  It was not the Irish Volunteers who broke the law, but a British party.
The Government had permitted the Ulster Volunteers to be armed by Englishmen to threaten not merely an English party in its hold on office, but to threaten that party through the lives and blood of Irishmen.  Our choice lay between submitting to foreign lawlessness and resisting it, and we did not hesitate.  I for one was determined that Ireland was much more to me than empire, and that if charity begins at home so must loyalty.
Since arms were so necessary to make our organization a reality and to give to the minds of Irishmen menaced with the most outrageous threats a sense of security, it was our bounden duty to get arms before all else.
I decided with this end in view to go to America.  If, as the right honourable gentleman, the present Attorney General, asserted in a speech at Manchester, Nationalists would neither fight for home rule nor pay for it, it was our duty to show him that we knew how to do both.
Then came the war.  As Mr. Birrell said in his evidence recently laid before the Commission of Inquiry into the causes of the late rebellion in Ireland, "The war upset all our calculations."
It upset mine no less than Mr. Birrell's, and put an end to my mission of peaceful effort in America.  War between Great Britain and Germany meant, as I believed, ruin for all the hopes we had founded on the enrolment of the Irish Volunteers.
I felt over there in America that my first duty was to keep Irishmen at home in the only army that could safeguard our national existence.  If small nationalities were to be the pawns in this game of embattled giants, I saw no reason why Ireland should shed her blood in any cause but her own, and if that be treason beyond the seas I am not ashamed to avow it or to answer for it here with my life.
And when we had the doctrine of Unionist loyalty at last, "Mausers and Kaisers and any King you like," I felt I needed no other warrant than that these words conveyed - to go forth and do likewise.  The difference between us was that the Unionist champions chose a path which they felt would lead to the Woolsack, while I went a road that I knew must lead to the dock.
And the event proves that we were both right.  But let me say that I am prouder to stand here today in the traitor's dock to answer this impeachment than to fill the place of my accusers.  If there be no right of rebellion against a state of things that no savage tribe would endure without resistance, then am I sure that it is better for men to fight and die without right than to live in such a state of right as this.
Where all your rights become only an accumulated wrong; where men must beg with bated breath for leave to subsist in their own land, to think their own thoughts, to sing their own songs, to garner the fruit of their own labours - and even while they beg to see these things inexorably withdrawn from them - then surely it is a braver, a saner, and a truer thing to be a rebel in act and deed against such circumstances as this than tamely to accept it as the natural lot of men.
My Lord, I have done.  Gentlemen of the Jury, I wish to thank you for your verdict.  I hope you will not think that I made any imputation upon your truthfulness or your integrity when I said that this was not a trial by my peers.
Source: Source Records of the Great War, Vol. IV, ed. Charles F. Horne, National Alumni 1923

How to Protect Yourself from The NSA

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Flying Air Force One

H/T ToiletNation

If the President is serious about affirmative action and the need for it, I think he ought to only allow minority pilots who could not have gotten into flight school without it to fly him around.

