Saturday, June 22, 2013

Brazil protests threaten to upset World Cup preparation

Study this photo carefully. Enlarge it and look at it closely. Do you know what is missing ? The White House or your State Capitol , thats what. This photo was taken last night in one of the cities experiencing widespread, social-media directed demonstrations. What started this? A proposed ten cent hike in public transport fees. From that initiator it has spread to a host of other complaints including, poor public services, violent police and a corrupt government siphoning off funds for personal gain and for friends and family.
Brazil has not had any social unrest for over twenty years and the reason is that most people there fear the government. A left-leaning government, it has done exactly what all leftist governments have done and now our US government is rapidly doing the same, taking away individual rights and personal sovereignty by small increments until one day you wake up and discover you are a slave. Brazil is doing nothing more than following Thomas Jefferson's adage, "Refreshing the tree of liberty from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." We, the people, need to get off our comfortable sofa, turn off Housewives of New Jersey and turn the tide back that has led us to serfdom. Or maybe just go along to get along and hope the government will find the right solution. Hows that been working for you ? Your call.

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