Friday, June 21, 2013

Bad Eagle


While out plowing today I found an American Indian arrowhead that looked to be
about 10,000 years old and was a Dalton point. It got me
to thinking about their historic culture compared to ours today.
I have never understood why people who run our society have alway taught
that the Indians were savages and needed to be changed, 
and if that don't work then just kill them. That plan didn't work too well did it?
Exactly the same way the current US government views conservative middle-class
Americans who happen to disagree with their distorted unAmerican policies.
I am starting to desire that hope and change Obama talked about.
I hope the economy will collapse and with it all the mandated social entitlement programs
the progressives have instituted over the last fifty years.
If that happens some of us will survive and be able to reform something similar
to traditional Indian societies.
Cultures where people are banded together for mutual survival in which age
and wisdom are respected and valued, a man's staus is directly proportional to
his skill as a warrior and hunting ability, elderly and infirm are cared for by the tribe
and money has no meaning.
Since one of the principles the communist have used successfully is " Never
interfere when your enemy is being stupid" thats exactly what I am going to do.
Hey, Obama, you want to get in a war with Russia, go right ahead. You want
to spend another trillion and raise taxes, have at it bro. You want to take my gun,
uh, I don't have any, I got rid of it when I heard you didn't approve of  us having one.
But hey, you can monitor my email all you want. That Constitution don't mean nothing.

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