Failure Deniers

 PJ Media
Tuesday afternoon, as I was reading Barack Obama’s Georgetown University speech on “climate change,” it occurred to me that the biggest and perhaps most consequential difference between the government and the private sector is how each reacts when reality doesn’t behave as expected.
The public sector does not have a monopoly on people who become irrationally wedded to ideas and programs which have become outmoded, obsolete, redundant, or worthless. The difference is what happens to such people — and in some cases, their firms — in the private sector when they stubbornly stick to their guns.
At a private firm, if a new product or idea loses — or is on track to lose — serious amounts of money, or if a research project is going nowhere, it gets killed (see: the Ford Edsel, New Coke, Apple Newton). Those who fall in love with these flame-outs and blindly defend them even when the handwriting is on the wall get fired. If a bad product or idea isn’t terminated quickly enough, it has the potential to jeopardize entire companies, even large ones (see JCPenney’s three-tier pricing plan and HP’s 2011 Touchpad debacle).
But within government?
If a new idea or product is failing or initially seems destined to fail, bureaucrats, their corporate beneficiaries, and their cronies work to get them underwritten or subsidized. The fact that the government is even involved likely indicates that the private sector knows better than to touch it without putting taxpayers on the hook. This explains why the Obama administration has had losers like SolyndraA123 BatteryBeacon Power, and so many others in its energy “loan” portfolio.
When companies continue to flounder, governments usually either institutionalize their failures or double down on them.
Hopeless passenger-rail romantics and then-powerful rail unions couldn’t bear to see the end of nationwide train travel, so they convinced Congress to have the federal government take over the entire enterprise in the early 1970s. What followed were four decades of annual Amtrak losses averaging over $800 million, and benefiting far less than 0.1 percent of daily travelers nationwide. Recent narrower losses should — but won’t — bring on discussions of selling off Amtrak’s profitable routes to private firms and abandoning the losers once and for all.
After a $5,000 price reduction to about $28,500, the Chevy Volt, produced by General Motors — an entity which is still under de facto government control — still sells only about 1,600 units per month. The vehicle’s fully loaded cost to produce is about $75,000. Yet don’t expect GM to pull the plug, figuratively or literally, on their financially disastrous electric car experiment any time soon. Too much false pride is on the line.
Private companies which kill products or ideas administer the pain quickly and move on. If government ever tries to end a program or operation — “ever” is the operative word, as Ronald Reagan frequently noted: ”The nearest thing to eternal life we will ever see on this earth is a government program” — they go about it slowly, in hopes that outraged politicians or constituents will come to their rescue. If total termination ever occurs, they call it “a learning experience,” which of course was carried out with other people’s money, and rarely includes any learning.
They also frequently replicate their mistakes, which is how Uncle Sam ends up having “47 separate job training programs run by nine different agencies” costing $18 billion per year, and why 173 out of 209 science, technology, engineering, and math programs overlap with at least one other program.
This brings us to President Obama and “climate change.”

Full Disclosure: What the Media Isn’t Telling You About War in Syria

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NSA leaker: are there serious cracks in Ed Snowden’s story?

Jon Rappoport
Activist Post

First, I’m not doubting the documents Ed Snowden has brought forward. I’m not doubting the illegal reach of the NSA in spying on Americans and the world.

But as to how this recent revelation happened, and whether Ed Snowden’s history holds up…I have questions.

Could Snowden have been given extraordinary access to classified info as part of a larger scheme? Could he be a) an honest man and yet b) a guy who was set up to do what he’s doing now?

If b) is true, then Snowden fits the bill perfectly. He wants to do what he’s doing. He isn’t lying about that. He means what he says.

Okay. Let’s look at his history as reported by The Guardian.

In 2003, at age 19, without a high school diploma, Snowden enlists in the Army. He begins a training program to join the Special Forces. The sequence here is fuzzy. At what point after enlistment can a new soldier start this training program? Does he need to demonstrate some exceptional ability before Special Forces puts him in that program?

Snowden breaks both legs in a training exercise. He’s discharged from the Army. Is that automatic? How about healing and then resuming Army service? Just asking.

If he was accepted in the Special Forces training program because he had special computer skills, then why discharge him simply because he broke both legs?

Circa 2003 (?), Snowden gets a job as a security guard for an NSA facility at the University of Maryland. He specifically wanted to work for NSA? It was just a generic job opening he found out about?

Also in 2003 (?), Snowden shifts jobs. He’s now in the CIA, in IT. He has no high school diploma. He’s a young computer genius?

In 2007, Snowden is sent to Geneva. He’s only 23 years old. The CIA gives him diplomatic cover there. He’s put in charge of maintaining computer-network security. Major job. Obviously, he has access to a very wide range of classified documents. Sound a little odd? Again, just asking. He’s just a kid. Maybe he has his GED by now. Otherwise, he still doesn’t have a high school diploma.

Snowden says that during this period, in Geneva, one of the incidents that really sours him on the CIA is the “turning of a Swiss banker.” One night, CIA guys get a banker drunk, encourage him to drive home, the banker gets busted, the CIA guys help him out, then with that bond formed, they eventually get the banker to reveal deep banking secrets to the Agency.

Snowden is this naïve? He doesn’t know by now that the CIA does this sort of thing all the time? He’s shocked? He “didn’t sign up for this?”

In 2009, Snowden leaves the CIA. Why? Presumably because he’s disillusioned. It should be noted here that Snowden claimed he could do very heavy damage to the entire US intelligence community in 2008, but decided to wait because he thought Obama, just coming into the presidency, might make good changes.

After two years with the CIA in Geneva, Snowden really had the capability to take down the whole US intelligence network, or a major chunk of it? He had that much access to classified data?

Anyway, in 2009, Snowden leaves the CIA and goes to work for a private defense contractor. Apparently, by this time, he knows all about the phony US war in Iraq, and yet he chooses to work for a sector that relentlessly promotes such wars. Go figure.

This defense contractor (unnamed) assigns him to work at an NSA facility in Japan. Surely, Snowden understands what the NSA is. He knows it’s a key part of the whole military-intelligence network, the network he opposes.

But he takes the job anyway. Perhaps he’s doing it so he can obtain further access to classified data, in advance of blowing a big whistle. Perhaps.

Snowden goes on to work for two private defense contractors, Dell and Booz Allen Hamilton. In this latter job, Snowden is again assigned to work at the NSA.

He’s an outsider, but he claims to have so much sensitive NSA data that he can take down the whole US intelligence network in a single day. Hmm.

These are red flags. They raise questions. Serious ones.

If The Guardian, which has such close access to Snowden, wants to explore these questions, they might come up with some interesting answers.

Again, I’m not doubting that the documents Snowden has brought forward are real. I have to assume they are. I certainly don’t doubt the reach and the power and the criminality of the NSA.

Although I’m sure someone will write me and say I’m defending the NSA. I’M NOT.

But if Snowden was maneuvered, in his career, without his knowing it, to arrive at just this point, then we have a whole new story. We have a story about unknown forces who wanted this exposure to occur.

Who would these forces be? I could make lots of guesses. But they would just be guesses.

Perhaps all the anomalies in the career of Ed Snowden can be explained with sensible answers. I realize that. But until they are, I put the questions forward. And leave them there.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Ship Carrying US Arms to Syria Sinks Near Yemen

 Very Interesting, the vessel M/V MOL Comfort was reportedly carrying arms supplied by the US to
Syrian rebels, unexplainedly breaks in two and sunk off the coast of Yemen.

Here we see the same vessel flagged as the APL Russia in 2009.

 Here we see her berthed in Hong Kong on the 21st of June 2013 and a video is being made by
Russians of her loading. This ship has recently had a full drydock refitting and inspection and yet
breaks up at sea in perfectly calm weather while supporting forces who oppose Russia's interest.
Obama and Jarrett, you better start paying attention. You childish wannabe socialist are messing with
the wrong people, real Socialist.

Update from the ship owners in Japan:

Update (No.7): Incident Involving the Containership MOL Comfort

TOKYO- Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President: Koichi Muto) updates the status of the containership MOL Comfort as of 23:00 JST (18:00 Dubai time) on June 22 , 2013. The vessel could not continue sailing under its own power from June 17 because the hull fractured in 2 parts while under way on the Indian Ocean.
1. Vessel
The fore and aft parts are drifting near 14”52N 65’46”E and 13’29”N 63’27”E respectively in an east-northeast direction. The weather at the site is still adverse. The patrol boat which we have arranged is expected to arrive at the ocean site around June 24.
2. Containers (No change from the Update (No.6))
Some of the containers might be lost or damaged during the incident, but majority of the cargo are confirmed to be aboard the fore and aft part.
3. Rescue of the cargo and hulls
We have contracted with a salvage company and are proceeding to rescue the cargo and hulls. Three tugboats are heading to the site, and two of them are expected to arrive around June 24 while the 3rd one is around June 25.
4. Oil leakage (No change from the Update (No.6))
We confirmed no large volume of oil leakage.

Facebook Submits to Islam and Tyranny

by, Schuyler Montague

Over the past few days, Facebook has unleashed a complete assault on the Constitution of the United States.  Apparently, the first amendment is null and void at Facebook Corporate.  It appears that “..freedom of speech” and “..freedom of the press” are merely antiquated notions that have passed their prime, as well as their expiration dates. 

We have received several statements from administrators of various educational pages that focused on the subject matter of Islam.  Administrators, as well as guests were utterly shocked when they logged into their Facebook accounts and discovered that their pages had just “disappeared” without reason, nor explanation.  Well, not exactly without reason…

There has been a massive campaign in progress by various muslim organizations and individuals to get these pages removed for quite some time now.  We found this page dating back to 2010 instructing muslims on techniques of how to get pages they perceived as “anti-Islam” removed from Facebook.  We also uncovered a Facebook page entitled “We Want Facebook To Remove All Groups & Pages That Against Islam.” 

In their mission statement it reads as follows:  ”This page is created for the sole purpose of removing all the groups and pages that are against Islam. If 50,000 people report those Groups and Pages than facebook will disable.”

One of the pages that was removed by Facebook on June 19th was a page by the name of “Ban Islam.”  This was a very popular educational page worldwide with at least 45,000 followers.  Within hours of being shut down, administrators launched “Ban Islam 2″ only to have the plug pulled again yesterday.  Some of the other pages and organizations hit are:  Islam Against Women, Islam Free Planet and many others.  The number of Counterjihad pages removed to date is approximately 40 pages. 

Conservative groups and U.S. Patriot organizations have also found themselves in the sights of Facebook.  We received information that pages about Christianity, conservatism, patriotism, pro-Israel and anti-Obama are being removed by Facebook, as well.  Even as far away as Australia the waves of tyranny are being felt.  A group by the name of “Take Australia Back” had there page ripped off the screen by the fascist dictates of the Facebook Gestapo.

From what we are hearing, this is only the beginning…

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Conservative ‘Front National’ Party now the second most popular party in France!

Two days after the most recent elimination of a Socialist candidate in the first round by the Front National party, a UMP [mainstream right-wing party in France, Sarkozy's party] functionary ponders:  ”The FN is the second most popular party in France right now.”

 images Islam vs Europe  On 16 June, the Socialist party is eliminated in the first round in Villeneuve-sur-Lot. Marine Le Pen (photo above) then congratulated herself: her party “has become the centre of gravity of political life”.

An electric shock that resembles a warning one year from the local elections and, above all, the European elections. According to a poll carried out by the British institute Yougov, the party of Marine Le Pen would win 18% of the votes in the next European elections, just behind the UMP and in front of the Socialist party. Still in second place.

Yahoo reports Obama born in Kenya

In an article published online Friday, Rachel Rose Hartman of Yahoo! News lamented that President Obama’s upcoming trip to Africa would not include a stop in Kenya, “the country of his birth.”

 Talking Points Memo reports that within 90 minutes of the story’s publication, Yahoo! News added the following: “Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the president’s birthplace.”
The wording of the story was then changed from referencing Kenya as “the country of his birth” to “his ancestral homeland.” Im thinking Edward Snowden hacked into Yahoo's system and wrote that story.

Brazil protests threaten to upset World Cup preparation

Study this photo carefully. Enlarge it and look at it closely. Do you know what is missing ? The White House or your State Capitol , thats what. This photo was taken last night in one of the cities experiencing widespread, social-media directed demonstrations. What started this? A proposed ten cent hike in public transport fees. From that initiator it has spread to a host of other complaints including, poor public services, violent police and a corrupt government siphoning off funds for personal gain and for friends and family.
Brazil has not had any social unrest for over twenty years and the reason is that most people there fear the government. A left-leaning government, it has done exactly what all leftist governments have done and now our US government is rapidly doing the same, taking away individual rights and personal sovereignty by small increments until one day you wake up and discover you are a slave. Brazil is doing nothing more than following Thomas Jefferson's adage, "Refreshing the tree of liberty from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." We, the people, need to get off our comfortable sofa, turn off Housewives of New Jersey and turn the tide back that has led us to serfdom. Or maybe just go along to get along and hope the government will find the right solution. Hows that been working for you ? Your call.

Resistance is Effective–Raleigh DID NOT Renew ICLEI Membership—GRR CORE

Anyone in the Wake County area looking for another way to resist Big Government and show the powers
that be we do not approve on a host of issues should look into GRR CORE.

Marcus Hill
June 22, 2013

June 4, 2013 marked the 10th assertion of the sovereignty of the individual and the resistance to government oppression by Greater Raleigh Resistance. The Raleigh City Council's Meeting was held in tandem with the Budget Hearing, and a capacity crowd of hundreds was in attendance. Citizens, city workers, firefighters, police, and numerous spectators and members of the press kept the Council on their best behavior. Many of those in attendance, thanked your's truly and Mr. Rocco Piserchia for standing for liberty that day.

Some in attendance have joined GRR's CORE and will be speaking with us on July 2, 2013.

The awakening is quickening.
Marcus Hill asked the Raleigh City Council to join the 21st Century and Portland, Oregon, by rejecting the practice of medicating a public water supply. He pointed out the fact that Potash Corporation's toxic waste is added to Raleigh's water. Marcus denounced the Raleigh City Council's alliance with Local Governments for Sustainability (formerly ICLEI) and, once again, warned the people of Raleigh about this fascist front group's systematic dismantling of private property rights based on the junk science of climate change and sustainability. Marcus challenged the Council to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, once again, by passing a resolution in support of the sanctity of the right to self-defense.
Rocco Piserchia called out the Raleigh City Council's blatant disregard of the United States Constitution in their alliance with UN Agenda21 fascist front group Local Governments for Sustainability (formerly ICLEI). He questioned the hypocrisy of claiming environmental stewardship while putting toxic fluorides in the public water supply. Rocco deftly dismantled the false science of global warming/climate change, upon which the UN Agenda 21 is, for the most part, predicated.
Rocco Piserchia's one-two punch left the Raleigh City Council fumbling and dumbfounded, unable to answer the simple question of how much money is allocated toward membership in the fascist front group (ICLEI) that guides policy in Raleigh. Mayor Nancy McFarlane could not answer the question during the Budget Hearing, and would not answer Rocco's plea for a time during which questions could be answered about the budget.

Further inquiry via email did yield this response from the Raleigh City Government:
Mr. Piserchia,
The City is currently evaluating its membership in ICLEI in relation to other national organization memberships and the value each would bring to the City. We did not renew our membership this past year. (The annual cost is $2750.) Please let me know if additional information is needed.
Thank you,
Kirsten Larson
Raleigh OMB

Resistance is having an effect!

Do you have 3 minutes to fight tyranny?

We are determined to stand publicly in defiance of tyranny. If you are in the Raleigh area, join our CORE.
If you live on the planet Earth.... We challenge you to form the CORE in YOUR Community!!!!
Imagine 100 cities across the nation with 10 activists per city per month standing in defiance of tyranny.
Join us the first Tuesday of every month in the Raleigh City Council Chambers at 222 West Hargett Street, Raleigh.
SPEAK UP!!! July 2, 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In Raleigh, your Petition to Address the Council is due Tuesday, June 25, by high noon (12p.m.), and can be found on the RCC website:
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Bad Eagle


While out plowing today I found an American Indian arrowhead that looked to be
about 10,000 years old and was a Dalton point. It got me
to thinking about their historic culture compared to ours today.
I have never understood why people who run our society have alway taught
that the Indians were savages and needed to be changed, 
and if that don't work then just kill them. That plan didn't work too well did it?
Exactly the same way the current US government views conservative middle-class
Americans who happen to disagree with their distorted unAmerican policies.
I am starting to desire that hope and change Obama talked about.
I hope the economy will collapse and with it all the mandated social entitlement programs
the progressives have instituted over the last fifty years.
If that happens some of us will survive and be able to reform something similar
to traditional Indian societies.
Cultures where people are banded together for mutual survival in which age
and wisdom are respected and valued, a man's staus is directly proportional to
his skill as a warrior and hunting ability, elderly and infirm are cared for by the tribe
and money has no meaning.
Since one of the principles the communist have used successfully is " Never
interfere when your enemy is being stupid" thats exactly what I am going to do.
Hey, Obama, you want to get in a war with Russia, go right ahead. You want
to spend another trillion and raise taxes, have at it bro. You want to take my gun,
uh, I don't have any, I got rid of it when I heard you didn't approve of  us having one.
But hey, you can monitor my email all you want. That Constitution don't mean nothing.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"I am the Infidel (that your Imam warned about)"

Found this at
He is right, he can't sing worth a damn but its still a great song

The Road to World War 3

With the new scandals coming to light and our increasing involvement in the Syrian war
this PSA from the Natural Rights Foundation puts things in a different picture. This is a must
see for anyone thinking about what they can do to help prevent this event.  My main question
these days is why has our government worked so hard to keep the US dollar as the world's
currency standard, while our current government is working so hard to debase it ?
Note to my Russian friends and followers, before this war goes hot, I want you to know I do not
hold you at fault. You gave us fair warning, our Idiot-in-Chief refused to listen. Just like you
warned us about the Tsarnev brothers and the 911 massacre, you warned us to not mess with
Syria, numerous times. You know that I do not like Communism or Socialism but I have nothing
against the Russian people I have known. Except that muslim Tartar shop-keeper in St. Petersburg
and those two street thugs in Moscow who suddenly decided I was deranged.

Monday, June 17, 2013

It begins: Major demand to impeach Obama

OK this isn't the last thing I said I was going to focus on but this is worth it. Training and prepping is just something I do. This is what I want to live long enough to see. The impeachment of Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro. I live to see him tried in a court of law and imprisoned as the felon he is or at least forced to resign from office in disgrace.


Watergate investigator Bob Woodward of the Washington Post compares Barack Obama to Richard Nixon. Members of Congress say it’s about time to consider it. Rock legend Ted Nugent says Obama’s constitutional violations make him eligible. And even Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin has called for Obama’s impeachment.
Now you can join a petition that calls on Congress to immediately investigate the “unconstitutional and impeachable offenses” of Obama.

The document is addressed to members of Congress, who have the responsibility to make sure government officials don’t go outside the bounds of the U.S. Constitution and to bring appropriate retribution when they do.
The petition cites a number of scandals in just the last few weeks and months.
Among them are the “lethal and prolonged terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, and the subsequent ‘Watergate-era cover-up.’” And then there’s the big – and getting bigger – scandal involving the federal government’s use of the Internal Revenue Service to harass and attack “conservative groups.”
There’s also the spying and harassment of journalists and the Associated Press.
“Top constitutional attorneys from across the political spectrum now agree that Obama has committed certain specific offenses that unquestionably rise to the level of impeachable ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,” the petition explains.
Sign the petition right away!
And that’s even before the issue of “Obama’s policy of targeted assassinations of U.S. citizens without any constitutionally required due process – including the drone assassination of an American-born 16-year-old as he was eating dinner.”
Oh, and let’s not forget the “disastrous ‘Fast and Furious’ operation in which approximately 2,000 firearms were directed from U.S. gun shops across the U.S.-Mexico border and into the hands of members of Mexican drug cartels.”
And Obama’s decision to refuse to obey his oath of office and defend the Defense of Marriage Act.
That’s all in addition to the alleged illegal “recess” appointments of several officials as well as the Obama Justice Department’s refusal to prosecute voter intimidation, his appointment of 30 “czars” and just general contempt for Congress and the American people.
The petition states: “Therefore, we the undersigned urge Congress to immediately undertake a full and impartial investigation into the many blatantly unconstitutional actions of Barack Obama. For members of Congress, each of whom has also sworn a solemn oath to uphold the Constitution, to allow a president to routinely flout the Supreme Law of the land without being held accountable is equally repugnant to a free country and a free press.”

Read more at WND 
Here are the crimes he can be impeached for

Emergency Medicine Vs. Survival Medicine

Some folks are shutting down their blogs due to concern about the PRISM leaks or one reason or another. There seems to be a million blogs devoted to addressing the political corruption or communicating to patriots. I am just going to go back to what  I came here to do, helping people prepare for lean, scary times, with an emphasis on survival and medicine in an austere environment.
A friend of mine, Brock at FreeNC, posted this medical resource which was compiled by a Confederate States surgeon and is located at the UNC archives. It looks to be an impressive collection of natural and
traditional medicine.

Resources of the Southern Fields and Forests,
Medical, Economical, and Agricultural.
Being also a Medical Botany of the Confederate States;
with Practical Information on the Useful Properties of
the Trees, Plants, and Shrubs:

Electronic Edition.

Porcher, Francis Peyre, 1825-1895

Standard emergency medicine strategies are intended to aid you in managing situations where the incident did not occur within easy reach of a hospital .  Certainly, modern medical care on an ocean voyage or wilderness hike is not readily available; even trips to the cities of underdeveloped countries may fit this category as well.
There are medical protocols for these mostly short term scenarios that are widely published, and they are both reasonable and effective. An entire medical education system exists to deal with limited wilderness or disaster situations, and it is served by a growing industry of supplies and equipment. You expect, not unreasonably, that the rescue helicopter is already on the way.  So what is the difference between routine emergency medicine and survival medicine?  It revolves around your goal.
What is your goal when an emergency occurs in a remote setting?
The basic premise of “wilderness” or “disaster” medicine is to:
• Evaluate the injured or ill patient.
• Stabilize their condition.
• Transport the individual to the nearest modern hospital, clinic, or emergency care center.
This series of steps makes perfect sense; you are not a physician and, somewhere, there are facilities that have a lot more technology than you have in your backpack. Your priority is to get the patient out of immediate danger and then ship them off; this will allow you to continue on your wilderness adventure. Transporting the injured person may be difficult to do (sometimes very difficult), but you still have the luxury of being able to “pass the buck” to those who have more knowledge, technology and supplies.  And why not? You aren’t a medical professional, after all.
One day, however, there may come a time when a pandemic, civil unrest or terrorist event may precipitate a situation where the miracle of modern medicine may be unavailable. Indeed, not only unavailable, but even to the point that the potential for access to modern facilities no longer exists. Therefore, YOU have become the place where the “buck” stops for the foreseeable future.
We refer to this type of long-term scenario as a “collapse”. In a collapse, you will have more risk for illness and injury than on a hike in the woods, yet little or no hope of obtaining more advanced care than you, yourself, can provide. It’s not a matter of a few days without modern technology, such as after a hurricane or tornado. Help is NOT on the way.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013

Little Brother and Little Sister

This man, Daniel Greenfield is pure genius and yet saying nothing more than everyday reason which those of us not brain-dead democrat zombies, think on a daily basis. If he could transpose his thinking into a political message and run for office, he would win by a landslide.
What he explains in this essay is how modern youth, in particular white American youth have chosen to shun
reason in favor of passive nihilism. In my opinion it is refusal to accept Paschal's Gamble and chose the path to God and adulthood. They want to live in Peter Pan's world and never grow up or grow old. But as Wendy discovered, you can't not accept life in the real world. 


"What we have is not quite fascism. It's a selective fascism. It's stuff white people like, fascism. It's fascism for enclaves of hipster yuppies who still believe in initiatives advocating perfecting the community through petty tyranny while around them the world burns. It's not Reichstag fascism, it's a compartmentalized fascism in which the sheep prey on the sheepish while pretending that the wolves don't exist. It's the fascism of the Eloi who don't just sit around helplessly, but oppress other Eloi.

Little Brother and Little Sister never grew up, and instead of a family album, they have photos of their favorite meals in their social media. They would only wear jackboots ironically, but they have painstakingly exact tastes in everything from food to fonts to politics and they want everything to be exactly the way that they think it should. They believe in freedom and in reporting their neighbors to the authorities. They believe in personal choice for everyone who thinks the way that they do. They are, it goes without saying, Obama voters.

In Little Brother's state, the police don't enforce the law. They enforce the whims of Little Brother and Little Sister. They are there to see that all the children play with Little Brother and Little Sister the way that they want them to. They don't believe in fighting crime or terrorism, except briefly when it happens to them, and they let go of it once their Facebook friends tell them to check their privilege, but they do believe in enforcing the million petty regulations of utopia.

Little Brother doesn't want anything done about crime. He wants something done about the rude people who drive cars to work or carry food home in plastic bags without caring about the impact on the environment. Little Sister doesn't care about Islamic terrorism. Islam is like spiritual and part of the great fabric of diversity. She wants something done about the unenlightened people who just don't get that.

Little Brother and Little Sister are the new elite. They are the unthinkingly glib products of an educational system that teaches little, but indoctrinates a lot. Their knowledge comes from Wikipedia. Their actual education taught them little except about how many people the United States managed to oppress in such a short time and how we need to feel connected to the environment to truly be alive.

Every age has its elites. Our age is burdened with idiot elites dedicated to destroying the "elites". We have a 1 percent that inveighs against the power of the 1 percent and then throws around its weight to get its way. We have people who work for corporations denouncing corporate power only to make use of it anyway. Our elites offer a torrent of contradictory pieties that are undone by their actions. And the people who actually run all this, negotiating between the idiot elites and the violent classes, are only too happy to focus on the small stuff because the big stuff is officially hopeless. The real problems are a tangled Gordian knot that can be cut through, but not unwound individually the way the technocrats would like to do. And the little problems devolve into petty fascism that makes everyone but the people being stepped on feel better.

The angry mobs get to torch, behead and bomb. And the remnants of the middle class get a boot in the teeth. And Little Brother and Little Sister get to turn another street into a bike path or to insert calorie counts or environmental warnings or some other treehousery into daily life so that they can pretend that they have power, when the territory that they have power over is actually shrinking.

The center of power is always the last to feel the sensation of deadening chaos outside. It takes tyrants, even petty ones, a while to figure out that the system is over. The power that insulates them from that knowledge becomes petty. Instead of controlling nations, they control capital cities and eventually only their own courts. That micromanagement gives them the illusion of being in charge."

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Predictable History, Unpredictable Past: One Way Or Another, A Revolution Is Coming

 H/T Brock

"So here we see it: The elites think one thing, and the people think another thing.  Nothing new there, of course, except that rarely, if ever, has the dichotomy between overdog and underdog been this stark.
Something is going to have to give.  We are on the cusp of some huge shift in power relations between the core and periphery, between the DC Beltway and flyover country. Right now, Washington has the upper hand, but an aggrieved population can always win--if it is willing to stand up and fight.
In the minds of ordinary Americans, the fuse of outrage has been lit.  Now this is the question: Can honest but responsible leaders, truly reflecting populist anger, find a way to force change in DC? Moreover, can this needed reform happen without tearing apart the country?
Let’s hope so.
But we must know this for sure: One way or another, a revolution is coming.  "
Predictable History, Unpredictable Past: One Way Or Another, A Revolution Is Coming

We will surely Cross the Rubicon and I pray ours doesn't run red as the actual one in Italy.
Part of me dreads paying the boatman's toll and part of me says, Its time to get wet.

You Can't Outleft the Left

By Sultan Knish
The Democrats embraced the anti-war movement to bring down Bush and the end result of that alliance was Barack Obama. If Republicans embrace the anti-war movement to bring down Obama, forcing the Democrats to go even further to the left, what political monsters will be spawned from that mating?

In a long struggle it is easy to lose sight of your principles. The question is have we lost sight of our principles in fighting terrorists, as the left insists, or after fighting a long bitter war against Obama for so long are we losing sight of the fact that our larger struggle is not against Obama, but the ideas and institutions of the left that he is a part of?

The enemy isn't just Obama or his flunkies. It's also Glenn Greenwald and Michael Moore. It's the entire transnational idea that denies the right of nations to defend themselves and indicts them endlessly for imaginary crimes against the Third World.

The only way to make a conservative case against tactics like the NSA wiretapping is to reject that premise and the likes of Greenwald. Unless that is done, the case belongs to the far left and adopting it is not an act of principle but expediency. Trying to beat Obama with the ideas of the left by undermining America will only give the left an even bigger victory.

Monday, June 10, 2013

NC Edward Snowden, Hero or Traitor?

Before you jump to a decision, listen to this highly placed man's reason for why he leaked specific pieces
of classified information. In his words to show how dangerous and tyrannical the US government has become towards it's citizens. He could have easily sold his knowledge to the Russian's but put it in the
public domain to make his point. I think he was not trying to harm America but help it return to the safe and secure country that has been a beacon of freedom and liberty for 200 years.
The Obama regime has been proven to use the powers of state, such as the IRS and FBI and who knows what else, to harm its political enemies, , and now apparently the NSA has joined the fray. Who are this government's political enemies ? Apparently not Islamic jihadist but average American citizens who do not support Obama's bizarre anti-American agenda. Remember folks, Adolph Hitler never broke any of Germany's laws while he was in power, he always made sure there was a law to support whatever he wanted to do. Does this remind you of any current world leaders ?
Here is Snowden's interview with the Guardian in Hong Cong........

June 8, 2013
DNI Statement on the Collection of Intelligence Pursuant to Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
Over the last week we have seen reckless disclosures of intelligence community measures used to keep Americans safe. In a rush to publish, media outlets have not given the full context–including the extent to which these programs are overseen by all three branches of government–to these effective tools.
In particular, the surveillance activities published in The Guardian and The Washington Post are lawful and conducted under authorities widely known and discussed, and fully debated and authorized by Congress. Their purpose is to obtain foreign intelligence information, including information necessary to thwart terrorist and cyber attacks against the United States and its allies.
Our ability to discuss these activities is limited by our need to protect intelligence sources and methods. Disclosing information about the specific methods the government uses to collect communications can obviously give our enemies a "playbook" of how to avoid detection. Nonetheless, Section 702 has proven vital to keeping the nation and our allies safe. It continues to be one of our most important tools for the protection of the nation's security.
However, there are significant misimpressions that have resulted from the recent articles. Not all the inaccuracies can be corrected without further revealing classified information. I have, however, declassified for release the attached details about the recent unauthorized disclosures in hope that it will help dispel some of the myths and add necessary context to what has been published.
James R. Clapper, Director of National Intelligence

Uncle Jimbo at BlackFive has a pretty good discussion on this going on here.............. 

Combined with the fact our military is being ordered to not even read news about this stuff makes me wonder why the wagons are being circled so hastily. Must be some indians in the neighborhood ?
Military told not to read Obama-scandal news